LOVE IMPOSSIBLE(krpkab) part-16

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SONA:(keeping the bouquet on the nearby table)(talking to herself)now who is this person? is the letter,
Dear Sonakshi,
I know you might be wondering why I have send this to you and more importantly you might be querious to know who am I…let me inform you that you know me very well. We both have fought a lot,we argued on silly reasons and I just wanted to say sorry..i am really sorry,I guess you have guessed my name but want to be sure then please come near the swiming pool area,I will be waiting for you.
SONA (to herself) argued with me…fought for will reasons is it dev but MR.attitude is saying sorry to me that too so sweetly ..impossible! Then who is he.
(once again the room bell rings…sona opens the doorand a hotel staff was standing their with a parcel.)
HOTEL STAFF:gud evening mam,this parcel is for you(gives it and goes) thank you.
SONA:(ti herself)parcel now what is inside it..i guess another letter.
(sona opens the letter and finds a beautiful red colour evening gown with black borders..there was a note on the top of it)
I hope you have decided to come near the swiming pool area…if your coming then please wear this gown ..i will be pleased if you do so
Waiting for you,
SONA(to herself) now I am sure that this is not dev,he just cant be ….thus evening gown is so beautiful,I will wear it..let see what happens.
(sona gets ready and goes)

the while pool are was lightened up and was decorated with red roses…in short each and everything was so beautiful.
SONA(to herself)wow,so beautiful..all this just for me..but who has done this(sees a man standing there bit couldn’t see his face as she was facing his back,the man was wearing a black shirt)
SONA(moving towards him)excuse me..
MAN:(turns towards her)
SONA:you..i mean how ,this is not possible.
DEV:Sonakshi,you but how?
SONA:I never ever dreamt that you could do all this..
DEV:but what did I do?you have done everything.
(match is completed)
DEV(to himself) yes India won(the room bell rings) rings)
DEV:(opens the door)yes
HOTEL STAFF:gud evening sir this letter and flowers is for you(gives and goes)
DEV:ok thanks.

these flowers are for you,I hope you liked it..i know you want to know who am I …so let me giveyou some clues-we bought have fought a lot,I argue with you on almost everything…
Did you guess..if not then come and meet me near the pool area .
Waiting for you
DEV (to himself)all the clues point towards Sonakshi but I am sure she couldn’t do this..then who is this anoymus.
(room bell rings again
DEV(opening the door)yes
HOTEL STAFF: gud evening this parcel is for you..
DEV:but who has send this.
HOTEL STAFF: I do not know sir.
DEV:ok fine you can leave.
(dev opens the parcel and finds a black colour short in it ,on the top of it there was a note.)
Ii guess you are coming to meet me…i would be happy if you wear this shirt
Waiting for you
DEV(to himself)now I am more excited to meet you.
(wears the black short and goes)

SONA:what ? I have not done this all infact you(tells dev what happened with her)
DEV:what?(same reaction)I have not done this!
SONA: I knew it you can never do this.
DEV:even I know that you can never do this
SONA:but then if I have not arranged this ,you have not then who have done this?
DEVi(gets interrupted by a voice)
(two voices one male and one female)
The voice says” we have done this”
DEV:you(both of them are double shocked)
SONA:riya you have done this all but why(questions riya)
DEV:karan you have done this big arenagement but why dude?(questions karan)
RIYA:we wanted you both to spent some time together because from tomorrow you both will be busy in the marriage cermonies…
KARAN:riya told me this and we both quickly made this plan…with only one intention and that you both very well know.
RIYA:we have done a lot of hard work for this so I hope that you both wont spoil it.
KARAN:enjoy,come riya lets go.
(they both start going without even giving devakshi a chance to question)
RIYA(whispers to karan)will our plan work?will they stay or will they go …
KARAN:don’t worry I am sure that they will spent time together and our plan wont fail.
So guys how was it..
Was it short I guess ,sorry for that as I was having very less time.
Pls drop in your comments…i will be waiting for them and sorry I was not able to reply personally to all your comments but sincerely all your comments boost my confidence and I am really happy by seeing the response..i hope that I don’t dissapoint you all…

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  1. Asmita...

    I was wrong coz I guessed it waa ishu who has done all this… ???

    Bit never mind ???

    As usual it is mind blowing…

    1. Priya9876

      Even i guessed the same….
      Popat ho gya humara !!!

      1. Rockzzzzzz

        Ishwari is really positive in my ff in fact too positive but she is not that intelligent to think of such an idea 🙂

    2. Rockzzzzzz

      thanks a lot….

  2. yrrr bht chota tha…..but msst tha

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      sorry for the short update …thank you

  3. Priya12

    Di, superbb…post soon di

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      thanks priya..I will try my best to post soon

  4. Awesome

  5. Rj12


    1. Rockzzzzzz

      thanks 🙂

  6. Priya9876

    Superb !!! ??????

    I can imagined very well, sona in Red Gown nd Dev in Black….. waooo??

  7. It was amazing bt plzz post the next episode much longer and as soon as possible

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      thanks dear
      I will try my best to post a longer one and that too asap

  8. Lov’in it….. Super amazing…. Eager to know that Will DevAkshi have their first date….?

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks ?
      I am sure you will love devakshi date which actually punishment for them ???

  9. Shruti710

    Very nice

  10. V.V.harshita

    Hey Rockzzzzzz first I thought tht it was Ishwari who did these things and I was wrong….and it was really amazing dear plzs post soon ??

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Hey harshitha….its not only you dear there are many people who thought that ishwari have done this all….
      In my ff ishwari is positive but she is not that intelligent?
      I will surely try to post soon

  11. Erina

    Awsum update sweety ??????????…
    Lil bit i guessed right ???..
    Damn exiciteddddddddd for next part
    So post soon asap…
    N yup its short update ??

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot…i know its short ..and i am really very sorry for that!
      I promise the next one will be longer and I will surely post son as I don’t want you to wait a lot!?

  12. Aarti32

    Rockzzzzzz..It was rockingggggg

  13. Wooooowwwwww! This episode literally rocked!!!

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks dear?☺

  14. Niki645

    Superrrrr amazing Pari di!!!!
    I thought it was Ishwari who had done it!!

    Awesome episode!!
    Post soon!

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot Nikki
      Its not only you there were many readers who thought that ishwari has done this??
      I will try my best to post soon?

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