Our Love Is Immortal (Character Sketch )

Hey Guys!  I’m RSTHEFFWRITER who is back with her new ff. So moving on to the ff the starring couples are (Sagar & Gangaa) , (Sanskar & Swara ) ,( Laksh & Ragini ) and ( Aryan & Aradhya )

Character Sketch

Sagar : A famous and successful lawyer who is very handsome and good looking.  He doesn’t believes in superstitions or love . He returned back from London just a few days ago .

Gangaa : A beautiful and pretty girl who is very straight forward. She is the childhood friend of Sagar . She loves Sagar and also expects Sagar to love her .

Janvi : She is a stubborn girl who doesn’t loves Sagar but wants him.

Sanskar :  He is a qualified business man . He hates girls for some reason . He is Sagar’s friend . He likes Gangaa because she’s of a different kind .

Swara :  She is a NGO worker.  She loves children and also has a daughter named Sanvi.

Laksh : He is flirty boy and always likes to flirt . He studies in the college.

Ragini : She’s a nerdy girl and fears to make friends.  She always hols the first position in the class and always has her head inside a book

Aryan : He is the only friend of Ragini.  He helps her . He has helping nature .

Aradhya : She’s a flirty type  of girl and is the friend of Laksh .

If you like the character sketch then please let me know so that I can update the episode.

  1. love ragini and aradhya

    1. Thanks Lisa

  2. Fairy

    Loved it dear…waitng for raglak love story..plz cont… keep rockng n stay blessed sweety 😉 😉 😉

    1. Thank you so much fairy

  3. Awesome

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  4. very nice continue

    1. Thanks ramyasri

  5. nice intro

    1. Thanks saranya

  6. How is swara a mother?

    1. Thanks Saumya and you will know it later

  7. Asra

    superbbb dear…i love raglak and aara…

    1. Thanks Asra !

  8. Hey! Nice character sketches! Waiting eagerly to read ur updates 🙂

    1. Thanks Deeksha , I will update soon

  9. Itz nyc..Aara’s character z lovable..???

    1. Thanks Rebba

    1. Thanks Akshata

  10. Sreevijayan

    Nice cs dear…

    1. Thanks Sreevijayan

  11. Very nice continue please

    1. Thanks smitha

    1. Thanks tani

  12. May I know if the characters are from different shows…. And if so.. From which shows….

    1. Yes, they are from different shows ! Sagar & Gangaa from Gangaa, Swara & Sanskar and Ragini and Laksh from Swaragini and Aryan and Aradhya from Krishnadasi. Thanks Bhavani

  13. all my fav shows got together.loved it

    1. Thanks mermaid

  14. Siddhi

    Amazing intro dear

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