Love Is Beautiful Emotion SEASON 4 (EPISODE 31) BY ZAIMAL

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“ragini please open the door…”swara shouted from inside of her room.ragini switched off tv,kept remote on table and went to open door.

“you?…”ragini asked in shocked tone,seeing sanskar standing at door.

“where is swara?…”sanskar asked through greeted teeth.

“who is on door?…”swara shouted again.sanskar hears her voice,coming from room and goes toward it without saying anything.

“you are so dead swara…”ragini said worriedly then shakes head and looks at her wrist watch.

“oh shot i am late…mom will kill me.”rahini beats her forehead and looks at swara’s room then shakes her head,picks up her hand bag and run outside,closing door behind her

“you can’t skip office whenever you want…”sanskar said angrily after opening door of her room.swara jumps from her place and looks at him with jerk.swara starrs at him then looks at wall half an hour passed to their conversation on phone.

“you only said don’t come…”swara said innocently(drama).

“you…”sanskar greeted his teeth and took one step toward her.swara quickly throw pillow at his face and runs from its place.she was going to escape from room but sanskar pulls her back by holding her from waist.

“sanskar leave me…i was just following your orders…”swara said wtiggling to come out from his strong grip.

“you like to trouble me a lot…don’t you”sanskar said and swara laughed.

“keep your personal and professional life apart madam”sanskar said while turning her toward him.

“do you keep your personal and professional life apart.”

“yes…i always keep them apart.”sanakar said and glares at her.

“therefore there was so many facilities for me which other employees didn’t have.”swara said with one raised.

“what facilities…i didn’t give you any.”sanskar said quickly in defensive way.

“really,think again…maybe you will remember any…”swara said in teasing tone.

“shut up…otherwise…”

“otherwise?…”swara cuts him in between.

“did anyone bribe you to tease you or you are doing yourself…”sanskar said while tighting his grip around her.

“my…my friends was asking that…”swara stammered,her cleaverness vanished because of his closeness.she looks away.not able to see in his eyes.

“what they were asking?…”sanskar asked in husky tone while joining his forehaed to side of her head.swars closed her eyes,feeling his warm breath falling on her cheek.

“from when…”

“from when i have feelings for you?…”sanskar completes her.


“i don’t know.. how and when?…do you know?”sanskar said honestly and place a butterfly kiss on her cheek.swara shakes her head slowly while blushing light pink.sanskar smiles seeing her blushing.



“good morning dad…”swara said happily keeps phone on ear and puts cup under coffee machine and press button.

“how are you?…is there something special,you are calling me in work hour.”swara said in fake suspicious tone.

“can’t i call my daughter in work hours?…”shekhar asked,chuckling at her tone.

“no dad i didn’t mean that its just my boss is very kahrus if he saw me calling in work,he will turn into angry bird.”swara said in dramatic tone.shekhar laughed at her tone

“then i think i should call later…”shekhar said still chuckling.

“ dad he didn’t come till now….tell me why did you call?”

“i called you to give you a good news..”

“good news…what is it?”

“resign from your company right now,go home and start packing…i will come to pick you up today.okay?”

“why so suddenly?…there is still time?”swara said,getting sad with the thought of not seeing sanskar daily.

“your mother stopped talking with me,she wants you home as soon as possible.i am afraid she will change her room also”shekhar said,telling her his bad condition.swara smiles a little.

“and you know oir marriage anniversary is coming so i think its perfect time for you to come back….1 and half momth doesn’t matter much.”


“then be ready in evening…okay?”

“okay…bye,love you”swara said and cut the call and start thinking

“don’t you think you should stop complaining to your dad about me….it can cause trouble for us in future”sanskar said appearing beside her like a ghost.swara gets scared and looks at him with jerk.

“you…you scared me.”swara said in scared tone and keeps hand on her chest.sanskar looks at her scared expressions and takes step toward her.

“wh…what?”swara asked while taking steps back and her back attached with counter.

“what were you thinking so deeply?…”sanskar asked while bending over her a little.

“vo…actually…”swara hesitated to tell him anything.sanskar holds her chin and make her look at him.

“what is it?…tell me”

“i will resign today…”swara said while starring in his eyes.

“what did i do now?…”sanskar asked in calm tone.

“no you didn’t you do anything…its just…”swara stopped thinking,from where she should start.

“can we talk about this somewhere else?”

sanskar stares at her face for a second then nodded.


“you are not angry with me…are you?”swara asked while fidgeting her fingers.

“i had doubt on you already…and i tried to dig your background also but your father covered it up very nicely.”

“you tried to check my background…why you did that?”

“i check background of my employees before appointing them.”

“every?…”swara asked with both raised eye brows.

“not every….those who are going to work close to me.”

“oh!…intelligent”swara said,tapping her index finger on side of head.sanskar looks at her innocent face and pressed his lips.he holds her hand and pulls her in his laps.swara looks at him with wild open eyes.

“do you believe everyone like this?…”sanskar said,slids hand around her waist and pulls her close to his chest.

“what…what do you mean?”swara stammered because of his closeness.

“believing them without thinking much…”

“shouldn’t i believe?…”swara asked innocently.sanskar shakes his head slowly and pushes back hair strand from her face.swara’s heart throbbed as his fringer tips brushed against her soft skin.

“can i ask something?…”swara asked while looking in his directly.


“you didn’t want to get marry then why you agreed for all of sudden?….why me?”swara asked with fast beating heart.sanskar keeps silence for a second.

“can i give answer of this after sometime.”samskar said with small smile.swara nodded,not wanting to push him for telling her something which he don’t want to tell.

“i think we should leave now…”sanskar said while getting up,holds her hand and both walks outside of his cabin.

“where are we going?…”swara asked confusingly.

“you once told me your father never allow you to keep boyfriend and you are leaving today.”sanskar said last sentence while shaking his head a little.



“not even a single word.i can’t get ready faster than this”swara said in warning,seeing him opening his mouth to scold her.he crossed his arms over chest and looks at her from top to bottom.she was wearing a black laced dress which was coming to her knees.pearl earrings with black work on it,were twinkling around her cheeks.her black hair were silk straigh and were reaching till her sandlas and same colored clutch was giving her perfect look.

black sandlas and same colored clutch was giving her perfect look

“am i looking bad?…what are you starring at?”swara asked and looks down at herself then at him worriedly.

“i am just seeing my color looks very good at you.”sanakar said in deep tone.swara felt her cheeks burnt at his compliment.sanskar smiles and silently opens door for her.swara walks forward and sit inside.samskar himself sit beside wheels and drove off.After 20 minutes drive,he stopped car and swara steps out.

“you should have told me that we are coming to beach..i would have not wear sandals.”swara said,getting worried about her heels.sanskar picks her up in arms in bridal style and walks forward to specific direction.swara hesitantly puts arms around his neck.he brings her to specific area and make her stand on ground.swara looks around and was mesmerized to see the ground illuminated with a lot of candles and a path made by candles on either side.

“its beautiful…”swara said with mixed emotions.sanskar forwards his hand,swara holds it and both walks on the illuminated path.


“what are you thinking?…”sanskar asked,seeing her starring at him without a blink.

“i am just thinking is this real or dream…are you real?”swara said moves her hand from his shoulder and touched his cheek.

“why you think this is a dream?…”sanskar asked,holds her hand and kiss on her palm.swara feels like warmth radiating from her hand to her body.

“i never saw this side of yours therefore…”

“don’t you think its will be weird to show my romantic to every employee in my office,to make you believe i am real…..i don’t have any problem if you want but i like to show this side only to you but still if you want then i will show this side to kavita….according to my information,she has crush on me also,things will be easy for me”sanskar said in nonchalant tone.swara burst out laughing after seeing him speaking so much.sanskar stares at her beautiful laugh.

“for your information…she don’t have crush on you anymore.”swara said between her laugh.she controls her laugh after sometime.

“i think my comany had very bad affect on you…”swara said chuckling.

“you are best thing ever happened to me…”sanskar said with full love,cups her left cheek and moves close to kiss her but swara pushes him back and runs on the single pah while laughing whole heartedly.

“swara! why do you love to trouble me?…”sanskar shouted at her while running after her.

“because you troubled me a lot now its my turn…”swara shouted while turning back a little,stick her tongue out at him and runs toward open sea.swara stopped when water waves touched her feet.

“enough of your running…”sanskar said,reaching to her next instant.

“aa! sanskar my feet…”swara cried and bends down to touch her foot.

“what happened?…are you okay?”sanskar gets worried and moves close to her.swara throw water at her face and again runs straight.sanskar close his eyes when cold water touched his face.

“she is so dead from my hand…”sanskar muttered while wiping his face,removes his coat,pulls his sleeves up and runs after her.

“i am sorry…i am sorry”swara quickly said when he grabbed her from back.

“i didn’t knew that you this much naughty….”sanskar said while panting because of all running.

“sorry!…”swara said cutely and holds her both ears and blinks at him innocently.

“you made me run a lot…”sanskar shook his head not satisfied with her apology.he locks her between his arms and chest so that she shouldn’t run again.swara giggled then stand on her toes and kiss him with close eyes.


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    1. Hey do you know that swasan story in which swara and Sanskar both have child.sanskar is divorced from Kavita and swara have a daughter. Sanskar got bankrupt. Swara is a tailor.sanskar met her and they both work together. Than they got their first assignment to made 20 uniforms and swara did that.
      I don’t remember it properly but the plot is like that only.

      Please if you know the story name tell me

      1. Zaimal

        no dear i don’t know the name of story.

      2. Neelima gupta

        I too read this on wattpad. I guess that the name was ‘the game of destiny swasan’ but I searched it again but I didn’t found that there

  2. Perfect story…please keep on posting daily..

  3. Awesome. . .
    Update soon longer part

  4. Tejasvi

    Awesome episode

  5. Neelima gupta

    The episode was awesome full of love love and love. Finally the romantic sanskar is out.

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