This is Love…… IKRS Episode 6

This is Love…. IKRS Episode 6

The episode starts with Dhaani coming to Karan(Kabir) and asking what is he talking about. Kabir lies that he is thinking about buying some gift for her. Dhaani says that’s so sweet of you. Dhaani tells Kabir about Viplav and asks him to come to meet Viplav and they will have fun. Karan thinks he can’t go to meet Viplav as he needs to head for Tripathi mansion. Kabir tells Dhaani that he will meet Viplav some other day. Dhaani says as you wish and goes.
In Tripathi mansion, Kanak is worried. Daadi comes to her and asks if she is okay. Kanak shares her doubts with Daadi. Daadi asks her not to worry. She asks Kanak to think about the upcoming functions rather than taking tension about Karan. Kanak asks what will happen if Viplav and Karan meet. Daadi asks her not to think much. She says life would have been different if Karan had not left the house … Kanak adds if her brother had not cheated her. Just then doorbell rings. Kanak goes to open the door and sees Karan. She gets shocked. Karan asks Shocked !!!Mrs. Kanak Tripathi…. He tries to come inside.

Kanak asks him to stop and leave from there immediately. Karan asks if orphan son of Kanak’s is getting married. Kanak looks at him angrily. Daadi comes there and asks Karan to go from there. Karan says this time he is going but next time,someone else will go and never come back…. Kanak gets shocked. She asks Karan not to do anything to her son( She does not tell that Viplav is her son’s name). Karan asks if Kanak had forgotten her own son in that orphan’s love. Kanak asks him to go and never come back. Karan leaves from there in anger.

His car breaks down in between. Just then Viplav arrives there and offers help. After casual talk, they open up and converse like friends. Karan introduces himself as Kabir….. Viplav introduces himself and is about to tell his surname. Just then he gets a call from home and says he has to go. Karan aka Kabir and Viplav go to their own ways .

Daadi is in inhouse temple. Kanak comes there. Daadi sees Kanak tensed. Kanak shares her worries. Daadi says she can understand. Kanak asks if Karan will do anything to Viplav. Daadi asks her to forget all these things and just focus on marriage functions. Daadi goes. Kanak prays to god.
Dhaani is with Piya. Dulaari comes to them and tells them that mehendi function. Dhaani says about haldi and her mehendi. Piya tells Dulaari that Dhaani is so excited. Dulaari gets emotional and both Piya and Dhaani says Not again Maa…and hugs her.

Viplav is at his home. Shambhu comes to him and they have a talk. Shambhu talks about his days of romance and asks Viplav if he needs any tips. Viplav smiles and they have a talk. Shambhu says jokes apart Viplav,after few days your life will change and you have to be ready for a new chapter of your life. Viplav says he is ready and he is happy that Dhaani will be with him in this new chapter. Shambhu asks him to go to meet Dhaani and spend some time together otherwise ladies of Tripathi mansion will not give him chance to meet Dhaani after haldi. Viplav asks really? Shambhu says yes…go and meet Dhaani. Viplav gets into thinking.

Later at night, DT asks about Viplav. Kanak says she will call him. She does not find Viplav and turns to go. Shambhu stops her and tells about Viplav going to meet Dhaani. Kanak looks on and asks if the idea was his?? Shambhu says yes. Kanak says you did good job for the first time and smiles. She goes to DT and tells that Viplav is sleeping and we should not disturb. DT agrees and goes.

Viplav is at the gate of Dhaani’s house. He thinks he cannot go from gate as elders will wake up. He climbs the wall and sees pipe and thinks Beta Viplav…. chhad ja pipe pe….. He begins to climb with much difficulty. He sees the window open and goes to Dhaani’s room via window. Dhaani is in the washroom. Viplav looks at Dhaani’s room and finds his photo….along with Dhaani’s photo. He smiles. Just then Dhaani comes out of the washroom. He hides behind the cupboard. Dhaani is near the wardrobe. Viplav comes out and Dhaani screams. Viplav asks her not to shout. They fall and share and eyelock….Dheere dheere se plays…..Dhaani asks Viplav Tum yahan??? Viplav says yes,didn’t you like my surprise. Dhaani says I liked it …but koi dekhlega….Viplav says Dekhle….. I don’t care….. Dhaani asks him to get up. Viplav smiles and says he was missing her. Dhaani smiles and says she too was missing him. Viplav says that’s why you did not call me…. Dhaani says sorry… Viplav smiles and hugs her. Dhaani asks him to come with her. She takes him to terrace and swing gazing at the stars…. Viplav puts his hand around her neck…. Dhaani rests her head on Viplav’s shoulder. Agar tum saath ho plays…..

Dhaani hugs Viplav and tells him I love you….. Viplav smiles and says I love you too…
They wake up in the morning in the swing. Viplav smiles seeing Dhaani on his shoulder. He sees the time. Dhaani wakes up. She says good morning… Viplav says good morning…. He says he needs to go now….. Dhaani says okay and asks him to meet her somewhere in the afternoon as she needs to introduce someone…. Viplav jokes if she changed….. Dhaani says kuch bhi bolte hai and sends him….. Viplav turns back and smiles at Dhaani……Ishq ishq plays……. Dhaani waves him bye…. Viplav goes……

PRECAP: Viplav, Kabir and Dhaani are in a restaurant. Dhaani gets surprised when Viplav tells he knows Kabir ….and Dhaani asks him to tells her how they met………. Later Kabir sees Tripathi family’s photo in Viplav’s wallet…… and looks on……

It may seem boring to you friends….but I promise I will try my best to complete this story with a happy ending …..keep supporting me …and don’t forget to drop your valuable comments…..  

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  1. So cute lovely episode Sujie 🙂

    1. Thank you Joyee … 🙂

  2. Sujie it will be boring for u but not for me. Nothing was boring. It was superb specially vidhani scenes. Now don’t dare to tell ur ff boring, ok?

    1. Thank you Louella 🙂 🙂 Meri itni mazaal ke mein ab apne ff ko boring kahoon……. ok prince….happy to know you are liking it

      1. Princess I meant…sorry

  3. It was not at all boring dear. We got our Vidhaa scenes what more we want. Post the next one soon…

    1. Thank you Maria 🙂 keep supporting

  4. Nice epi…. it is not boring…. not at all

    1. Thank you Ahana

  5. sweet story like me just loved it rocking keep rocking dear
    wait for next

    1. Thank you Sweety

  6. Please yaar, get that Kabir hell out of here as soon as you can! ?
    P.s. Vidhaani scenes were Superb! Keep writing more of like this! ❤

    1. Thank you Mahira….that will be done by the next episode….keep reading

  7. Sujie,i think i am commenting after a long time.i was busy,that’s why.about today’s epi,it was just cute and wonderful.u used dheere dheere song,i just love that song and it was common in our ikrs until that love confession.its very special to seeing vidhani romance in that song bcz that song was a part of our classic and beautiful old episodes of ikrs.anyways waiting for ur next epi.pls update it soon.

    1. Hey Saranya…thanks for commenting ….and TBH dheere dheere love tune is one of my fav…..both the original song and that musical bg used in IKRS

  8. Hi sujie interesting story lked viputalk with shambu n moonlight sequence.

    1. Thank you Renu

  9. sujje ur ff is not at all boring .I m early waiting to read ur ff when I open telly updates. U r rocking dear. Post next one asap.

    1. Thank you Porkodi 🙂 I will try to post it soon….

  10. miss
    not boring
    just rocking
    keep writing

    1. Thank you Raj 🙂

  11. nice episode….agar tum sath ho…one of my fav song. i swear jaha vidhaniko romantic scene hunxa boring word automatically xumantar hunxa…kasam, jab vidhaniko scene read garxu ni tyo bela mishal lai samjhinxu ???????

  12. its my fav too Nima…. thank you for commenting……. 🙂 🙂 me too love Mishal and Eisha to the core…….but I love Mishal more………… keep supporting

  13. oh mu sujie you are rocking dear
    me too loves the song tum saath ho very much
    and it is very surprising that mishal also likes this song

  14. I can’t believe you said it may seem boring. it is SO NOT boring at all.

    Really good. You should write for the real show. Love all the music.

    Seriously Sujie, you’re very good!

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