Love in splitsvillla #celebrity season# (episode-2)

Next morning :- 

They got a message from the host……

Hello splitsvillans!!!!!!!

Good morning

They all said good morning

(Don’t get confused, the cast members placed a phone in carador and they will get the message from them every time, a splitsvillan will read that message)

(Ridhu was reading the message)

Everyone get ready for your first challenge and meet me at………… in next 1 hour (10 am).

After listening to the message, everyone went to their respective rooms and get ready for the challenge. After getting ready, they left to the challenge spot.

Host (muntaj) :- hello!

Everyone :- hi!

Muntaj :- she handover the phew cards to boys and told them to write two girls names. Whose smile attracts you a lot.

All boys took the cards and start thinking for sometime and wrote the names.

Muntaj :- have you completed?

Boys :- yes!

She asks them to show the cards……

First…….. Rudra (he wrote Bhavya and riddhima name)

Bhavya’s pov :- omg! I never expected he will wrote my name.

Next, mahir (Khushi and anikha)

Sohel (aadhya and anikha)

Sia’s pov :- I thought he will write my name but it’s ok

Jay (aadhya and sejal)

Ahaana’s pov :- like seriously!!!!!! My smile is 100 times better than sejal.

Arnav (Sia and ridhu)

Ahaana’s pov :- Yaar what’s happening here? Everyone had written either riddhima, or aadhya or anikha. We are also present here.

Khushi’s pov :- she seems disappointed somehow.

Sia’s pov :- I never expect my name from arnav (smiling)

Shiv (ishani and aadhya)

Anikha’s pov :- as I expected he never write my name

Aryan (aahana and Nia)

Angre (anikha and aadhya)

Kabir (riddhima and Nia)

Vansh (Nia and ridhu)

Aadhya’s pov :- seriously vansh! Kabir! Aryan! I think they lost their minds…… Even aahana smile is better than Nia.

Muntaj :- hooooooo!

Aadhaya you got 4 votes, Riddhima  4 votes, Nia 3 and anikha 3

You 4 members got the chance to became one night queen and you can dump anyone from this villa.

Everyone got shocked………

She said, these four will compete in a competition, who will win in these competition they will became queen for this villa for this one night. Who will lose this challenge they will compete with others in survival challenge.

Ishani’s pov :- what the hell! Even we don’t get a chance to became a queen.

Aahana’s pov :- I will be if Nia will become queen not that aadhya nor riddhima.

Host :- you four want to chose one boy to support you.

Host :-  aadhya who would you like to pick…..

Aadhya :- jay

Host :- jay, would you like to perform?

Jay :- yes

Host :- anikha……

Anikha :- mahir

(Mahir said yes)

Host :- riddhima, you……

I would like to perform with vansh.

After listening vansh name……

Nia :- even I would like to perform with vansh.

Host :- vansh both are pitching for you. With whom, you would like to perform?

Vansh :- sorry riddhima! I would like like to perform with Nia.

(Ridhu became sad)

Kabir :- would you don’t mind, I would like to perform with you riddhima.

Riddhima :- ok!

Host :- the game is……. the girls are tied with ropes and they will be in air…… You want to hold that rope, if you leave the rope then they will fall in water! The person who will fell in water, they will lose the chance.

The game starts :-………… (10:30 )

After 30 minutes  jay loses his grip, she fell in water.

After 45 minutes…… Anikha ask mahir to leave the rope, she was feeling dizzy.

Now their is only ridhu and Nia……. If Kabir leave the rope then Nia will win the competition and she became queen. If vansh then ridhu became queen.

Vansh and Kabir both start loosing the grip. Kabir looses his grip, he leave the rope at the mean time vansh also leave the rope……………

Ok friends my update is completed…….

I hope you all will like this one.

My questions for you:-

1. Who will win this competition and who became the first queen?

2. Who was going to get dumped?

(Who will answer the both questions correctly then you get a chance to dump a person.)



  1. Nice one

  2. Jazzmiiiine10

    This Vansh is annoying me..How can he be ? But still I think sometimes it’s ok..Ek toh Media ppl have already paired Rrahul and Nia and here too..
    Anyways, Nice episode..Loved itt..Next queen Can b Riddhu and dumped…Umm..Yaar I won’t like to use my tiny brain..I hv to write my ffs..too

  3. Awsm yaar..muje sach m aisa lga ki m splitsvilla real m dekh rhi hu….nd what a task yaar amazing…nd last ans. Of ur ques. Is 1—i think nia will win nd 2—sohel get dumped…agar sab m se dump hona h to nhi to agar girls m se hi hona h to m to ahana ko krna chahungi

    1. Nd i m sad bcoz vansh ne nia ko choose kiya bt i think bad k kuch episode m riansh saath m honge

  4. Riddhima is win and she is the queen. Thanks for updates 😊❤️💗. keep rocking dear you and your updates 😊❤️💗. iam waiting for your next updates 😊❤️💗.

  5. Amazing episode sakhi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It was wonderful!!!!!💗
    Really enjoyed reading it..
    1.Riddhima..uspe suit bhi karega na

  7. Priyadharshini

    So nice updates 😊
    Thanks for updates 😊.

  8. It’s really good and awesome 😊❤️.
    Waiting for next one 😊❤️.

  9. Wow fabulous 😍😍😍😍😍
    Thanks for updates 👍
    Keep rocking🔥🔥🔥.

  10. Awesome episode🥰😍… I think nia is going to be the queen and aahana is going to be dumped(I didn’t understand the question but I think this 😁😅)

  11. Chhavi

    Riddhima is queen and ahaana or maybe nia will be dumped

  12. This man is on my nerves now 😏
    Well nice update dear

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