LOVE IMPOSSIBLE(krpkab) part-15

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DRV:sona(both say eachothers name at the same time and they even share an eyelock
SONA:(breaking the eyelock)u can say first.
DEV:no its ok,you say first.
SONA:ok I just wanted to say that soon we both are going to be husband and wife and we both know that we don’t have anything in common or we don’t share any such bond and I doubt that we will share such a bond ever in our life…but for our parents sake we are marrying each other…and
SONA:look I don’t have any wish to become your friend..but I guess we are not left with any option so…
DEV:friends(with a smiling face)
They both do a handshake.
SONA:ok so being your friend I should know something about yourself like your hobbey,your pastime etc.
DEV:I will tell you but then you also will have to tell me.
SONA:of course
(like this their chat starts and for the first time they were laughing and were happy talking to each other…ishwari sees this and smiles)
ISHWARI P.O.V.:thank god!…things are improving between them,at least they have become friends now ,I am sure there will be a time when they wont be able to spend even 1sec without each other …i just hope that bhabhi does not create any problems.
(finally they have reached mumbai)

MANAGER:welcome mam ,welcome sir(manager welcomes each and everyone by a flower garland and then everyone sits in the lobbey untill the formalities are completed and they get the room keys.
NIKKI(shooting the while hotel lobbey with her handicam)hey this Is Nikki and this the Taj Deccan lobbey exclusivly….(showing the lobbey)wow so beautiful ..i wonder how beautiful the while hotel would be…
ISHWARI:Nikki stop it now..and come here.
NIKKI(sadly pauses the video)ok ma…(coming in front of ishwari)what happen ma?
ISHWARI:here have this such a tasty welcome would love it(welcome drink is a mocktail)
NNIKKI:oh are right its super duper tasty..sona bhabhi can you pls click a pic of me
SONA:oh yes why not?
(nikkiposes for 2-3 photo graphs)
ISHWARI:Nikki now you click Sonakshi photos .
NIKI:ok,bhabhi you can stand near that fountain…yes a little that side…perfect(clicking the photo)
(dev comes exactly at that time when Sonakshi was posing for the pic and he is mesmrised by her beauty and her smile.

DEV P.O.V.:so beautiful..she look so good but she is also very irrating dev,how can you forget so soon…
DEV:(coming back tk his senses)ma I have got the room keys…the room no:are 701,702,601,602,612.
ISHWARI:ok bejoy ji and asha ji can take 601 and I and nikki will take 602
ISHWARI:Neha and riya can have room no:612…coming to you and Sonakshi you both have room no:701 and room no:702.
Sonakshi nods in yes and the same is done by dev.
everyone goes to their respective rooms and from tomorrow devakshi’s marriage will start(like mehandi ,haldi etc)

sona’s room is very spacious and she has a sea facing view,one more thing her room and dev’s room that is room no:701 both are interfonnected with each other.
Sona freshens up and then she just sits on the couch reading a magazine.
But soon she is disturbed by a sound which was coming from a t.v. Kept at high volume.she looks t the tv. Kept in her room and it was off then she heard the sound from the opposit wall…there is a door which is locked (it connects to dev’s room)she knocks it but no answer finally she calls dev on his mobile but no answer then she calls Fri her room telephone to dev’s room telephone.
dev recieves it .
SONA:what the hell…lower your t.v. Volume.
DEV:what ? Wait one sec(lowers the t.v. Volume)
DEV:yes you can say now.
SOMA:what was that dev?your t.v. Volume was so high that I was able to hear it even in my room and I even called you on your phone but you did not reply.
DEV:oh sorry Sonakshi but I cant do anything for it..ind versues pak match (cricket)Is going on and I cant miss it…
SOAN:but I am not asking you to miss it just lower the t.v. Volume.
DEV:then I would not get the feel of the match..i want to feel like I am in the stadium and watching the match.oh wow its dhoni batting …(keeps the phone

SONA:hello hello dev ??(angrily keeps the phone)
SSONA(to herself)what does these boys think about themselves …match as if his brother is playing ..i can never understand him.(she hears a shout yes six) I cant stay in this room…(leaves the room and goes to the reception)
RECEPTIONIST:good evening mam how may I help you.
SONA:gud afternoon,actually I wanted to ask whether you can change my room
RECEPTIONIST:I am sorry mam ,we are going full these days but do you have any problem with your persent room
SONA:no nothing thanks(turns and sees tiya standing there)
SONA:tiya you!
RIYA:yes me…and what are you doing here?
RIYA:oh wanted to change your room just becuase your room is interconnected with dev ..ihow will live with him in the same room after marriage?
SOAN:look riya its not my fault this time…its his mistake,he is watching his cricket match with such a high volume that it is becoming difficult for me to stay in my room.
RIYA:sona come with me.(make s her sit on the sofa in the lobbey)
RIYA:boys love cricket and you very well know thag right and you have to adjust sometimes ,you wont get all the desired things everytime.
SONA:I know riya but I cant stay in that room for now.
RIYA:ok fine lets your the hotel,till then his match awill be finished.
AFTER 2 hours.
SONA P.O.V.:I hope his match is completed.
enters the room and finds the room full of silence
SONA(to herself)wow so finally his match Is completed.(the room bell rings)
SONA(opening the door)yes.
HOTEL STAFF:gud evening mam this is for you.
(hands sona a beautifulflower bouque of white lilies .)
SONA:wow thats so beautiful but who has send tthis.
HOTEL STAFF:there is a letter in it,pls read it mam..thank you.
SONA:thanks you(closes the door)
SONA:(to herself)now who is this?
So guys how was it ….hope you liked it.
The next part will be listed till then have a good time …keep enjoying !!!

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  2. Nice episode yr plzzz post soon it’s my favourite ff ❤❤❤

  3. Priya12

    Di,awesome…devakshi bcm frnds…n i think tat bouque was given by our dev. Want 2 see devakshi with a great the nxt epi soon

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    Lekin girls also love cricket ??
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    Finally kuch to baat aage badhi….. Atleast they r frnds now…..

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    ❤ ❣ #WaqtNeKiyaKyaHasiSitam

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    Hey rockzzzzzz it’s really really awsome and who may tht be Dev or….some one else….but I think so it is nt Dev surely nt Dev….but let us see….and plzs plzs plzs plzs plz post soon

  7. Awesome episode dear plz post the next episode soon.

  8. Think it will be Vicky or somebody else it really won’t be The Devrath Dixit……

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    Rocking episode by our very own Rockzzzzzz ??

  10. Amazing!!! Loved it!!
    Do post the next one soon, please!!

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    Awsum as always…
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