Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 4) BY ZAIMAL

Maheshwari mention

“so boring party…i never attended in my life.”swara said while making bad bad faces and takes sip of her red wine.

“my childhood birthday parties were also not boring this much…”someone said in more annoyed voice than swara.she looks at her side and saw an old man in his late 60’s.

“good evening sir…i am sorry i didn’t know you are here”swara said quickly.

“please call me uncle…don’t be so formal with me.”ram said while chuckling.

“drink…”swara offered him wine after picking it from counter table.

“if mr.boring came to know…you are offering me a will loose your job.young lady”

“mr.boring?..”swara asked in confused tone.ram points at sanskar.swara looks at sanskar then back at him and burst out laughing.

“you know i call him mr.psycho….”swara said in between her laugh.ram who was going to take sip of his juice,stop in mid and looks at her.

“don’t mind uncle but your son’s top floor is empty.”swara said with thinking much but keeps hand on mouth and looks at him in scared way.

“something i think the same..”ram said while hiding his smile.


“kavita where is dad?..”sanskar asked in serious tone.

“just now he was at drinking counter…”kavita said then cursed herself.

“he was drinking?…”sanskar asked angrily.

‘no…he was drinking juice.”

“your job is to take care of him and stop him from doing anything which is hazardous for his health….and drinking is bad for his health.”

“i am sure sir…he himself know that”kavita said meekly.he throws dagger at her,turns on his heels and goes upstairs.kavita quickly follows her.

“dad i am looking for you everywhere and you…”sanskar said in annoyed tone while opening the door of study but stopped.

“checkmate…i won!!!!…”swara shouted while extending her arms up in air.

“you are a very good player….”ram praised her.


swara and ram looked at his side and she quickly moves down her arms and gets up.

“sanskar …your boring party finished.”ram said chuckling.swara laughed but keeps hand on mouth.sanskar looks at her with narrowed eyes,moves forward and picks up glass from round table.

“you were drinking…”

“no…its lemon juice and….”ram said but was interrupted by swara.

“oh uncle!…you made drink shots and drank lemon juice yourself…its cheating”swara said,moved forward,staggered and fell on sanskar.he holds her from shoulder.

“i..i am sorry…”she said while walking back and removes hair from face.

“what was about winning….”sanskar asked,looking at her face while he was still holding her from shoulder.

“who will drink shots without getting drunk..he will win.and he won”

“congratulations….”sanskar said while looking at ram.

“thank you…”ram said with smile.

“i won in chess…”swara said with bright smile.sanskar looks at her with serious face.her smile reduced.

“okay uncle…i think i should leave….it was really nice meeting you”swara said while giggling.

“same here…”

swara moved to pick up her bag but stopped and looked at her arm which was still in grip of sanskar.

“my arm…”swara said to sanskar,pointing it with her index finger.he leaves it quickly.swara picks up her bag,waves hand at ram and walks toward door,stumbled in her walk and fall on kavita.Both fell on floor

“i am so sorry…i can’t see…my vision is blurred.”swara said while trying to get.

sanskar closed his eyes and cursed.


“your father is really good…i can’t believe he is YOUR father.”swara said while moving her face toward sanskar and rested her head back.

“i don’t think,its really matter what you think.”sanskar said in annoyed tone.he was dropping swara’s home because of his father order.

“you seems angry to me..”swara said giggling.sanskar looks at him angrily,making her stop smiling.

“how can you get drunk on business party…so immature”he said in very annoyed tone.

“now i have to drink with your permission…so bossy”swara said while cringing her nose.

“get out!…”he said while applying brakes all of sudden.swara blinks at him several times and holds her ears with both hands.


sanskar looks at her for a while.swara gives him her sweetest smile.he turns his face away and starts car again.swara opens her mouth to say something but he stops her.

“not a word…”

“oh! okay…”

after 10 minutes,he stops car in front of her house.she opens door to step out but closes it again with bang and turns toward him in swift movement.

“can i have my day off tomorrow?…”

“why?..”he said after a pause.

“why?…”swara asked then steps down,moves across the car,opens door of sanskar’s side,holds his hand.

“come out! i will show you…why?”

he sighed heavily,removes seat belts and comes out of car.swara takes him inside her house.

“you can leaves my hand…”sanskar said,looking at her joined hands.

“why?…”she said while switching on the lights.he holds her wrist and removes it from her hand.while swara really didn’t notice the uncomfortable feelings on his face.

“can you see condition of my house…”she said after switching on all the lights.he lookes around and find all things covered with dirt.

‘kitchen is in worse condition then this…”she said,holds his hand again and takes him to kitchen.

“if my grandmother will see this…she will be so disappointed…”swara said in dramatic way,seeing the piles of dishes in washbasin.

“what the hell you do after office…”he said and frees his hand again.

“after office,i don’t have strength to do anything…i thought to clean all this on sunday but…”she looks at him,like saying something to him.

“fine you can have day off…”sanskar said and turn to leave but swara quickly comes in front of him.

“can i have it in written…you officially assigned me a day off….actually i am drunk,what if i forgot tomorrow and…umm you suffer from short term memory loss”she said,then her eyes goes wide

‘i shouldn’t say that….right?”she said in confused tone.

‘i don’t suffer from short term memory loss…”he said angrily.

“i will bring paper and pen…’she said meekly and goes from there hurriedly.he rubs his forehead.when swara bring paper and pen,sanskar wrote  on it quickly and give it to swara.

“what is this sir?…its look like some insects are running here and there…what’s wrong with you writing.”swara said while looking at paper with very narrowed eyes,trying to understand something.she looks at her side then to kitchen,he was leaving from there angrily.

“how will i read this in morning.”she muttered to herself then runs after him and comes in front of him.

“move….’he said with red face.swara holds her ear and give him tight smile.

“please ignore what ever i am saying…i..i am drunk and whatever coming is in my mind i am saying it…sorry”

“what do you want?…”he said after releasing a suffering sigh.

“i will write…please sign on it.”she said,turns paper writes on it quickly and gives it to him.

“thank you so much….i will sleep whole day”swara said after taking paper from him,jumps and hug him happily.his muscles twitched when she did that.she breaks hug and walks toward her room happily,leaving him in that position.he closes his fist,turns back to have a glimpse then jerks head and leaves.


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