Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 26) BY ZAIMAL

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“I can’t believe this?…”swara said in whisper and a smile touched to her lips.

“who send these?…”ragini asked after keeping hand on her shoulders.

“mr.burnt bitter gourd send these…”swara said in chirpy voice.

“your boss?..why he send these?.”ragini asked in confused tone..

“why do you mean by why?…he threw my flowers from window and he was so rude to me.he tortured me so much with dozen of work”swara said with twitched nose.

“swara don’t you think its too much…”

“what do you mean?…”swara asked confusingly.

“i mean…”ragini tried to speak but swara’s phone starts ringing in room.swara looks at display and smiles.she attends call and keeps it on ear.


“happy now?…”sanskar asked in composed tone.

“hmm…but still those were special.”swara said in meaningful tone.

“i can’t do anything else if you didn’t come office tomorrow then you will get court notice for breaking contract.”sanskar said and cut the call.

“court notice?…”swara asked in shocked tone bjt call was disconnected.

“he is still rude…”swara said through greeted teeth while looking at disconnected call.swara looks at flowers and her anger falls.

“ignore swara ignore….he will never change.”swara said,smells flowers,smiles and takes them inside.

“this is weird…why would a boss send flowers to his employees?”ragini said in suspicious voice.



“yes come in!…”sanskar said after hearing a knock.

“good morning…”

Sanskar’s heart stopped for a second,he was hearing her voice after so long time.he realesed a sigh but looked at her.

“finally you got time to come office.”sanskar said in his usual nonchalant voice.

“flowers were beautiful….”swara said with smile and walks toward him and keeps coffee cup in front of him.

“dad send those flowers when i told him about you.”sanskar said in same tone.swara’s smile dimmed after hearing that.

“i was also thinking the same how can burnt bitter gourd can do such a sweet thing.”swara said through greeted teeth,turns to leave but sanskar holds her hand and stands up on his feet.

“you can only trouble me…i can’t”sansakr whispered softly is her ear.swara was able to feel his warm breaths falling on her shoulder.

“do you know how much i missed you…”sanskar said in same tone,making swara’s heart jump from its place.

“you missed me?…”swara asked in surpised filled voice as she looked at him,her heart was beating very fast.the look in her eyes made sanskar’s heart skip several heart beats.

“hmm….when i have to do your work and when i was not able to convince stupid girls…i was in big tension thank God you came.”sanskar said hiding his naughty smile.

“seriously!…”swara said in annoyed tone,frees her arm with jerk and walks forward.sanskar again holds her arm and rurns her back with jerk as a result,swara strikes with his chest.

“what are you?…”swara said while raising her head but sanskar keeps finger on her lips,restraining her from speaking.

“Sssh!…youndid what you wanted to do,now its my turn….go to mrs.smith she will tell you your today’s work and your are not going home withou completing that”sanskar said in soft tone while starring at her face.

“i am resigning again…i should not have come.”swara said quickly after hearing him and tried to move back but sanskar holds her both wrists and pulls her.

“you are not going anywhere…you are not even going to step out from this room,from now you will work here,in front of me.”

“i will not…leave me otherwise i will tell uncle everything”swara said in theeatening voice.

“what will you tell dad?.”sanskar chuckled at her little threat.

“i will tell him how you make every girl run away…”

“okay tell him….”

“should i tell him?..”swara asked with shocked expression.

“i will give you my phone.”sanskar said,takes out mobile from inside of coat and gives it to him.swara forwards her hand to take it but he moves it back.

“let me tell you one thing,dad already knows i am doing something but…”

“but what?…”swara asked with narrowed eyes.

“but when he will come to know you helped me in this,he will be so disappointed,as far as i know he likes you a lot..right?”

“hmm….”swara said worriedly while nodding her head slowly.sanskar pressed his lips after seeing her expressions.

“still you want to tell him?…”sanskar whispered in her ear.

“no…no…i will not tell him anything “swara said,shaking her head vigorously.

“you know but now i want to tell him,i am feeling so guilty that i lied to him,i should tell him everything i know he loves me a lot he will understand i need more time.”sanskar said,unlocks his mobile and dials ram’a number and keeps mobile on ear.

“swara do something quickly…”swara said while looking at him with horified face expressions.she quickly snatches phone and cut call.

“you will not tell him anything especially about me…”

“swara give me my phone..”sanskar said and moves forward to take back his phone.

“no i will not…”swara said and runs across the table.sanskar goes after her quickly.he chases her all around the room and finally grabs her by waist and pulls her back,locking her between both arms.

“why don’t you ever listen to me…”sanskar said while breathing fastly because of running.

“why should i listen to you?…you just know to trouble me.”swara said in annoyed tone.

“you also trouble me a lot….madam”sanskar said in same annoyed tone as hers and shook his head.swara looks at him and laughed.sanskar also laugh a little at that time they door opening sound.both looks at door and swara quickly pushes him back.sanskar stagers a little but maintains himself.

“dad what are you doing here?..”sanskar asked seeing ram entering inside.

“now i can’t even come here?…”ram asked with narrowed eyes after hearing his question.

“no…i… i didn’t mean that i was just saying why all of sudden?”sanskar quickly said.swara giggled seeing sanskar stammering in front of his father.

“i came to meet swara….i have very important thing to discuss.”

“with me..”swara asked while pointing at herself.

“hmm…come i want to talk with you alone.”ram said and takes swara with him.


“swara child you are only one at whom i can trust for this…please find out what is sanskar doing,you have no idea how much i am tensed about him,do you know with how many girls i have fixed his date but no use.”ram said,showing his full trsut on her.

“uncle i don’t think you should trust me this much..”swara said feeling guilty.

“don’t say this…you are my only hope,just find out what is he doing then i will handle him.”ram said while keeping hand on hers.swara licks her dry lips and looks at his face.

“oh God where am i trap?…i can’t tell him anything wven after knowing everything.”swara thought worriedly.she thinks for aomething and her eyes sparkles.

“uncle why don’t you arrange date at house in which you can be around…i mean if you will be present then sir will not be able to do anything right?”

“but how can i?…”ram said worriedly.

“arra uncle why not?…why don’t you arrange family dinner in which they will meet each other,you can keep eye on him also and girl will also meet him and once girl said yes then sir will not be able to do anything.”swara said while looking at him with her big eyes as ram was thinking about it.

“you are so intelligent…in first date boy and girl do simple interview that can also happen in my presence and once allience got fixed i will not let him do anything”ram said happily and gives swara a lot of blessing.

“you shouldn’t have blacmailed me.”swara thought devilishly.

“if you have given this idea before i would arrange today’s date…anyways let him do what he want today,from tomorrow i will see what will he do?”

“you arranged a date today?..”swara asked with twitched nose.



“this is last time i am coming with you…”swara said in meanigful tone while walking beside him.sanskar looks at her smile with narrowed eyes

“what do you mean?…”sanskar asked in suspicious tone.

“you will come to know….”swara said in same tone and looks down with narrowed,she was finding it hard to walk on sand with heels.they were at beach,she was able to see sea from far.

“if you are thinking to tell dad anything then let me tell you one thing i am his son,he will not say anything to me but you will be at big loss.”sanskar said in warning.swara looks at him and hit her sandal on his head in her mind then looks forward but stopped seeing the venue.

“so beautiful…”swara whispered,seeing the amazing arrangements.

"swara whispered,seeing the amazing arrangements

“dad is too much…”sanskar said in annoyed tone after seeing the arrangement.swara ignores him and walks forward to look at everything closely.sanskar also walks forward and smiles seeing the awstruck look at her face.he goes and sits on chair.

“God father is so romantic and look at him,don’t even have basic manners.”swara thought while looking at sanskar with narrowed eyes.

“why are you looking at me like this?…your are not my date for whom i should pull chair.”sanskar said as he has read her mind.

“i don’t even want to be your date….i can’t even imagine it,do you even know R of romance? leave that i can bet you don’t even know how a man should behave in presence of lady”swara said while pulls chair for herself,sits on it,crossed her arms over chest and looks away from him,showing she is angry.sanskar just satres her cute angry red face.after sometime,waiters comes there and start putting dishes on table.swara looks at dishes and keeps hand on stomach,all of sudden she remembered that she didn’t eat anything in lunch.

“are you hungry?…”sanskar asked while looking at her face deeply.swara looks at him and shakes her head then again looks at food.sasnkar sighed,gets straight and picks up spoon to take one dish in his plate.

“what are you doing.your date didn’t come till now.”swara said and slapped on sanskar’s hand.

“i am hungry…”sanskar said while looking at her with raised eye brow.

“what if your date….”

“i am responsible for her being so late…..i am eating if you want you can eat also.”sanskar said in careless tone.swara bites her inner cheek,seeing him eating.

“if he don’t care why should i…i am so hungry.”swara thought,shrugged her shoulder and also start eating.sanskar smiles a little at that.


“i think we should leave…she will not come now.”sanskar said while looking at his wrist watch.they had completed their dinner and waiter were taking away the last few dishes.swara moves her gaze from sea fo him.

“just 5 minutes…sea is looking so beautiful”swara said poutingly.sanskar glares at her and open his mouth to say something but stopped seeing a music band coming there.

“seriously!….”an irritated look comes on sanskar’s face.swara giggled,seeing his irritated face.she keeps her elbow joint on table and face on palm and completely turns to music band to enjoy the music and not look at sanskar’s face.sanskar gives fake smile to them as they start music.

“from where dad get these ideas?…”sanskar thought and looked forward at swara,he was mesmerised to see,her eyes were close and she was humming slowly as she was enjoying the music completely.sanskar stares at her flawless face and first time he followed something which came in his heart.

Swara open her eyes feeling someone’s presence in front of her and looks up.sanskar was standing in front of her,offering his hand to her for dance.swara stares at him for a second then puts her small hand in his big ones and gets up.she keeps her other hand on his broad shoulders and sanskar slides his hand around her waist.both dances slowly while starring in each other eyes.he twirls her twice and pulls her in back hug.swara closes her eyes as sanskar brushes her arms down to hands sensationally and twirls her again and pulls her close.

Band completes their music and leaves from there,leaving them alone.

swasan were standing very close to each other,lost in each other eyes and their beathes were mixing with each other.sanskar cups her right cheek slowly and kisses on lips.swara closed her eyes and kiss him back with same love.


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