Love Is Beautiful Emotion SEASON 4 (EPISODE 29) BY ZAIMAL

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“i think we should tell shekhar uncle about it…”ragini said while pacing in the hall worriedly.

“what’s the need to tell mr.gadodia?”ram asked in confusing way.ragini looks at him then sighed.

“swara is shekhar uncle’s daughter….”

“what?….how this is possible?”

“uncle there is long story about it but first please call sanskar sir…did he find her or not?”kavita interrupted them.ram nodded and dials sanskar’s number.

Sanskar was searching swara in all possible areas.he was searching her on a road when his phone started ringing.he looks at screen,attends call and put it on speaker.

“yes dad?…”

“did you find her?..”

“no dad but i am  looking for her…don’t worry”sanskar said,more than ram he was trying to convince himself more.

“okay…i am going police station,maybe it will help.”ram said and cut call.

“where are you?….please come back”sanskar muttered in helpless tone.he changes gear as there was turn but quickly applies brake as swaea comes in front of him.

Swara covers her eyes with arm as car stopped just an inch apart from her.sanskar quickly comes out from car.

“why the hell you left alone?…when you don’t know the directions.why are you so irresponsible,don’t think before doing anything.don’t care about you how much i got scared”sanskar shouted at her,angrily while shaking her by holding her arms.

Swara just keeps her head on his chest and starts crying quitely.sanskar keeps one around her in protecting way and other hand on her head and closes his eyes.both stand there for a very long time as sanskar knew it she was scared.he was caressing her head slowly to make her calm down.

Swara breaks hug after sometime and looks at him with tear filled eyes.

“i…”swara tried to speak but sanskar shushed her.

“ssh! no need to say anything…..i am confirmed to very VERY(through greeted teeth) irresponsible and i need to be very careful about you from now”sanskar said while wiping her tears with thumbs then picks her up in arms,makes her sit on passenger seat and fastened her seat belt.swara looks at him when he himself sit behind wheels.


“thank God ….”ragini and kavita thanked To God in union,seeing sanskar coming,holding swara in arms.he makes her lay down on sofa, stands up and leaves from there.ragini and kavita sits beside her and hugs her.


“idiot..”ragini and kavita  started hitting her.

“don’t beat her…just now she came.”ram said and girls stopped but keeps on glaring at her.

“thank you uncle…”swara said and rubs her shoulder.

“you scared us…..thanks to God you came home safe.”ram said,keeping hand on her head.meanwhile sanskar comes there and gives her a glass of juice.swara looks at him and takes glass from his hand reluctantly as everyone looks a t him.ragini and kavita smiled a little and shakes head.ram just stares at him.

“sorry uncle….i troubled you a lot”swara said while looking at sanskar.

“no…no its okay,drink juice”ram moves his gaze from sanskar to swara.she nodes her head and starts drinking juice.

“kavita! arrange guest rooms  for yourself..its too late to go home.”sanskar said in his usual plain tone.

“no…we will…”swara tried to speak but sanskar narrows his eyes at her.she shuts her mourth and bites her inner cheek.

“sanskar is right….stay here tonight”ram said and swara nodes slowly,scared from sanskar’s anger.

“swara let me show your room….you should take rest.”kavita said.ragini and kavita makes her stand.

“what happened to your foot?”ragini asked when they were taking her toward room.

“sandal got break therefore i have to walk bare foot….some broken mirrors were on road”swara said in low voice.

“were you blind?…”ragini said angrily.they make her sit on bed.

“why is everyone scolding me…i didn’t know,taxi drivers are on strike.”swara said poutingly.ragini and swara hits on her head together.

“take rest…i will bring hot water bag”kavita said and leaves.

“swara what relationship you have with sanskar?”ragini asked in calm tone.

“what do you mean?…he is my boss”swara said with wide eyes at her direct question.

“boss don’t find his employee whole night….do you know he is finding you from the time you left from party…..which boss do this?”

“i don’t know what are you talking about?…i am sleepy”swara said,lays down and pulls cover on face.

“swara!…”ragini greeted her teeth and and slap on her leg but swara don’t budge a little.


“ao!….ao”swara holds wall,feeling pain after putting pressure on injured foot.she slowly walks toward fridge,opens it and starts looking for something to eat.

“why are you not in your room?…”sanskar asked standing behind her.swara closed her eyes after hearing his voice and turned toward him.

“there was no water in room therefore i came to take it.why are you not sleeping?….you must be tired”swara said,thinking about ragini’s talk

“you are hungry….aren’t you?”sanskar asked instead of answering her.

“no…i just came to take water bottle.”swara said showing him water bottle  and walks toward door.

“sit…”sanskar said after holding her wrist.

“no…i am not…”

“is it necessary that i should pick you up and make you sit.”

“no need to do anything…i will make something myself.”swara said and turned toward him and tried to pull her hand.

“you will cook?…”sanskar asked with raised eye brow.

“yes why i can’t cook?…”swara glares at him.

“you can…”sanskar pressed his smile and leaves her wrist.swara nodes and walks toward fridge.sanskar looks down at her feet as she was limping a little.swara opens fridge and looks inside worriedly then at him.

“why are you still here….go and sleep”swara said,seeing him standing there.

“actually i am also hungry….cook something for me also”sanskar said,goes and sit on chair.swara’s eyes widened,she turns toward fridge and beats her forehead.she looks at eggs and takes out two.

“where is pan?…”swara asked,cursing her faith continuously.sanskar points at one cabinet.swara takes out pan and keeps it on stove after washing it and picks up oil bottle and put some oil on it and starts waiting for it to get warm.

“any problem?…”sanskar asked seeing her fighting to brake egg.swara looks at him and shakes her head and again looks at egg.

“why its so tough?…”swara cried in mind and put full force and egg gets brake in her hands.sanskar keeps hand on eyes and laughs.

“eew!”swara muttered seeing her hand covered with egg white.she looks at sanskar and her heart stopped seeing him laughing whole heartedly.sanskar controls his laugh,gets up and walks toward.swara stares at him as he was still chuckling a little.

“you don’t even how to brake egg,what will you cook.?”sanskar said chuckling.

“why don’t you laugh? you look good when you laugh.”swara said with small smile.

“brake egg in front of me like this again,especially with such expression.i will definitely laugh again”sanskar said with mischievous smile.swara’s face turned red because of embarrasement.

“i don’t how to cook…”swara said with red face.

“i know…”sanskar said walks pass her,picks up a white cloths to clean the floor.

“how?…”swara asked with shocked expressions.sanskar ignores her question,sits down and silently cleans the floor then wash his hands.swara glares at him for not answering her.

“i am leaving,cook only for yourself.”swara said angrily and turns to leave but she was quickly pilled back then up in air and was safely placed on counter.swara blinks at him.

“sit here…you will come back right here after some time because you will not get sleep without eating anything…so no need to waste time.”sanskar said to her then moves to cook something.swara crossed her arms over chest and keeps her mouth shut to show her anger.Sanskar smiled seeing his swollen face



“eat yourself….”swara said and looks away..

“okay…as your wish”sanskar shrugged his shoulder and takes one bite.swara stomach growled,seeing melted cheese.she tried to step down but sanskar gives her plate.

“please hold it for me…my hands are full”sanskar said and takes another bite.swara looks down in plate there was one sandwich in it.she keeps her ego to side and forward her hand to pick it but sanskar slaps on her hand.

“you said you don’t want to eat…its very tasty,i changed my mind to give you.don’t look at it with bed eyes?”sanskar said in warning.swara greeted her teeth in anger and takes sandwich from his hand and takes one bite.

“my sandwich…”sanskar tried to take it back but swara moves her hand back and takes another bite.

Sanskar glares at her,seeing her finishing his sandwich.swara giggled,seeing him glaring.

“you can eat this one…”swara said and forward plate to him.sanskar holds plate and was going to pick up sandwich but before him swara picks it and moves it back.

“you gave it to me therefore i changed my mind to give you…its very tasty”swara said and eats one bite.

“i gave you plate to hold not the sandwich…”sanskar said and again try to take it back but swara moved it back and sanskar was not to reach it because she was sitting on counter.

“its cheating you can’t eat both…..i made one for myself”sanskar said in irritating tone,seeing her taking another bite.swara laughed and shaking her head side to side.sanskar glares at her.

“okay just one bite…”swara said and gives him sandwich with her hand.sanakar opens his mouth to eat it but swara quickly moved it away and laughed.

“you little….”sanakar greeted his teeth,holds her arm and pulls her toward him as a result swara completely falls on his shoulder.swara moves back little and their cheeks brushed against each other.

“sanskar leave me…”swara said looking in his eyes,their faces were inches apart.she tried to pull herself back but sanskar tights his grip around her waist.sanskar wipes cheese from her lips with thumb,cups her left cheek and was going to kiss when they hear a throat clearing voice.


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