Love in Splitsvillla #celebrity season# (episode -5)

After aadhya left the show, everyone come back to villa.

Riddhima :- I am really very angry on myself……….

Kabir :- riddhima please don’t cry yaar. IΒ  already informed you, he doesn’t deserve you and I said, don’t shower so much of affection on him. One day he will hurt but when did you listen my words. You blindly trust him.

Riddhima :- Kabir please!

Kabir :- what Kabir! Kabir ! Their are so many members in their but no one utter a single word after saying your decision but your best friend vansh. You always said, without saying anything, he can understand you ! But what happened today?

Riddhima:- Kabir just shut up! Don’t utter a word about him. Next time don’t you dare. It’s non to your concern. It’s between me and my friend. Just go away from here. Leave me alone for some time.

Kabir :- riddhima!

Ridhu :- leave (anger)

Riddhima :- what Kabir said is true. I think I don’t want to expect more from vansh. I am really very angry on you vansh.

In vansh room :-

Vansh :- sorry riddhima without knowing the truth I hurt you a lot. I know, these time talking with you means, entering into lion cage. I can’t take that risk but I know how to cheer up.

Vansh :- I break you from inside, I am dam sure, you was super angry on me. I promise, I will try to never hurt you.

Aahan’s room :-

Aahana :- what ever happened! It’s good for us. Otherwise she will became a big hurdle to us. For our sake, she left the show.

Nia :- don’t get very happy, we just cleared only one person. If we want to win this show. We want to make more friends and strong partners. We want to pair up with vansh and Kabir. Already vansh is on my side. We want to drag that Kabir also if vansh and Kabir both are in our side then automatically angre, Aryan, Sohel are with us.

Aahana :- don’t get over excited nia. Didn’t you see what happened today. Vansh left you because of that riddhima.

Nia :- don’t worry about it. Now, riddhima is very angry on vansh. We want to use this opportunity and we will make sure to apart them by creating misunderstandings.

Aahana inner feeling :- yes! You are right! How can I miss this chance. You will be busy in planning. I will be busy with vansh. You will create barriers between riansh then I show that proves to vansh and became close to him. After your plan, riddhima never forgive vansh. Vansh never forgive you. Afterwards Me and my vansh will live happily forever. (Smriks)

Outside the rooms :-

I am missing you sooooooooo much NB who will motivate me, if I am down. Who will make me laugh when I was sad. I really miss you adhu. Please come back as soon as possible. Without you am feeling bore.

Next morning :-

Host :- good morning everyone

Everyone said good morning.

Host :- I have one good news and bad new. Which will I want to reveal first.

Nia :- first good news

Ridhu :- bad news.

Host :- ok! I will tell you the bad news first. Then good news. Because after hearing bad news you will all be upset. So, good news will cheer up you.

Host :- after one weak…….. Only 3 couples will be going to stay here.

Everyone is shell shocked.

Vansh :- then what’s the good news?

Host :- until the completion of this Valentine’s week their are no tasks and no dumping in the villa. I said, their are only 3 couples will be going to stay here. Am I right?

Everyone nodes hmmm!

In this Valentine’s week we will decide that 3 couples who will be their. But the twist is…….. That three will directly enter into semi finals and remaining will want to perform the tasks. I know everyone is shocked. But can we do. You all are celebraties. Your managers had been calling us daily. So, we want to complete this season as soon as possible. That to we want to provide you all very quality time. Right?

This Valentine’s week special starts on today………..

Rose day :-

Their are red rose, yellow rose and black rose in a tray. You all want to pic one rose. After picking it you want to give that rose to others. That’s it. But, after picking the rose and giving the explanation, we will blind fold you. you want to guess that person and you want to give the rose.

First we will start with……… Mr. Jay

He walks towards the tray and he picks a rose.

Host :- black rose.

Jay :-Β  I want to give it to Nia. Because, yesterday when adhya was leaving she came to Nia and tried to talk but she refuse her. So, I don’t want to make any bond with that type of girl. So, I like to give this to her.

He get blind folded.

He slowly walk towards girl. He give that rose to aahana.

After removing the blind fold.

Host :- sorry Jay you Can’t guess Nia correctly.

Jay :- no problem. That to their is no big difference between them.

Host :- next mahir.

Mahir pics yellow rose.

Mahir :- I want to give it to Bhavya (Bela) because she is very caring towards me. In yesterday task, while I was playing, I got hurt but no one notice it. After, we all went to villa. she came to me and asked me, were you alright? I said, my head was spinning and feeling uneasy. She take care about me like my mom. So I want to give this rose to her.

Bhavya :- smiles…….

Mahir get blind folded.

He walks towards them. He correctly guessed Bhavya and gave that rose to her.

Everyone claps.

Host :- next Aryan.

He pic red rose.

He get blind folded.

He walks towards them. He start moving and stopped at Sejal. He hand over that rose to her. While giving that rose slightly their fingers were touched.

Aryan inner feeling :- omg! I want to give this rose to aahana but I have given this to Sejal. I want to say Sejal name and Cover Up otherwise I Will be fooled.

Host :- ok! Guess the person.

Aryan :- it’s Sejal. I want to give to her because I love her childish attitude.

Next angre.

He pic the yellow rose and gave it ishani. He said, I want to become her friend because she seems very tough but from inside she is like a small kid.

Next Arnav

He pics the red rose and gave to Khushi. He said, I love her crazy acts so much.

Next Sohel

He pics the red rose and gave to Sia. He said, I would like to give these rose to her that’s it nothing else. I don’t know why but I want to give it to her.

Next shiv

He pics the yellow rose and gave to anikha. He said, she was definitely crazy but at the same time she cares about her friends a lot. That’s why I like to give these to her.

Next vansh

Nia inner feeling :- definitely he will give the rose to me.

Vansh pic the yellow rose and gave to ridhu. He said, I love her so much as a friend. She was caring and I want to apologizes her for my yesterdays behaviour.

Next rudra

He pick the yellow rose and gave to riddhima. He said, she was sweet and caring about others. So that’s it

Next Kabir

He pic red rose and gave to ridhu and Said, I love her so much thats why I want to give to her.

Today’s update is completed…….

Bye. I will meet you all in next episode.

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