LOVE IMPOSSIBLE(krpkab) part-14

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ishwari is packing her stuffs as there leaving for Mumbai in an early morning flight…around 4:00am in the morning.
ISHWARI(talking to herself)ok..this is done oh how could i forget that,i need to keep that and ..
ISHWARI:oh dev come na ,tell me did you packed your bags.
DEV:i will do it you don’t worry and stop all this …why are you doing this much of work,it may affect your health ma.
ISHWARI:uff stop opening health issues now ,i am not that old that now i cannot even pack my don’t worry i am absolutely fine and now you just go and pack your bags.
DEV:ok(sadly goes from there to his room)

de. Takes out a bag and start keeping stuffs
DEV(to himself)what the hell!now to marry that kharghosh i have to go to Mumbai how much drama …this marriage and to stay whole life with her uggh the thought itself gives me gossebumps
KARAN:what do then?
DEV:(turning towards the door)Karan you here.
KARAN:yes auntyji(ishwari)called me and said that you needed some help in packing
DEV:uumm ya…
KARAN:so here i am (keep some stuffs like clothes in dev’s bag)
DEV:i wish you could help me escape from this marriage.
KARAN:listen dev(makes dev sit on the bed)i am your childhood friend and i know how you run away from girls but till when one or the other day you need to settle ,everyone needs a life partner dev and ok if you don’t want to settle for yourself then try settling yourself at least for ishwari aunty’s sake …and i am telling you Sonakshi is the best girl you ,she is sure to be with you in all situations and she is very understanding.
DEV:how do you know that she is understanding?
KARAN:if you give her some space and try to understand her then you will she the complete other side of Sonakshi ….i am telling you ,you wont get better life partner then sonakshi
(while Karan was saying this he was also packing dev’s stuffs)
KARAN:you packing is completed …happy journey i will be joining you soon.(dev does not replies back as he was deeply thinking of what Karan said about sonakshi)

RIYA:this one?(showing a pair of earrings)
SONA:yes…and even that one.
RIYA:ok so finally completed.
RIYA:you tired me this is not fair …it took 4hours to pack your things that too just for 5days.
SONA:sorry…but you are my best friend na !
SONA:what happen(looking at Riya who seems to be lost somewhere)
RIYA:just thinking about you…who are not able to manage dev for even half an hour how are you going to live with him for your whole life.
SONA:you know what i stopped worrying about it…i am just going to ignore him and i don’t care what he will do?
RIYA:but sona that’s not a solution .till when can you avoid him he is going to be your husband…you just cant avoid him.
SONA:then what to do?
RIYA:you have to give him need to understand him at least try to do so…or else its going to be very difficult sona..
SONA:ok(like a child)
RIYA:sona be serious.
SONA:sorry my bestie but that’s not possible and about the suggestion i will try my best to understand “MR.AUBHODRU”
(so let me take a little more fastly that is directly everyone has stepped onto the flight and have been seated dev and Sonakshi are sitting side by side not because they wanted to but because ishwari wanted to..the flight is ready to take off.)
There is an announcement the flight is ready to take off and passengers should fasten their seatbelts.
the flight takes off…sona starts reading magazine but dev just sits idle looking here and there.
Then he starts looking in the magazine which sona was reading.sona notices and tries to cover a little,but our hero dev also does not stop peeping he keeps on peeping and finally sona gets irrated.
SONA:what do you want?
DEV: nothing !(so casually as if he did not do anything)
SONA:then what was that(mimicking dev)
DEV:oh hello i did not do anything like that..its just that you want to argue with me.
SONA:me ha ha my dreams ,why the hell will i like to argue with you that on a very silly issue.
DEV:maybe you like doing that.
SONA:oh just shut up!
DEV:cant you shut up!
bot of stare each with anger for 1min and then turn their heads in the opposite direction.
Slowly their anger comes down and sona remembers riya’s words that she should try to understand him whereas dev remembers karan’s words that he should talk to sona and know her.
Both of them say each other’s name at the same time

ISHWARI(she is sitting with Nikki and Neha is sitting with riya-sona’s bestie)Nikki you ha e given invitation to everyone na.
NIKKI:what do you know na i am expert and i have invited everyone so don’t worry.
NIKKI:and ma you forgot to include mami’s name in the list but i have sent the invitation card even to her …see i told you na i am expert.
ISHWARI:what you hav invited bhabhi.
ishwari gets worried.
So guys how was it?
Dev and sona have decided to understand each other but will they succeed….why is ishwari tensed when she heard that bhabhi is going to attend the wedding….one more thing bahbhi is the Sam our cruel radha rani aka GKB….
pls comment ….and silent readers too ,it doesn’t take much time

one more thing sorry if their are any spelling errors as i did not have time to check..

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  1. Rj12

    Post soon ?
    I just hope that GKB isn’t a problem

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank you but you will have to wait to see whether GKB will be a problem or not but i will surely like to make one thing clear that my ff will be totally positive and happywala

  2. Aarti32

    Rocking..jst like our Rockzzzzzz

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks alot aarti

  3. Pari di!!! It’s been ages since I’ve heard of you at all! And look, here you are, back with another spectacular episode! Firstly, where had you been for so long? I’d been missing you and your FFs so much, you know! I’ll tell you where I’d been: Nowhere near TU? Actually, studies have been reaching their peak these days and with so much that’s going around, I haven’t accessed TU since a week or so! Today, however, I managed to get some time and then, I found this. I read all the previous parts that I’d missed and then returend to this one. And man, your writing is so damn fabulous! I love it!!
    Anyways, I’d posted an episode of my FF lately (which means ages back??) which you’d missed. So, just incase you’d want to, do check it out. Also, that was the last episode of my FF. Actually, I thought I wouldn’t quit it after all that everyone said, but I’ve really gotten no time. So, yeah.
    Moreover, I’ll be waiting for the next update to be on my screen really soon! And: Please don’t mind if I don’t comment; I might be regular in accessing TU for quite some time.
    Loads of love!?????????????
    P.S- When is your birthday? I hope you don’t mind sharing it. All I wanted to do is make sure that I wish you on your special day?

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Well first of all you to have been missing i mean its like ages since we had commented on each other ff..i was busy with some of personal problems due to which i was not even able to log into TU..i had been missing you all guys a lot? finally one day took out time and once again started posting episodes for my ff and i am very happy that you read….
      i can understand your problem study is the most important thing and it should be your first priority but still i would request you to comment or at least read my ff.
      coming to your question,my birthday is on17th Feb which is soon approaching!??…and secondly why will i mind.
      LOTS OF LOVE???????????

      1. Rockzzzzzz

        That angry emoji is by mistake

      2. Oh, hope you’re feeling better now, though.
        Of course, I’ll read and comment whenever I can, I promise.
        17th February, wow! That’s so close to mine! My birthday is on the 3rd of February!

    2. Rockzzzzzz

      One more thing can you pls forward me the link of your last episode…i would love to read it?

      1. Oh yes, sure. Here’s the link:
        Happy reading!

  4. Priya12

    Di, superbb…want 2 see devakshi …I hope dev n sonakshi will understand…pls post the nxt epi soon dr…

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot….yes i will try my best to post soon!!!

  5. Erina

    Awsum update…..
    Waitingggg for next part….

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks….i will try my best to post soon?

  6. ise khte h fadduuuuu ff n story aap please jaldi jaldi post kre….

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank you dev?

  7. Acha aap sabhi ye btaye ki current story track of this show kis – kis ko pasand aari h???

    reply zarur kre

  8. Asmita...

    Maine itne efforts k sath last part me itna bada comment kiya… By you didn’t even rply

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      I guess you have not seen my comment yet which I have listed yesterday…thank you so much for reading all the parts and I am really happy to have a reader like you

      1. Rockzzzzzz

        * the way did you liked this episode??

  9. Awesome episode dear post the next episode soon as possible.

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank you ..i will try my best to post soon?

  10. Priya9876

    hii,, Pari
    I’m commenting in ur FF for the 1st time…. nd all credit goes to Asmita…
    She suggest me to read this……
    today I started frm the epi 1 nd guess what pura padh liya maine…

    nd i’m very very happy after reding ur FF… It was soo entertaining….!! MindBLowingly u written…..Concept was just AWESOME……

    For me , that episode was mine fav,,, when dev said to ishwari tht ‘maa she loves travling in auto…THE WIND…THE DUST…..’ hahahhaaa soo funny…..
    how childish they both r behaving 🙂

    now just waiting for tht day when DEVAKSHI felt for each other… ??
    post soon..

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Hii ..first of all I am really happy that I got a new reader ??…thank yo asmita.
      well that auto rickshaw one is one of my fav episode also I am really happy and suprised to hear that you read all my parts..thank you so much for your love ?.

  11. Niki645

    Pari di!!!! Where have u been for so Long??!!!!
    Anyways, amazing episode!!!!
    I am eagerly waiting for next one!
    Post soon???????

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      I have been very busy with some of my other things and hence I was not even able to log into my account of TU..
      thank you dear I will surely try my best to post soon!
      love u too???

  12. Superb one pari….. As usual loving it… And I think as they will try to understand each other….they will grow good friends…..

  13. V.V.harshita

    Hey hi rockzzz it’s as really awsome

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank you??

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