Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 25) BY ZAIMAL

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“i am happy she left…she is so immature,don’t know anything except troubling me and making mess around.”sanskar said while walking inside the hall.servents in the hall,looks at him then at wrist watch in their hands.

“i want black coffee in my minutes…”sanskar ordered to a maid,goes and sit in TV lounge and switch on the TV.

“not in good mood.”all sevenrts muttered to themselves and vanished from there in a second.sanskar keeps on changing the channels angrily.

“sir coffee…”maid said in obedient tone.sanskar picks up mug from dish and takes sip.

“you even forgot to make good coffee..”sanskar said angrily and again put mug back.

“what happened sir?…i made it as you like it.”maid said,getting worried.

“you forgot to mix sugar in it…”

“sir but you always liked coffee without sugar…”maid said confusingly.

“damn this woman…”sanskar closed his eyes,cursing swara for ruining his habits.

“Take this coffee away!…”sanskar said, getting annoyed at that,throws remote control,gets up and goes towards his room.


ragini was sitting inside the hall while talking on phone and laughing when she saw swara entering inside and going toward her room with furious face.

“um…i will call you back”ragini said,cuts call and goes behind swara.

“swara why you came early…is everything all right?”ragini said while sitting beside her on bed.

“i left the job?…”

“what…why?”ragini asked in shocked voice.

“there are so many reasons..which one should i tell you first?…he is such a jerk,so arrogant,mannerless,idiot,stupid,burnt bitter gourd.”swara said through geeted teeth.

“ tell me what did he do?”ragini said while chuckling a little.

“he threw my flowres out of window…can you believe this?”


“you know i caught the flowers of bride,i was so happy,i wanted to show it to dad and he threw it…”swara said cryingly.

“you went to attend marriage with him?”

“yes…so that i can do acting of his girlfriend.”

“oh!….its mean,i should start preparing for your marriage.”ragini said,trying to change the topic.

“i totally forgot about that…i want to tell mama and dad about it.where is my phone.”swara said excitedly and picks up her phone.

“don’t you think you should go and tell them this”agini said with smile.

“i think you are right…as i am free from now,i will go and meet them tomorrow.”swara said with smile.ragini nodded.



“Dad what am i saying to you?….be serious please.”swara said with pout.

“what did i say?…i am agreeing with you but before anything,you have to come back home,i will throw a big party for you then i will introduce you with some boys.”

“really then i will just go and pack my bags…”swara said trying to get up but shekhar holds her hand and chuckled.

“you are forgetting something.”

“dad please…is it necessary,only 3 months are remaining.what will go wrong if i will go with you now?”

“rules are rules…”

“mama say something to him na…”swara looks at her mother for help.shomi just smiled.

“okay fine…if your boss will praise you then you can come home.”shekhar said while looking at ragini.she pressed her lips as she had told him that swara resigned from job.

“anything but that…”swara said while making face.

“why are you saying this…i know my daughter is very good in work,he shouldn’t have problem in praising you”shekhar said,patting her head.

“that kahrus akru,ill-mannered,burnt bitter gourd will never do that…”swara fumed in anger and crossed her arms over chest.all chuckled at that.Swara opens her mouth to say something but door gers open and kavita enters inside and ges startled seeing them.

“mama i told you  about my friend who is staying with me…”swara said while getting up and walks toward kavita.

“she is kavita…”swara said while putting hand around kavita and makes her walk forward.

“thank you so much dear for taking such a good care of her.”shomi said while patting her cheeks.kavita shows her full teeth.

“swara they are your parents?..”kavita muttered in swara’s ear.swara nodded vigorously with bright smile.


“why didn’t you tell me that your father is shekhar gadodia?…”kavita almost shouted in shock.ragini and swara puts fingers in their ears.

“that was secret i was not allowed to tell anyone..”

“oh my God!…i can’t believe this….i made her do household works.”kavita said, holds her head and sits down on sofa.ragini and swara sits beside her on either sides and keeps hand on her shoulders.

“its okay…i liked your scolding,no one ever scolded me like you did,it was new experience for me”swara said in cheerful tone.kavita looked at her with jerk.

“i scolded you also…..i’m doomed”kavita covers her face with both hands,swara shakes her head vigorously while ragini laughed loudly.


Sanskar was looking at his mobile,he was sitting in same position from one hour,trying to decide wether he should call or not.

“God this woman…i will not call,don’t want to come then its her wish…”sanskar said,lock the screen and keeps mobile to side.


Swara was sleeping when her mobile starts ringing.she opens her eyes hardly,picks up her mobile and keeps it on ear.

“hello!…”swara said in sleepy voice.

“why the hell you didn’t reach office till now…”sanskar said in furious tone.swara’s eyes gets open fully,she looks at the screen then again keeps it on ear.

“you know its reason better…”swara said and cut the call.

“hello…swara?.”sanskar said but call was cut already.

“damn this woman…”sanskar said in frustrated voice.swara keeps mobile back,stares at far point while thinking something then shakes her head and closes her eyes.


Sunny was looking at wall clock with narrowed eyes,there was book in his lap.pari was sitting beside him,repeating a poem continuously.swara comes there,looks at them then follows sunny’s gaze and pressed her lips.

“did you complete your poem?…”swara said while sitting beside pari.

“hmm….”pari said with bright smile.

“good…”swara said and kiss on her head and starts checking pari’s homeowrk.

“2 hours passed…can i go?..”sunny said happily as big burden slipped from his shoulders.

“no you can’t…”swara said without looking at him.

“but why?…you said i can go after studying for 2 hours.”sunny said in disbelief tone.

“studying doesn’t mean,keep book in your lap and stare at clock.”

“i was not starring at clock…i completed my work therefore i am going,bye”sunny said quickly and run outside.

“sunny…you can’t go,otherwise tomorrow you will study for 4 hours”swara shouted at his back but sunny behaved as he didn’t listen anything.

“God this boy don’t like to study at all…”swara said shaking her head side to side.

“i agree…but still he manage to bring more good marks than me.”pari said sadly.

“marks doesn’t matters,the thing which matters is how much we work on ourselves and you work more than him.”swara said and pulls her cheek.pari smiles.

“swara di why are you not going office?…its been a week…”pari asked while keeping her face in plams.

“i am on vacations…”swara said,avoiding the topic.

“but bhaiya was saying you fought with partner therefore you are not going office.”

“and who told him this?…”swara asked and looked at her.

“yesterday partner called and…..”pari said but sunny shouted her name from outside.

“go…”swara said,seeing her face.pari smiled and ran outside.

“can call them and complain but can’t call me and apologise…burnt bitter gourd.”swara said angrily and gers up.



“hello!…”swara said while keeping mobile between shoulder and ear and picks up egg.

“why are you not picking my calls….what do you think of this job,is it joke whenever you will want you can quit without.”sanskar burst out in anger.

“Aa…aa.”swara cried when burning oil sprinkled after putting egg on drops to the ground

“what…what happened?”sanskar asked after getting worried after hearring her voice.

“my hand…..”swara cried,quickly ran toward water tap.after few minutes,she smells something burning and turned quickly.

“my egg…..”she ran back and removes frypan from stove.

“when will i learn this?..”swara said while looking at burnt egg with pout face.

“swara what is this smell?…”ragini asked while coming there with kavita.

“this is so complicated….”swara said with twitched nose.

“i told you na….no need to make this,did you again burnt your hand?”kavita asked worried,holds her and takes her outside.ragini chuckled and was going to turn back but looks at mobile on ground,bends and pick it up.she smiled seeing the name of the caller,as call was still connected.

“swara your boss is still on call…”ragini said,forwarding mobile to her.

“cut the call right now….my hand got burnt because of his call,i always get hurt because of him.”swara said in furious tone.ragini quickly keeps hand on speaker and kavita slapped on swara’s head.sabska sighs and cuts the call.

“your hand got burn becuase you don’t know cooking.”ragini glares at swara.she makes bad bad faces.


“she crossed all limits of immaturity…i just want to kill her,who stays at home for so many days then don’t even pick my calls”sanskar said angrily while walking toward swara’s house.the door was half open,he was going to open it fully but stopped after hearing pari’s voice.

“they always keep on fighting…why do they fight this much?”pari said in wet voice.

“every husband and wife fight…your’s are not special,so chill”kavita said trying to make her up.

“every husband and wife?…”sunny asked with narrowed eyes.

“this is speciality of marriage…boyfriend and girlfriend don’t fight but after marriage they starts fighting.right?”kavita said in funny way.ragini shakes her head as she was not agreed with her.

“then i will never marry…”sunny said in firm tone.

“me too…”pari said while sniffing.swara slapped on kavita’s shoulder.

“i didn’t mean that..marriage is very good thing,you should marry.”kavita said quickly while rubbing her shoulder.

“every boy and girl starts fighting after gettin married.”sunny said with narrowed eyes.

“every husband and wife don’t fight….my parents don’t fight.”swara said with smile.

“and where it is written,if your parents fights then you will also fight with your partner….”ragini said and pulls sunny’s cheek.

“and mostly opposite happens…if your parents fights then children never fights with their partners”kavita said while giggling.

“oh it means swara di will fight with husband…”pari said worriedly.

“why will i fight with him?…”swara asked in shocked voice.

“kavita di said na opposite happens….your parents not fight then you will fight”pari said innocently.trio girl beat their foreheads.

“very good question…you again proved you are my sister.”sunny pats pari’s shoulder.swara slapped on sunny’s head.

“what?..”sunny asked confusingly.

“pari shona!…this not really happens,it just matter of should pray that your life partner should be a good person who can bring a lot of happiness in your life.”swara said with smile while holding pari’s both hands.

“but what is the guranty that she or i will get good life partners…i don’t want to take chance about her.”sunny said shaking his head side to side.

“guranty?…”swara thinks for a second then smiles.

“guranty is LOVE…if you two will marry with someone to whom you love then you will not fight with them.”

“and what if we had a serious fight like mama/papa and decided to take divorce?”sunny asked in thoughtful tone.

“if you will love her trully then you will not let her go even after serious fight because when you love someone you don’t let him go at any cost”

“guranty?…”sunny and pari asked in union.swara nodded while giggling.

“then okay…i am hungry now.”sunny said and goes toward kitchen,pari goes after him.Sanskar turns over his heels and walks back toward his car while swara’s words were echoing in his mind.

“children are so intelligent now a days.”ragini asked in amazed tone.

“they are dangerous…we should think thousands times before saying something to them,they pick everything”kavita said while making face.

“they are cute…”swara said with small smile while looking at sunny and pari.ragini and kavita looked back and smiled.


Sanskar was sitting inside his cabin,starring at far point.he was revolving paper weight,showing that he was in deep thoughts.


“where were you?…”ram asked in serious tone while looking at sujata angrily.

“non of your business…”sinata said in careless tone and tried to leaves from there but ram holds her hand,pulls her back with jerk and slaps her hard.

“i don’t say anything its doesn’t mean id on’t know anything…”ram said in low furious tone.sujata keeps hand on cheek and looks at ram with blood shot eyes.

“what the hell!…how dare you slap me?”sujata shouted at him.

“this slap was to show you, your limits.”

“you will show me,my limits…you will show you can only raise hand on me but can’t do anything else.first do something in real then show me my it.”sujata said in insulting tone.

“you don’t even feel guilty at your acts”ram said,looking at her nonchalant attitude.

“i am really guilty at my act of marrying you but now i am going to correct my mistake…i don’t want to ruin my life with you,i am leaving you,i don’t deserve a loser like you.”sujata said,goes toward their rooms,packs her bags and goes toward sanskar’s room.sanskar who was hiding behind quickly moves back and sits on bed and wipes tears with both hands.

“sanskar come baby…let’s go”sujata said in sweet tone.

“he is not going anywhere…he is my son and will stay with me.”ram said after coming there.

“he is my son and i will take him with me…”sujata said angrily.

“i don’t think your boyfriend will accept him.”ram said in taunting tone.sujata becomes silent for a second.she licks her lips,goes and sits in front of sanskar.

“don’t become a loser like your father…hmm?”

“mama where are you going?…don’t go.”sanskar said with tear filled eyes.sujata kissed on his hand,gets up silently and leaves.


Sasnkar holds the spinning paper weight and closed his burning eyes.swara’s face came in front of his eyes instantly and his tensed muscles relaxed.a small smile touched his lips when he thought about her antics.


“swara get up…swara”ragini shook swara,she makes face in sleep,turns to otherside and pulls cover on herself.

“swara someone has come to meet you…wake up please.”ragini said in helpless tone.swara curses in loud tone,gets up and walks out with half open and half closed eyes.

Swara blinks her eyes rapidy,trying to make her vision clear.

“flowers!…”swara muttered in low whisper,seeing hall filled with different flower bouqets.

“excuse me ma’am…can i meet miss swara?”one man asked in professional tone.

“i am swara…how can i help you?”swara asked in hell confused tone.

“ma’am mr.maheswari send this for you.”man said and gives her one bouque which he was holding in his hand.

“huh?…”swara asked in disbelief,she takes flowers slowly and looks at folded paper,stuck between flowers.she takes it out and reads it.


swara’s eyes goes wild open after reading the note and looks around again to confirm.

“i can’t believe it….”swara whispered to herself while a big smile touched her lips.


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