Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 3) BY ZAIMAL


“how are you feeling now?”swara asked from kavita while closing door behind her.


“good…here i bring a soup for you”

“that’s so know  no one asked how am i?”kavita said,making face and takes bowl from her.swara sit on bed with crossed legs and looked at her.

“i would have not really care of you before but i like you a lot NOW”swara thought,giggling to herself while remembering the vomiting scene.

“its really tasty….”kavita said while taking spoon after spoon.swara smiles.

“you are free today?”

“meeting is tomorrow….you are coming with us?”

“why will i go for a meeting with you all?….its not my job”kavita said twitching her nose.

“then why are you here?”swara asked confusingly.

“my family leaves in this city….when uncle came to know sanskar sir are coming here then he send me with him to meet my family…..”


“sanskar sir father….he is very nice”

“nice and his father?…”swara muttered to herself.

“you said something?…”

swara shakes her head quickly and gets up to leave.

“i will leave now…”

‘why?…you are free today come with me….my family will be very happy to meet you”

“how can i?..”

“why not?…you are free whole day what will you do?…”

“okay…will you take special places of kolkata.i came here first time”swara said excitedly.

“off course…”


“i reached hotel…tell aunty not to worry”swara said smiling widely.

“maa is saying you forget your shopping bags here”kavita said while shaking her head.

“oh shit!…please bring them with you”

“don’t worry bye…’

“bye…”swara said and removes mobile from ear and walks toward lift.

“swara where were you whole day?”mrs smith said worriedly.she was standing outside swara’s room.

“i was looking around the city….why?”swara said meekly.

“are you on a summer trip?….”sanskar’s voice came from behind.swara looks at her back and gulped a little,seeing him angry.

“this is a business trip not a trip in which you are moving around the city….how can you be so irresponsible?…don’t you know all files and laptop is in your room.”sanskar said through gritted teeth.

“sorry..”swara muttered in low voice while her eyes gets filled with tears at his scoldings and she looked down to hide it.

“files….”sanskar said in sharp tone.swara nodded,takes out room key and give him file.

“next time if you want to wander around then inform someone…”he said while taking files from her.swara again nodded.

“irresponsible woman…”swara heard him muttering this while turning back and leaving.mrs.smith also left with him while looking at swara with sorry face.swara goes inside her room and closed the door.all her mood was spoiled.she had spent so good time with kavita and her family.she made her see so beautiful places.

“bitter gourd…no no bitter gourd will be good in front of him.he is burnt bitter gourd.’swara muttered to herself and throw her bag on couch and fall down on bed herself.

“my daddy never scolded me this much….”

“but why am i spoiling my mood because of him.his top floor is empty….what was he saying summer trip?….how can i go for summer trip when winter season is getting start….idiot”swara said while making bad bad faces,

“chaddo!….(leave it)”she jerks her head,gets up and walk toward washroom to take shower.



swara squirmed in her seat,feeling uncomfortable with constant gaze of a man.they were sitting in meeting hall while one company was giving its presentation.she tried to focus on presentation and cursed in her mind.when meeting finished,swara thanks to God and quickly  gets up to leave.

“we are very happy to sign deal with you.”one old man said while shaking hand with sanskar while swara was standing a little behind sanskar with mrs.smith.

“i hope this project will be successful for our companies….”sanskar said while all walked out from hall.

“hope for the best..”old man said with smile.

“hey!…’the man who was starring at swara,said to swara.

“hello!….”she said unwillingly.

“if i am not wrong you are mr maheswari secretary…’

“yes!…”swara said and looked around for help and sign mrs.smith to come there.but she was busy on phone therefore didn’t understand her sign.

“what are you doing in evening?…”

“we have a flight back to mumbai this evening…”instead of swara,answer came from sanskar.when swara was singing mrs.smith,he saw it.

“oh! my bad but nevermind….some other we will meet often”he said greeted them and left.swara released a sigh of relief.

‘don’t you know how to deal with such clients….”sanskar said in annoyed tone while seeing the man leaving

“if i would have break my sandal on his head we would have loose the deal..”swara blabbered without thinking much.sanskar looks at her after hearing her sentence.

“i was just thinking…”swara said quickly,bites her tongue and quickly walks out from there.sanskar stares at her back,amusingly.



“kavita ma’am your home came..”jack said loudly but kavita was sleeping,keeping her head on was almost 12:30 in night when their flight’s cars were dropping everyone home.sanskar,kavita and swara were in same car.

swara looks at kavita while yawning and her eyes expanded thinking something naughty.she pinched her hard on waist.kavita hissed and quickly gets up from her sweet dreams.she rubs her waist and throw daggers at swara.she keeps hand on mouth and looks out to suppress her giggle.

“ma’am you home came…’jack again repeated.

“oh….good night sir”kavita said sweetly to sanskar.he nodded.swara waves her hand to kavita and jack drove off.

“jack stop car here…”swara said quickly,seeing sunny and pari sitting outside their house.

“i will go from here…good night jack”swara said sweetly to jack.

“good night sir…”she said while making face and comes out from car while picking her things.

she walks toward sunny and pari and stands in front of them.sanskar looked at her talking with kids when jack drove off from there.

“what are you doing outside at this time?”she asked with raised eye brow.

“mom and dad are fighting…again’sunny said dryly.

“we are not getting sleep because of their loud voices..”pari said while making face.

“oh!…okay come with me.”swara said and make them walk with her.

“next time your parents fight then come to my house for sleep…..don’t sit like this outside”

“you know i think mom and dad are going to get divorce.”sunny said in thoughtful tone while trio were walking to swara’s house.

“why are you thinking like this?…”swara said,feeling bad for them.

“they fight all time…i think we should start thinking with whom we will leave after their divorce….mom or dad”sunny said last sentence to pari.swara looks down at him with wide eyes.

“with whom will you leave?”sunny asked from pari,excitedly.

‘i don’t know…’pari said in low voice.

“useless girl don’t know anything…..someone had said right,girls don’t have brains..’sunny said making bad bad faces.

“for your kind of information… stays with mother until they don’t get 18″swara added some information in his small brain.

“its mean i don’t have any choice?…this is not done,it should be my decision’sunny said jerking his head.

“now a days kids are so advance..”swara thought while chuckling.


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    1. Zaimal

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