LOVE IMPOSSIBLE(krpkab) part 13 and Summary

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So till now you have read that Sonakshi bose is one of the top doctors in the world and owns a prestigious hospital,she is fully independent and does not believes in love actually she does not want to fall in love..she loves her family which includes bejoy(her father)and Asha(her mother)..she also has a best friend named Riya,riya is always with sona and helps her a lot in short she is a true friend.
Coming to our dev dixit he is a business tycoon..loves his family which includes Ishwari(his mother) and his two lovely sisters Neha and Nikki.

The story begins like this-both sona and dev does not want to marry but their parents are day sona’s car accidently hits dev’s car who was going in meeting ,they both start arguing and tell each other that they don’t want to see each others face ever in their life.on the same day in the evening Asha and bejoy forcefully takes sona to meet a boy for her maariage and to the shock of sona that boy runs out to be none other than dev.she wanted to say no at the very first sight but she doesn’t as she knew that both her parents wanted to her to marry him and just for the sake of her parents happiness she says yes…dev too was shock and he too says yes for the sake of his mother. But of them have decided in their minds that they have just yes for the sake of parents but they will not marry each other.

sona makes a plan to stop this marriage and according to this plan she will try to create a bad impression in front of ishwari so that ishwari herself says “no” for the marriage but the plan fails and sona turns impressing dev tries to and he almost success when ishwari stops him and fails his plan…both dev and Sonakshi try to call off the marriage but ishwari always poured water on their plans?…..finally its their engagement both dev and sona are sadly getting ready (one more thing ishwari have even called bose family in ishwari mansion until the engagement gets over)in their respective rooms.finally dev comes down for the engagement ,they call for Sonakshi but she does not comes down,Nikki comes and inform them that Sonakshi is first dev thinks that this is sonakshi’s plan and gets happy that he will not have to be engagaed but on the forcing of his mother he goes in search of Sonakshi,suddenly he gets a call from a unknown no: it was Sonakshi who was calling,sona informs him that it was not her plan and she is in real danger rushes to rescue Sonakshi and he even rescues her..

SONA(sitting with everyone on the breakfast table)Nikki can you please pass me some butter.
DEV:(coming and sitting beside Sonakshi as only that seat was vacant)kichu bahiya coffee.
Dev gets his coffee and he tries to mix some sugar but as his hand was hurt it started paining(he got this hurt while rescuing Sonakshi) Sonakshi sees him in pain and helps him out,ishwari sees this and smiles.(one more thing guys engagement is completed)
NIKKI:ma i was thinking if we host a destination wedding.
ISHWARI:what is that?
NIKKI:in that both bride and bridegroom’s family and bride and bridegroom will choose a particular place where the wedding will take place..
ISHWARI:interesting!what do you think about it Sonakshi.
SONAKSHI(mutters)destination wedding,never ever!
ISHWARI:Sonakshi did you say something?

SONA:no ..i just said as you all wish(in her sweetest voice)
NIKKI:ok then destination wedding fixed.
DEV:oh hello even i am here and its no from my these destination wedding cost a lot and too much of trouble
NIKKI:ma tell bhaiya na
ISHWARI:dev wedding happens once in life time …so …plz for me.
DEV:ok ok.
DEV P.O.V.:wedding can happen only once in lifetime because no wise man will do the same mistake again.
NIKKI:but what destination?

ISHWARI:we will do it in India and that’s fixed.
NEHA:if so then what about Mumbai.
ISHWARI:i will inform Asha ji and bejoy ji about it.
Ishwari informs and both of them agree …they all are leaving for Mumbai in about 2days.
DEV:(talking to himself)what the hell yarr..i am going to marry that why such a big punhishment?
SONA:(interupting him)its a punhishment for me too but we could not do anything so just try to be happy.
DEV:uff your equation of being positive and happy cannot be understood by me so just shut up (a bit rudely)
SONA:its because you are stupid(teasing way)and yes you cant behave rudely with me.
DEV:why?i will..what will you do?
SONA:you want to see what i can do.
DEV:oh yes
SONA:aunty ji..ishwari aunty..(slowly increasing the loudness in her voice)
DEV:shhssh! Stop stop..i know what u can do..i am sorry i wont behave rudely with you …happy

SONA:that’s better(she goes from there smilingly

PRECAP:backs pack….welcome to Mumbai the flim city
DRV:cant you shut your mouth
SONA:cant you do so
so how was it?? Post ur comments

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  1. Priya12

    Superbb…awesomeeee…….did u post the epi where dev rescues sonakshi….. i m confused becoz I didn’t read it or u didn’t post it….but u have said In summary….I can’t cmt tat time….ur epis were awesome…..pls post the nxt epi soon

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank you Priya but i am sorry tell you that i did not post the episode in which dev saved sona …actually i forget to post it…sorry
      i will surely try to post soon

  2. Rj12

    Wow amazing ???

  3. Awesome episode dear post the next episode soon

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot i will surely try to post soon

  4. Last part was ???? and the whole episode was ????? lovely ad awesome…. Eagerly waiting for the next…..
    Aur Jahan tak mujhe yaad parta hai… In episode 12 u didn’t show dev rescuing sona….but that’s ok…. It happens ?

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks and yes i forgot to post that episode ..sorry for that
      i will surely try to post soon?

  5. V.V.harshita

    Hey episode was really awsome hm….and the last part was really nice ?. And plzs post the nxt soon

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot i will try my best to post soon?

  6. Plzz post soon yr it was amazing

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks akshita

  7. ♥♡♥♡Plzz post soon yr it was amazing

  8. Shanayakaur

    Nyc epi..

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Nice profile pic dear

  9. Aarti32


  10. Awesome epi?

  11. Asmita...

    First of all a big wala SORRY for not reading such beautiful FF… Thatsy commenting first time here…

    yesterday only I started reading this FF and you know what … i read all 13 parts together… it was like I stuck totally to this FF…

    It is too good… forced marriage concept with full humour is too good… Both Dev and Sona are planning childish to cancle the wedding but Ishu is more smart… I like Ishu in ur FF… a mother is a mother always… mother can easily understands her child… (ishu in serail is an exception)… Ishu will not let Devakshi get succeeded in their planning to ruin the wedding…

    When i read in one part that Sona climbs in Balcony through pipe… I tried to imagine the scene… i was left with a laugh…

    Auto fight… when auto driver asked them to get down and assumed them as husband wife… so hilarious…

    Overall… you succeeded to make all reader smile…

    keep continue entertaining us like this…

    waiting for your next update dear…

    Sorry for such a big comment…

  12. Rockzzzzzz

    First of all i was quite surprised to see your comment and very very happy after reading it????
    thank yo so much and i am really surprised that you read all the parts…its because of your comment that i have such a big smile on my face…keep commenting!!

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