LOVE is an EMOTION (SwaSan) SS Part 3

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Swara is doing Aerobic exercise in her room. She kept the volume little higher because of which Sanskar, who is sleeping in his room, which is exact opposite to Swara’s room, disturbed.

Sanskar(shouts): mom, will you reduce the volume of speaker?

Sujatha(shouts back): i can’t do aerobic exercise at this age.

Sanskar realised that sound is coming from outside house; he yawns and get up to see outside.

Sanskar: i should realise it before itself. This chotti dulhan only dancing. Now also she is not showing her face this side. Idea,

He immediately on the speaker and raised the volume. Swara gets disturbed because of this.

She turns to see outside through window. Before she turn itself, she saw Sanskar through her corner of her eyes and she turns back. Sanskar who is eagerly waiting to see her, punched his fists in disappointment.

Sanskar: why she turned back? Whether she noticed me? No no. How to see her face now? She closed the curtain too.

He stands there itself and immersed in thinking.

Sujatha, who can’t bear the sound coming from her son’s room, shouted from down to turn off the speaker. Sanskar’s eyes fixed on Swara room’s window. It’s curtains opened after short time. His eyes widened in fear after seeing a white coloured figure (Swara) which is showing it’s darkened teeth and it’s hair is flying in air as like ghost. He  screamed and fall on his bed and closed his eyes. Sujatha who enters his room find his shivering son in bed and rushed to him.

Sujatha: Sanskar…Sanskar

Sanskar: i won’t see there again. Leave me…leave me.

Sujatha: where, Sanskar?

She turn off the speaker and called him again. Now he hears a loud laugh which is filled with tease. He stops his blabbering and sit straight in his bed.

Sujatha: what happened, Sanskar? Are you alright?

Sanskar(looked at Swara’s room through his corner of eyes): perfectly…fine. nightmare.

Sujatha(laughed): nightmare!!! You are sleeping in this mess. (She indicates speaker)

Sanskar’s anger increase after seeing his mom’s laugh. He looks at Swara who is still laughing at him. He realised that it is her act and cursed her.

Sanskar: you insulted me infront of my mom na. I will revenge you for that.

After getting ready, swara went down for breakfast.

She remembers Sanskar’s scary face and laughed. She can’t control her laugh. Everyone look at her confusingly.

Paro: what happened to you Swara? Why are you laughing?

Swara: that…bhabi (again she laughed)

Rudra: paro whether you spent time with her last night?

Paro: haan ji. We had a conversation for about 3 hours.

Rudra: then that is the reason for her laugh.

Gauri: bhaia, you are making us more confused.

Rudra: you not yet understood what i mean it. Whoever speak with your bhabi for 5 minutes will become a crack. But she speak with her for about 3 hours, that’s why she became mad.

Everyone burst into laugh. Swara laugh more than earlier. Paro keep her hands on her hip and glare at Rudra.

Rudra(avoids her glare): sorry paro.

Everyone look at him.

Rudra: some times truth will be bitter.

Again everyone laughed. They tried to suppress their laugh.

Om: swara, atleast now tell why are you laughing, otherwise bhabi will explode.

Swara(laughed again): bhabi i am not laughing. See (but she laughed again)

Paro: am i looking like crack? Am i mad? Rudra ji, you are reason for this. I hate you.

She move aside from him. He holds her hand and pulled her.

Rudra: just for fun. (Still she keep her face pity) smile na.

He looked into her eyes. She smiled.

Gauri(closed Swara’s eyes): oh god, excuse me. Child is here, will you do your romance somewhere?

Both came to sense.

Om: swara, tell now.

Swara explained them how she scared neighbourhood boy.

Om: oh ho, I don’t know what Sanskar will do now. Already he is angry with dadi. Now Swara also insulted him.

Swara: oh he is Sanskar. He is so handsome (she said dreamily).

Paro: Gauri, did you mentioned her as child?

Swara: but i didn’t insulted him. I did it just for fun.

Rudra: but he is not take it easy guy Swara. He is so sensitive.

Swara(feels bad): oh… then i will ask sorry to him.

She finished her breakfast and went out.

– to be continued.

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  1. awesome dear

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much dear

  2. Jasminerahul

    ha ha.since swara’s aerobics music disturbed sanskar he put his music’s volume in a high level.ha ha.oh this time also sanskar couldn’t see swara.but swarna saw him n finds him handsome.cute.swara scaring sanskar as a ghost was funny.but how is sanskar going to take revenge on her?rudra teasing paro was funny.rudra manofying paro and paro smiling was swara wants to apologise to sanskar.but will she?how will sanskar react?can’t wait for swasan meeting.perfect pics

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much sissy

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