Love Is Beautiful Emotion SEASON 4 (EPISODE 33) BY ZAIMAL

“what…what happened to my daughter?”shomi shook sanskar by holding him with both hands.

“mishti!…calm down”shekhar said and tried to pull her back but she pushes him back and again holds sanskar from both hands.

“why are you not saying anything?….please tell me my daughter is fine.”shomi said in pleading tone and tears starts rolling down from her that doctor comes out from ICU, shomi and shekhar goes toward him quickly.sanskar staggers back a little and sits down on bench with thud,feeling it hard to stand there.

“she will be fine…”ram said after sitting beside him.

“she have too….”sanskar muttered in inaudible voice.


“what did doctor say?…”shomi quickly goes to shekhar,seeing him coming out from doctor’s room.everyone looks at him with desperate eyes.

“swara is not gaining consciousness…doctors are afraid she will slip into coma.”shekhar said in hell worried voice.shomi covers her mouth,staggers a little and was going to fall down when shekhar,kavita and ragini holds her.

“mishti!…mishti!…”shekhar pats her cheek while shomi faints in his arms.

“call the doctor…”ram said to kavita while shekhar was shaking shomi.


“why do you like to sleep this much?…..its so annoying.”sanskar said in scolding tone while sitting beside swara’s bed on chair.swara’s right hand was in his both hands.

“you always trouble me….i am waning you,stop troubling me otherwise i will get angry.”sanskar said in same scolding tone.he was rubbing his thumb at her knuckles.he stares at her un-moving posture and release a deep suffering breath.

“its been 24 hours swara,doctors started talking rubbish….please get up now”sanskar said and one tear skipped through corner of his eye.he wipes his tear and gets up.he keeps her hand on bed carefully, bends over face and place a feathery kiss on her forehead but instead of moving back stays there.

“i love you…”he whispers over her forehead,gets straight and turns around and walks few when he hears beeping sound of ECG machine.he looks at it,swara’s heart beat was decreasing.he runs back toward her,she was taking  breaths as her chest was heaving up and down.

“swara!….”sanskar calls her loudly by holding her face.

“sanskar! shekhar uncle is should…”ragini said after entering inside but stopped seeing him shaking swara,hysterically.she runs back quickly and calls doctor.

“sir please you need to leave the room….”nurse said to sanskar and tried to move him back but he was adamant to not leave,swara’s side.

“sir please…your presence can cause obstruction..”nurse said in annoyed,seeing him not budging a little.sanskar gives death glare to her and walks out of the room silently but stands at the door and look inside through glass window.his eyes turned red seeing them doing Cardioversion(electric shock).ragini looks at him,glued to the door and went into deep thoughts.


Swara enters inside her room and saw sahil getting ready and smiles a little,goes and starts arranging ironed clothes in their joined cupboard.

“you are going somewhere?…”swara asked in soft tone.sahil who was combing his hair, looked at her.

“why?…can’t i go anywhere?”sahil said in curt voice.swara’s hand stopped in air but jerks her head and continue her work.

“i didn’t meant that…i was just asking in casual way”swara said in low tone.

“i am fed up of your interrogations….can’t i do anything without taking your permission.”sahil said in hell annoyed tone.

“why are you saying like this….don’t i have this right to know,where is my husband going?”

“ask from your father…he ordered his men to keep eye on my actions.i feel like i am in some kind of prison.”sahil said and put hair brush on dressing table,picked up his coat and tried to walk out from there but swara held his hand and come in front of him.

“don’t get angry please…i will talk with dad about it.”swara said and he nodded a little and tried to free his hand but swara restrained him doing that.

“can you please come home early today….i have doctor’s appointment today.”

“you go to doctor daily…..what is special today,go on your own. i have very important meeting.”sahil said,frees his hand and walks toward door.although his voice was not taunting but swara felt a sudden urge to cry.

“swara!…”sahil called him after turning back toward her as his one hand was still on door’s handle.swara gulps the tears down and looked at him.

“don’t you think you should accept the truth that you can’t become a mother…anyways i will come home late,don’t wait for me”sahil said,opens door and leaves from there.swar closed her eyes and hot tears started rolling down from cheeks.she goes and sits on bed like a lifeless body and starts crying quitely,holding bad sheet in tight fists of both hand.

After some time,ragini enters inside the room without knocking.swara quickly turns her face to opposite side and wipes her tears and looks at ragini.

“how many times told you…enter inside after knocking.”swara said in light scolding tone.ragini looks at her face,goes and sits beside her.

“were you crying?…”ragini asked while starring at her face deeply.

“are you mad…why will i cry?”swara said and tried to smile but fails miserably in it.

“what’s wrong swara?…”

“nothing…’swara quickly said and avoids eyes from her.ragini nodded and gets up and walks toward her cupboard,opens it and starts looking for a dress.

“go take a quick shower….we are going for a party”ragini said after giving her a beautiful blue dress.

“i am not in mood of party….we will go some other day.”

“i am not asking,do you want to come or not?…i am telling you,WE ARE GOING FOR A have 15 minutes to make yourself presentable otherwise i will take you like this…..and you paparazzi follows you every where then don’t blame me if your picture will come on front page in this attire….”ragini said in one breath and pushed her toward washroom.

“ragini please…”swara tried to speak but ragini cut her in between.

“5 minutes passed from your 15 minutes…hurry up! you are wasting your time.”ragini said in warning.swara shook her head and goes to change.ragini cursed at sahil through greeted teeth when swara closed the door of washroom.



“you know ragini,people says God don’t give children to some women because if he had blessed them with children,they would have become very bad mothers… you think,i would have become bad mother “swara said in little drunk voice with tears filled eyes.

“what rubbish….who told you this?”ragini said angrily.

“someone….”swara said in whisper and one tear falls down from left eye.she hugs ragini and starts crying vigorously.

“he is so changed….is it my mistake,i can’t become mother?”swara said while crying,hugging her tight.ragini caressed her head and let her cry while some tears skipped from ragini’s eyes also.

“i am very sad ragini…why God did this with me,i love children so much then why me?”

“swara enough of crying…”ragini breaks hug and wipes her tears.

“let’s go…you are coming with me today”ragini said,holds her from waist and takes her outside.they were walking toward ragini’s car when swara stopped at sight of one black car.

“its sahil’s car…”swara muttered to herself,removes ragini hand from her waist and walks toward it with unsteady steps.swara’s heart stopped when she looked inside through the mirror.ragini closed her eyes at the sight.swara tripped a little and ragini quickly holds her.she quickly turned and tried to run from there but she felt was frozen to the ground.swara closed her fists so tightly that her nails get pierced inside her soft flesh and blood comes out.she turns around again and raised her hand to kncok at the window.

“swara don’t…”ragini said after keeping hand on her shoulder.swara looks at her with red eyes.

“why not?….”swara said in broken voice and knocks at the window.sahil looks at her and face turned pale,he quickly gets straight and picks up his clothes.

“don’t bother…i have seen you like this many times.”swara shouted in humorless tone.sahil wears his clothes and comes out.

“swara listen…i am…”sahil tried to say something but swara gives him tight slap and blood from her hand got printed on his cheek.

“dad was right about you….you don’t love me,you love swara gaddodia,hire of gaddodia empires but i was only blind in your love…..”swara said,quickly turns and runs from there with full speed.

“swara stop!…”ragini shouted seeing running and runs after her.swara sits inside car and sped off without waiting for ragini.tears had blinded her therefore she was not able to see oil tanker coming in front of her.

“swara!!!!…”ragini shouted seeing,her car got hit by oil tanker and runs toward her.


Swara’s eyes gets open with jerk and a small whimper escaped through her mouth but she again went into deep sleep.Doctors comes out from ICU and all rushed toward him.

“congratulations…she has gain her consciousness.”doctor said with professional smile.

“can we meet her?…”shomi asked desperately.

“we have given her anesthesia and you meet her after we shift to general ward.”doctor said and left.sanskar closed his eyes in relief.


  1. So sad twist.. please post next episode soon.

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    hey i m late to comment sorry. awsm writing dr sad for twist but its needed.

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