Love Is Beautiful Emotion SEASON 4 (EPISODE 27) BY ZAIMAL

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“good morning dad…”sanskar greeted while pulling chair for himself.ram nodded at him.

“why are you ready so early in morning,you are not go office today.”ram said in calm tone.sanskar who was going to pick up glass of juice looked at him.


“i have invited a family for dinner….”

“i have very important meetings today…”sanskar said and takes sip of his juice.sanskar waits for his answer but ram behaved as he was deaf.

“dad i…”sanskar tried to speak but ram cuts him in between.

“you will not go office and its an order…”ram said in authortative tone.

“i will finish my work and will return before dinner.”sanskar said in convincing tone.

“okay but you must come before dinner…i will not listen any excuse.”ram said and sanskar released a sigh.

“doog morning uncle…”kavita and swara greeted ram.both father and son looked at them and ram smiled.

“good morning sir…”kavita greeted sanskar and swara didn’t dare to look at him.

“sanskar i forgot to tell you that i called swara home to help kavita….”

“uncle we will go and select menu..”kavita said and both goes toward kitchen.

“just great…for whom i wanted to go office she is here.”sanskar thought while seeing swara leaving.she looks back,feeling his gaze and both share a small eyelock before swara enters inside kitchen.

“you have important work then go…finish it and come soon”

Sabskar nodded,gets up unwillingly and leaves.



“uncle i will leave now…kavitavwill handle rest.”swara said nervously.

“no you can’t leave before meeting the girl….you are not going anywhere”

“uncle but….”swara tried to speak but stopped seeing a girl coming there.

“hello uncle!…”girl greeted ram.

“i was just talking about you….its good you came.”ram said and girl just smiles.

“she is kavya about whom i talked about you…”ram introduced the girl.

“hey!…”swara said with fake smile.

“hi!…who is she uncle?”kavya asked from ram.

“she works in office but comes home whenever i calls her….always helps me.”ram said hile patting swara’s cheek,she smiles at him.

“oh!…just an employee”kavya muttered under breath and ger body language changed toward swara in a second.

“have a seat and tell me where are your parents?…”ram signs her to sit.kavya sits down with crossed legs.swara also sits unwillingly.

“mom and dad are in other car…they will be reaching at any time.”kavya said to ram.swara’s back straight as her heart beat increased,she looked at door and saw sanskar entering inside.

“why he came so early?…”swara thought and quickly divert her eyes.sanskar greeted ram, looks at kavya and realsed a sigh,understanding why ram was forcing him to stay at home.

“i will get something for you…what will you have?”swara asked while standing,seeing sanskar sitting just opposite to her.

“orange juice…”kavya said while looking at swara.she clentches her fists at her tone but ignores and quickly leaves.sanskar narrowed his eyes at her.


“oh God where is kavita?…i don’t want to go there again.”swara said while filling glass with juce and keeps jug on counter table.

“because of me?…”sanskar asked after standing just behind swara.she gets scared and quickly turned back and looks at him with wide eyes.

“are you running from me?…”sanskar asked while taking one step toward her.

“no…its…its not like that,why will i do that”swara stmmeres whike taking steps back.

“i want to talk…..about last night.”sanskar said in deep tone,still taking step toward her.swara back hits the kitchen counter.swaea looks back worriedly then at him.

“i don’t want to talk about anything…”swara said,avoids eyes and try to leave but sanskar keeps hand on slab.swara try to leave from other side but sanskar keeps hand on other side also.

“what are you doing?…let me go”swara asked in irritating tone.

“i don’t want to…..”sanskar whispered softly in her ear.swara’s heart fluttered at his tone.

“whatever happened last night…we should just consider it a mistake.”swara said quickly while avoiding eyes from him.

“mistake?….”sanskar asked while his face expressions changes.

“that was a mistake?…”sanskar asked,holds her arm with jerk,making her look at him.swara open her mouth to say something but sanskar spoke before her.

“off course it was a mistake.”sanskar said,leaves her arm, steps back turns and leaves from there angrily.swara just looked at his back.


“why i said that to him?…”swara cried,covers her face with both hands and cursed herself very badly.

“i did right….his date was waiting for him outside”swara said firmly after removing her hands.

“date or future wife.”swara muttered and gets sad.

“swara di come…we are lossing the match”pari said after standing in front of her.

“pari shona go play yourself…today i am not in mood”swara said sadly.pari pouts and runs from there.swara keeps face in palm and looks at children who were playing cricket.

At that time her phone starts ringing,she picks up mobile and looks at screen.”uncle calling”.she attends call.

“hello uncle!…”swara said and gulps a little.

“why did you left?…”ram said in annoyed tone but she was able to feel happiness emitting out from his voice.

“i had urgent work at home therefore…”swara said,her heart was alamring her with increased speed.

“you should not have leave…with whom i will celeberate now?”

“celeberate for what?…”swara asked with fast beating heart.

“sanskar agreed for marriage….”


“he said he wants to spend some time with kavya then he will give final decision but i am happy,he at least think to give a chance”ram said happily.

“congratulations uncle….”swara said and her eyes get filled with tears.

“thanks to you…tomorrow is new year party,come early then we will celeberate in our way and a chess match also”

“okay uncle…”swara said and cut the call.she keeps mobile to side,wipes tear from corner of eye and keeps face on palm again.

“why am i crying?…”swara thought but she didn’t have answer for that.



Swara was lying on bed and starring at ceiling when her phone beeped with message.she picks the mobile and opens the messags.


“today is new year holiday but he is in office…”swara said,released a sigh and gets up.

“i am going office…will come back after few hours.”swara said while picking up,glass of juice.

“today is holiday…”ragini said quickly.

“kavita will explain you…”swara said to ragini,keeps empty glass on table and leaves.ragini looks at kavita with raised eyebrows.


sanskar was giving dictations to swara,standing at edge of table,reading something from file.she was sitting on chair,completely bend on notepad.

“did you write everything…”sanskar asked in plain voice.swara nodded and gives him notepad.sanskar takes notepad and by mistake their hands brused against each other.both look at each other but sanskar quickly moves his gaze from her face to the page.swara gets sad,seeing him ignoring her.

“get this work done then you can leave…”sanskar said and keeps notepad on glass able,goes and sit on his chair.swara nodded,picks up notepad and walks toward door.she was walking toward door when lights turned off and everything gets dark except sun rays coming from huge windows.

“what is this?…”swara asked while looking back at sanskar.he gets up,ignores swara and walks toward door and try to open the door but it didn’t get open because it was electric door.

“damn!…”sanskar punched the door angrily and turnned back and looks at swara.

“watchman didn’t come today…who will start the generator and emergency lights?”swara asked worriedly.

“i don’t know….”sanskar said,walk passes her,picks up laptop from table and sits on couch as it was near glass window.swara also goes and sits on single sofa.

“i have heard your alliance got fixed….”swara said after 5 minutes silence.sanskar closed his fist but don’t say anything.

“congratulations!…”swara said with genuine smile.

“what did you say?…”sanskar asked in dangerous voice.

“what?…”swara asked confusingly.

“did he really not hear me,should i repeat herself?”swara thought while looking at him.sanskar gets up from his seat and walks toward her.

“i didn’t hear that what did you really say?…”sanskar asked while keeps both hands on arms of sofa and bends on her.swara’s eyes widened and she sagged back in sofa.

“are you congratulating me?…”sasnkar asked with ticked jaw.

“hmm….”swara nodes her head nervously.

“are you really this much stupid?…”sanskar said through greeted teeth.

“what did i do now?…”swara said poutingly.sanskar stares at her innocent face,sighed and gets straight and turns to other side.swara also stands on her feet.

“sanskar!…”swara called him,sanskar holds her arm and pulls her in front of him and twist her both arm at her back and pulls her close.

“you hurted me a lot yesterday…”sanskar muttered in her ear as his lips touched her ear shell.

“you always do that…did i ever complained?”swara said and looked at him.both share a long romantic eyelock.Golden sunlight were falling on them,their eyelock gets break by opening sound of door.swara quickly separate herself from him and tucks her hair behind ear nervously.

“when did light came?…”this thought came in their minds together.

“hey sanskar!…”kavya said while entering inside the room but stopped seeing swara there,she narrows her eyes at her.

“what are you doing here?…”sanskar asked in his usual curt voice.

“i went to your house and uncle told me you came office therefore came to meet you…”kavya said and hugged sanskar.swara looks at them,feeling hurt by seeing them like this.she turns her gaze away and leaves from there.sanskar cursed himself,seeing swara leaving.


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