LOVE is an EMOTION (SwaSan) SS Part 2

Dadi take Swara to upstairs to show her mom’s room. Meanwhile, Gauri and Paro get everything ready for lunch.

Dadi: I never expect i will see you atleast once in my life, dear. But i wish i could. You are here today. I am floating in clouds.

Swara: Dadi, even me too wish to be with you all always. You don’t know how much i struggled to find your number. When i found it i was in nineth cloud but soon that happiness is vanished because you disconnected that old number. But there is some luck with me, that’s why i was able to found Rudra bhai’s number instead which he gave for reference for that old number.

Dadi: there is not small luck with you dear. You are really so much lucky person.

Swara(smiles): oh dadi, don’t try to soap me. If i was lucky, i should meet you all 5 years before when i found that number.

Dadi: but you are in contact with us without knowing to your dad for 5 years na. That is lucky thing na. I am wondering how your dad allowed to visit us now?

Swara(ignored that question): Dadi, whose photos are they with garland near to my mom’s photo.

Dadi: that is Omru’s mom and dad. Shekar and Janaki. Janaki gave birth to Om and died. Shekar is very sad after her death. He was in stress almost his life. He died in heart attack. Shekar is your uncle, he is your mom Sharmishta’s brother.  All left me. You too. I don’t know how i brought up Om and Rudra. Days are passing like that.

Swara felt bad for asking dadi about her aunt and uncle. She went inside her mom’s room which is lightly painted with baby pink and gave peaceful thought. She remove curtains from window and happens to see near by house window, where Sanskar is pointing his finger towards himself and blabbering to him. Swara looks at him confusingly.

She turn back to dadi.

Sanskar(to himself): see Sanskar, for her, her grand daughter is much important. She proved it today. Will you go to her house? Definitely not, until she herself come and see me. She should know the importance of this Sanskar. She will know it soon.

When he turns, his eyes accidentally struck on Swara who is showing her back to him, in her house. Her hair is bouncing because of her head movements. She is chatting with her dadi happily. He hold window grill and tried hard to see her face by moving here and there. But he failed.

Sanskar: oh. This girls are very clever in pulling boys attention. Sanskar now only you decided you won’t go to that house. But she is pulling me towards her. So what, i will see her from my balcony. My decision will also safe and i can also see her.

Till last second, Swara didn’t show her face to him. They went out of room. Sanskar become upset.

Downstairs, Om and Rudra are already sit to eat. They examine the dishes.

Om: Gobi manchurian
Rudra: Aloo Gobi
Om: Gobi paratha
Rudra: even gravy too Gobi
(Their face expression changes while seeing everything in Gobi)
Om: Gobi tandoori
Rudra: Gobi 65

Om: what is this yaar?

Gauri: Don’t you know Omkaara ji? Now only you two make list.

Rudra: Why you made everything in Gobi?

Paro: you are making your face like you don’t like cauli flower. No issues, you can leave.

Gauri: this is all for Swara. She likes Gobi very much.

Om: but this is too much.

Paro: no Om, we thought of preparing Gobi fried rice or biriyani. But we don’t have much time.

Om: bhabi, pls. Atleast for dinner

Gauri(interrupts): for dinner also menu ready. Shall i tell it?

Rudra(fold his hand): enough ma, enough.

Gauri: bhai, i not yet started.

Rudra: for dinner you both take rest. How many works you two will do?

Om: yeah, why don’t you have a talk with Swara. This is first time you are meeting her. So

Paro: then, how many times you guys met her? You too met her for first time.

Om: i didn’t mean it bhabi.

Their argument is interrupted by Swara and dadi’s arrival. Gauri and Paro ask them to sit and serve them. Swara make them sit and she served them.

Rudra: where is Sanskar?

Swara: yeah, even i wish to meet him.

Dadi: why, dear?

Swara: because i wish to see the face of my dadi’s favourite and who didn’t wish to show his face to me.

( Swara asked for Sanskar’s pic so many times to Om and Rudra. But Sanskar restrict them to send his pic)

Dadi told them what happened.

Swara: this is not fair. He is angry with you because of my visit. I will deal with him tomorrow.

– to be continued.


  1. Mica

    wwooooooo… all men in this story are sooo crazyyy…. can’t stop laughing imagining them… love it Anuva, do update soon..

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much… I will try to update soon

  2. Jasminerahul

    Swara dadi conversation was nice.good that they could meet at least now.swara is ignoring when dadi asked how her dad allowed her to visit now.Did she come here without his knowledge?here shekar is sharmishta’s brother.that was unexpected as in the show swaragini they were couple.i wonder who is swara’s dad here who is opposite harshwardhan her dad?ha ha jealous possessive sanskar decided not to visit dadi until she visits him.why so much of ego towards that poor old lady?but at the same time he is dying to see funny he is.special gopi dishes made 4 swara specially.poor rudra omkara.ha swara wants to meet sanskar.cant wait 4 swasan meeting.perfect pics

    1. Anuva

      Thank you sissy…

  3. nice continue

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      Thank you so much….

  4. Amazing

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