Love in splitsvillla #celebrity season# (episode- 14)

I am busy with my stuff, so i was posting my both FF’s alternatively. I can’t post both at same day.

Everyone get ready for tasks……

The pairs are

  • Vansh and riddhima
  • Kabir and Nia.
  • Ishani and angre
  • Khushi and arnav
  • Aryan and sejal

Host :- ok let’s start the game……

  1. What’s their favourite sport?

Riddhima :- basketball

Host :- right answer!!!!

Riddhima cut the Kabir string.

2. Who is the most important person in their life?

Nia :- his mom!

Host :- right answer!!!!!

Nia cut the vansh string.

3. If he had any physical intimacy?

Khushi :- no!

Host :- right !!!!!!

Khushi cut Kabir string.

Khushi :- for playing with my friends emotion.

4. What is most important thing to your partner? Loyalty or friendship.

Ishani :- friend ship.

Host :- sorry that’s a wrong answer!!!

Ishani cut angre’s string.

Ishani :- you said, for you friendship is very important than others, but what’s this????

Angre :- we want to be loyal in any relationship then only it will sustain.

Host :- please pic a chit from bowl.

She got, you want to cut another string of your partner.

Every one felt bad for their luck but Nia and Kabir were happy.

Host :- ok next one!

5. What is the one thing, that he can’t survive with it?

Sejal :- money

Host :- right!!!

Sejal cut angre rope.

Sejal :- I am sorry angre, I want to do this for Aryan.

6. What is his birth month ?

Riddhima :- October!

She cut kabir’s string.

7. Before you, if he was in any relationship. If he was. Then how many?

Nia :- 1.

Host :- wrong!!!!!

Nia cut kabir’s string…….

She pic a chit from bowl. In that, it had written pic black chit.

In black chit, punishment is decided by ex queen.

Every said, hooooooo!

Anika :- now, it becomes very interesting.

Riddhima come near to Nia and gave a very hard slap.

Riddhima :- for cheating my friend and playing with his emotions.

Nia fumes in anger.

Arnav :- she deserves it!

Bhavya :- what Yaar? Only one slap. If I were you, I will show her hell in the name of punishment.

8. When did you met him first?

Ishani :- at vansh home!

Host :- right!!!!!

She cut kabir’s string and he fell down.

9. Favourite colour?

Sejal :- black and blue.

Host :- right!!!!

She cut angre’s rope and he fell down.

The task is completed……..

Host :- today’s dumping is going to be very special. They all left to villa.

Precap :- new king and Queen of the villa is Nia and Kabir…….











































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