LOVE? HATE? Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Anika’s Pov :-

Yayy !! Right now am in my favourite class . Guess , which ?

Right now , Robin is sitting right to Tia while to her left is Khushi and Arnav beside her . Om and Chutki are sitting next to Robin and then Mallika , Shivay , Daksh and also me at our usual table .

We all were having fun and eating some foods like fries , pizza , coc’s etcetera .

“Ani baby , khao na ” (“Ani baby , eat please”) I heard daksh saying to me and offering me a bite of pizza to eat .

I thought to decline but then I noticed shivay giving us a glare ; staring us . He was looking …sad , disappointed , lonely as if he’ve cried . Did he really cry ?

“Ani , khao na baby ” (” Ani , eat please baby “) said daksh again to me intrepting my thoughts .

Unknowingly , I took a bite given by daksh and what I noticed ? Shivay was clenching his fist so tight that his knuckles became white and his deep blue orbs took a shade of red .

Is he jealous ?

You know , Jealous Shivay Singh Oberoi is super fun to watch . He looks really cut– . What are you even saying anika ? Have you gone mad ? No . No . No . You can’t think like that about him . But he is cut– . Shut up . My stupid brain .

Daksh slides his free hand and kept on thigh giving me slight shivers . Reciprocating , I too slide my other hand and we both entertwin our fingers .

Very Honestly , I don’t like this . In fact , I don’t want any relationship . Its just …betrayal , sadness and all that . Okay , I never experienced but I’ve telling you through the one and only experience of T.V’s and book’s .

Daksh makes me shift more closer to him and just then shivay gets up catching all our attention .

“Jij-“Chutki was going to say something but I stopped her in the middle by giving her a glare . Seriously , jiju . Has she gone mad ? We’re not even in a relationship or something like that ?

“Shivay , “Shivay , where are you going” said Mallika .

“yeah , even lunch has not over yet” said Arnav .

I don’t know ‘ What the hell ? ‘ is wrong with shivay but he just banged the table and gave us ( Me and Daksh ) a glare , then went from there ignoring all of our questions .

What does he even think of himself ? Bada aaya .


And everyone Happ Freindship day . You all are amazing . Love you all . ??❤

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    Dear Surbhi
    Anika Love Is Cute And Funny ??The Way She Scold Her Stupid Brain That Is Funny ?? Feeling Sad For Shivay?And I Really Don’t Like Anika Ignore Shivay??I Hope ShivIka Mu Clear Fast.Overall It’s Good Episode???But Please Make Long Part?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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      Thank you so much uf . Yeah , i’ll try to clear their mu asap and also a longer part . ??

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