Love heals everything (KaiRa FF) chapter 11

Hey guys here I am with the next episode. So guys here is the next part of Naira’s past. If you get the episodes late I am sorry. But I will try my best to give you the best. So without further delay let’s go to the episode.

The episode starts with Kartik coming back to hospital after getting the pendant. As Naira brutally attacked Akash it was quite difficult to find it. But his Naira have asked him for something for the first time. He needs to get it.

As he moves forward he sees her family standing in front of him.

Naksh: thankyou Kartik for helping Naira if weren’t there what all happened with Naira…

Kartik: it’s okay Naksh bhai and she is my lo….. My boss ma it’s my responsibility.(pov) what were you going to say, if you have said that you love Naira her bhai will make salad of you.

Gayu: yes Kartik, and what is in your hand?

Kartik: Gayu woh…. Naira asked me to get it I will give it to her excuse me.

Gayu:(pov) He cares for my sister too. I’m really lucky that I love him, you are the best Kartik. (Me:-)

He walks towards her room and sees doctor examining Naira.

Kartik: may I come in doctor,

Doctor: yes please, who are you?

Naira: he is my PA let him here.

Doctor: okay take rest I will come again on my rounds, alright?

Doctor goes from there and Kartik comes near Naira. His eyes noticed her pain which she was trying to hide.

Kartik: here you go (showing the pendant)

She becomes happy and teary eyed after seeing that pendant which she lost.

Naira: thankyou Kartik…. You don’t know how much this pendant is important for me. Thanks a lot..

Kartik: it’s okay take care bye.

Naira: bye and thankyou for getting me here.

Kartik: it’s alright.

Saying this he left from there. He doesn’t know what to say. What is that which hurt her. I need to find out.

Scene freezes

After that night Naira gets discharged from hospital. They took her room. She was made to rest. After everyone goes from there Naira took her pendant opened it and looks at Arjun’s photo.

Naira: I’m really sorry Arjun. I promised you to not risk my life for you and today I… I’m sorry and I know you can’t be angry on me for long. I love you….( She said it teary eyed. She looks up to see Naitik standing there. She wipes her tears.

Naitik: you don’t need to hide your tears from me princess I’m not so weak by heart that you can’t share your pain with me.

Naira: You know that how much I loved him. And I still love him by my heart.

Naitik: he is not near you. He is far away from you. You need to move on from him.

Naira: how could I… I love him Papa (she hugs Naitik and he consoles her scene freezes).

After a day she was okay so she decides to go to office, everyone denied this but she was adamant to go. In this two days Kartik have gone deeper into his hearts and realised that he loves her more than everything, after his mother Naira is the first person to gain this much love from him.

Naira and Kartik gets ready to office

Kartik: Naira why are you coming so early.

Naira: it’s been 2 days since I went to the office. There will be a lot of pending work.

Kartik: Okay.

They left from the house and droves to the office.

Akshara: we have to take permission from Naira for Varsha’s niece’s wedding. What to do.

Karishma: let her come back then we will ask her.

Scene shifts to evening.

KaiRa comes home after office. Unknown to Naira, Kartik have take her good care by sending juice, vitamins etc.

As they entered,

Naira: I have to go to office in 1 hour so what do you want to ask me mumma? Make it fast.

Akshara: woh beta…. You know about Varsha mami’s niece.

Naira: haan I know her.

Akshara: it’s her wed knowding soo…

Naira: so you want to attend the wedding right? ( She said focusing on her I pad)

Akshara:( stammering) haan toh can we go.

Kartik:(pov) she is the queen of this house all needs to take permission from Naira to do everything. You have trapped in a dangerous den KG.( He smiles to himself)

Naira: okay.. but one thing

Akshara: what…

Naira: Akshay…. Akshay…. Can’t you hear. ( Akshay is Naira’s security team’s head)

Akshay: yes ma’am

Naira: Akshara ma’am will give you an address, go there and make sure that everything is fine. Till when my family is not here you have to make sure that they are safe okay.

Akshay: ji ma’am

Akshara: beta there is no need of this they will check all these before wedding.

Naira: but still I wants to be sure. You know that I can’t lose any of my dear one again. I can’t handle myself after that.

Mishti: about whom you are talking about Arjun bhaiyya

All were shocked to hell after this. Kartik was confused what is happening. After hearing Arjun’s name tears starts to fall from Naira’s eyes. Kartik, who haven’t seen her crying was feeling hurt to see her hurt.

Naira: I am going to office I will come back tomorrow morning.

Saying this she left wiping her tears. Akshara breaks down and Naksh consoles her.

Akshara: why god is doing this to my child, why…. She haven’t did anything wrong to anyone then why he gave her this pain.

Kartik was more confused now. He saw Gayu going from there weeping. He goes behind her to know about the same.

Gayu was sitting at the table and is sobbing. Kartik comes there.

Kartik: Gayu…..

She immediately hugs him he hugs her back in a friendly manner.

Gayu: why is god doing this with my sister…. (While sobbing)

Kartik: what happened to Naira. I wants to know about it.

Gayu: Kartik woh…. (She tells him her past and stopped where I stopped)

Kartik’s face was pale. He doesn’t know how to react. The girl he loves, loves someone else. His heart breaks into thousand pieces. Why this happened with him. He thought. After gaining some courage he asked,

Kartik:(huskily) then what happened, they loved each other this much. What happened after that. How did they separated. How could they separate when they have immense love?

Gayu: you have said right.they can’t be separated by any misunderstanding, any person, any thoughts. But one thing made them separate.

Kartik: What?

Gayu: Death……. Yes death seperated them from each other

Kartik:(shocked) that means Arjun…..

Gayu: haan… He is not in the world.. god snatched happiness from my sister’s life by snatching her life from her. I know how much she loved him… She used to share everything with me. Naira and Arjun was really happy and their engagement was also fixed but..

Kartik: but..


It was the day of Arjun and Naira’s engagement. Both were very happy, as they were going to be engaged. They loved each in this much intensity that nothing can’t come in between them. But at that fateful day, they were at Singhania Sadan for engagement. Then they find out that one of the kids from ashram is missing Arjun, Naira and all other starts to search for him. Then Arjun and Naira see the child on the middle of the road holding a balloon. The runs to him and Arjun pushes him to Naira’s hands Naira was making sure that he is fine but at that time a truck comes there hitting Arjun, Naira who was in shock didn’t respond for few minutes but when she realised the situation she shouted.

Naira: Arjun….. All of them comes there to see this.

She held his head in her lap

Naira: Arjun… Pls open your eyes look at me your Naira open your eyes.

he slowly opens his eyes to see Naira crying. He slowly raise his hands to wipe her tears.

Arjun: listen to me.

Naira: haan bolo..(sobbing)

Arjun:(stammering) I don’t think I can live more… But I want a promise from you. You will not punish youself for this. You will live, you should live my life too. Take care of this kids and you too. Promise meeeee……

Naira: (crying badly) no you should live.

Arjun: pls for me

Naira: promise….

He suddenly stops breathing, indicating that he dies Naira shouts….

Naira: Arjun……

episode freezes

Precap:- how will Kartik react to her past

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