Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 7) BY ZAIMAL



Swara gets disturb from sun rays which were peneterating from windows and open her eyes.after blinking several times she recognized and gets up quickly.

last night incidences started revolving in her mind.

“will he be remembering anything?…”swara thought while biting her bottom lip.

“i always forget everything…he would have also forgot.”swara said to herself,step down from bed and goes to ger fresh.

“good morning uncle…”swara greeted ram who was sitting on breakfast table.

“good morning…no one dropped you home yesterday?”ram asked with smile.

“no uncle…sir were really drunk.”swara said with small smile.

“i don’t even remember who won?…do you remember?”

“sir…”she said while pressing her lips.ram beats his forehead,swara laughed while keeping hand on mouth.

“come sit have breakfast…”

“no uncle..i will leave now,i am already late for office.”

“you can’t leave without breakfast and no need to go office today….after breakfast we will have a chess match”ram said in carefree tone.

“but sir…”swara tried to speak but ram stopped.

“don’t worry about him…i will tell him,he never says no to me.”

swara pulls chair and sit reluctantly.

“i am just praying he should not remember anything..”ram said in worried tone.

“hmm…”swara said praying for the same.

“tell me one thing…do anyone order you also like my son do?..”ram asked while taking sip from juice.

“daddy is also don’t let me drink…he thinks i am still a kid but mama keeps him busy and i take two to three shots quickly”swara said giggling.

“but my mother died long back…she can’t keep sanskar busy”ram said sighing heavily.swara looks at ram with open mouth while her hand was in air throught which she was going to eat toast then she burst out laughing.

“why will your mother keep him busy?……his wife will keep him busy”swara said between her loud laugh.

“you are so cute…”she said,still laughing like mad.

“i didn’t even think about that…he will never do anything,i have to think about it…God bless you swara,if you would have been here then i would have never think.”ram said while keeping hand on swara’a head.

swara cheeks turned red and she smiled.

“he is handsome,succesful and virgin…it will be no difficult to find nice girl for him.”ram keep on muttering and making future plans.

swara heard his sentence and chuckled.

At that time,sanskar came there and sit opposite to swara as ram was sitting on head seat.

“good morning…”sanskar greeted to both.swara gets staright and ram start scanning sanskar from top to bottom.

“jack diddn’t drop you home yesterday?”sanskar asked in general tone and ordered black coffee to servant.

“ was very late so uncle said to stay.”swara said while her heart stopped for a second.

“i knew it…”she thought sadly and scolded herself.

sanskar nodded at her explaination and looked at ram who was still scanning him.

“dad….dad(a little louder)…why are you starring at me like that?”

Pwhat do you think about marriage?…”ram asked still making future planning in his mind.

“what?…”sanskar asked in confused tone.ram came back in his senses.

“i…i mean kunal’s son is getting married…what do you think about it?”ram quickly said.swara bends over her plate with red face,trying really to stop her loud laugh.


“my childhood friend from kolkata…his son’s marriage is in this week..when will you get married?”

“what’s wrong with you today?”sanskar asked narrowed his eyes

“no…i mean will you come with me or i should go alone like always”

“i have many meetings this week so sorry from my side…”he said.

“how many times told you so sanskar…come with me at marriages,you will get to see so many beautiful girls”ram said while making faces.sanskar rolledhis eyes but didn’t said anything.

he finishes his breakfast and gets up to leave but ram stopped him.

“swara will not come office today…”ram told him.sanskar looked at swara who was completely bend over her food then nodded and left.

“he accepted without asking for reason..”swara thought with wide eyes while seeing him leaving.



Swara and some other employees were in sanskar’s cabin.they were discussing important points of new project while swara was feeling really bore with all that, she was just nodding her head at everything all of sudden her sight on front glass from which her cabin was completely visible.

her eyes widened and back got straight.

“what the hack!….”swara that time everyone got up,swara looks at them and gets up but was still starring at glass.

“swara…”sanskar called her in loud voice,she came back in her senses and looks at him.

“i am asking something…have you pen down all points?”

“yea sir…”she said quickly without thinking much.

“what was last point? worried i will ask from mrs.smith”she thought in brain and scolded herself for not listening.she turned to leave but sanskar stops her.

“let me see then…”

swara bites her tongue and cried in mind and turns toward him.

“sir actually its very rough,you will not be able to understand…i will get you a soft copy right now.”swara quickly used her brain and without listening his answer,leaves from there.

“mrs.smith!..”swaea called loudly,old woman who was going to enter inside lift,gets scared and looks at her worriedly.

“what’s wrong swara?…”she asked worriedly.

“what was the last point….tell me quickly before devil comes out.”swara said in funny way.mrs.smith chuckled and tell her last point.swara takes deep breath and goes to her cabin and start making soft copy and looks at glass wall.

She was not able to see anything,for her it was complete black but from sanskar’s room her whole cabin was visible.

“not fair..”swara muttered while twitching her nose and nodded after thinking something.


Sanskar entered inside his cabin after finishing 3 hours meeting and layed back on chair tierdly and closes his eyes.sometimes all these meetings tired him a lot and he feels like to throw everything in hell and run away but his passion to be number one restrains him.

after releasing a sigh he opens his eyes and unattentionaly looks at side but for his surprise instead od swara’s cabin, white curtains were hanging there.

his eyes narrowed,he picks up receiver and ordered swara to come in his office.

“with whose permission you did changes in my company?”

swara had just entered in when he bombared question at her in strict way.

“what changes?…”swara asked confusingly.

“i  am talking about curtains..”

“umm!…..sorry sir i should have asked before…”her  sentence was not completed when sanskar cut her in between.

“remove them..”he ordered her.swara blinks at twice at him.

“what is the problem in them?…”she asked reluctantly.

“this is my company and i will decide,what  changes should be done”he said in strict voice.

“i know this is your company but that’s my cabin…i can’t work freely with the feeling that someone is starring at me”swara said in irritated voice.

“so you are saying…after leaving all my work i stare at you”he said in anger,annoyed and with mixed emotion which swara was not able to understand.

“no i didn’t mean that…its just”swara said quickly,getting panic.

“what do you mean then?…”

“i am just saying what’s wrong if i pull the curtains…”

“you already got answer for that..”he said in curt voice.

“behaving as he really stares at me and now finding it difficult’she muttered angrily to herself.

“any problem?…”

“NO(loudly)…i..i will remove the curtains SIR”she said through gritted teeth and leaves from there angrily.


“dad…’sanskar said while getting up from chair and makes him sit in his chair.

“i was feeling bore at home so i thought to come here.”

“i will order coffee for you…”sanskar said with smile,picks up receiver and looks toward swara’s cabin but she was not there.

“i will just come…’he said while sighing,ram nodded and he walked out.he was near kitchen when swara’s anger filled voice touched.

“sometimes i feel like my school days have returned,first early morning classes,then in evening extra classes and on SUNDAY surprise test…GOD!”swara was saying with red faces while kavita was chuckling at her cute anger.sanskar stand at door and tucked his hands in his dress pent’s pockets.swara and kavita were sitting around small round table.

“i have never seen such a egoistic person in my whole life…you know,i am considered to be most patient girl in my whole family but after working under this psycho my mind is completely messed up…don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“swara calm down…you….”kavita’s eyes winded seeing sanskar standing at doorstep.

“the day i will leave this job that day i will break all my….’

“ you want need something”kavita quickly said before swara could have completed her favorite sentence of breaking sandals on sanskar’s head.kavita gets up from chair,swara also gets up slowly and turns to look at HER PSYCHO!

sanskar just looked at her for less than a second then filled two cup of coffee and left.swara completely bend to side to see him leaving,her open hair almost touched the ground.

“he looks so hot…when he is angry”kavita said in dreamy voice.

“very hot…i still feeling the warmth of his fire.”swara said in scared voice.


“i will keep 3 fasts..please save me God..”swara pleading while walking to devil’s room.ram and kavita had left and sanskar called her to his cabin.

“two…no  ONE fast please help me..”she pleaded last time and knocked at the door and entered inside,looked at chair then at side,he was standing near giant window which was showing the beautiful sunset.

“sir coffee…’

sanskar takes coffee still starring at sunset and was going to take sip from it when swara spoke up.

“its hot…”swara said quickly,thinking his tongue will get burnt.sanskar looks at her face and takes a sip from streaming hot coffee.swara stares at him for a minutes as he takes another sip,still staring at her.

“weirdo!…”she thought in mind and turned to leave.

“i am PSYCHO….DEVIL….CRUEL…who makes his employees work like slaves…..”sanskar spoke stressing on each word.swara bites her tongue and looks back at him.

‘no sir…i..i..did…”swara stammered but sanskar cuts her.

“i agree…”

“huh!..”she asked with wide eyes.

“i completely agree with this…now as i am very cruel boss,these files are pending from 6 months,complete them before leaving the office.”sanskar said with small invisible smile as he was having great fun in troubling her,walked toward his table and taps his finger at bundle of files.

swara’s mouth gets open a little seeing so many files.sanskar stared at her,that time he noticed that she was dark purple colored dress and was looking a part of beautiful sunset behind her with her big hazel brown eyes.sanskar missed his several heart beats.

“but sir these are…’

“you may leave now…”he said in curt voice.swara looks at him cryingly then walks toward him,stands just in front of him to pick up files.sanskar looks at her closely,if swara would have get time from her murmuring she could have seen that all colors of rainbow had entered in his eyes.

she picked up files and left without looking at him.


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