Love is hard part 54

This episode starts with yuvaan talking to a friend
Friend: so where are u going now
Yuvaan:I am in the car driving to the hospital to see how my plan turned out
Friend: I think u did a silly thing trying to seperate Krishna and saiyam especially while Krishna is pregnant, and look what happens she is in hospital because she couldn’t handle this all.
Yuvaan: tu kana Kya chara hai
Friend: that your being selfish yaar, making everyone upset only so u can try again to get Krishna
Yuvaan: haan toh meine kaha na ne if this doesn’t work I will ask papa to get me married
Friend: patani what u will do with your life
Yuvaan: whoes side are u even on
Friend: it’s not about sides yuvaan, it’s the matter of life and common sense
Yuvaan: Acha don’t give me a lecture now I already hear enough. I will talk to u later I am at the hospital now

Yuvaani and karan left the hospital to go home
Kriyam we’re sitting on the bed
Saiyam: krishna we can go home today
Krishna: really, I miss eveyone to
Saiyam: haan the nurse will come to remove your drips and then we can go
Krishna: okay teek hai
Saiyam: are u okay
Krishna: haan Saiyam, how many times will u ask
Saiyam: I am sorry Krishna
Krishna: yahan ao
Krishna bought Saiyam over to her
Krishna hugged Saiyam: I love u Saiyam and I know nothing was your fault please stop saying sorry now and forget all this
Saiyam hugged her tighter: but I hurt u
Krishna: u are hurting me now by being sad
Saiyam: I must have done something amazing in life to be married to u
Yuvaan was standing at the door when he heard all of this and he walked in
Yuvaan: hi Saiyam, krishna
They were both shocked to see him
Saiyam: tum khab aye
Yuvaan: just now
Krishna: Saiyam will u help me get ready and change
Saiyam: Nahi first let the nurse take your drips out nd then we will go
Yuvaan: u are coming home today
Saiyam: haan the doctor will discharge her today and then we can go back home
Krishna: yuvaan will u do me a favour and take these bags home and we will come after
Yuvaan: okay sure
Yuvaan left with Krishna’s bags and thought to him slef: I thought them two were not talking, but they seem fine. Do I stop all this or continue,

Saiyam: where did he come from, I felt like slapping him
Krishna: Saiyam.. he is your brother don’t talk about him like that
Saiyam: okay sorry
Krishna: please Saiyam don’t think so violently
Saiyam: haan I am just so angry
Krishna: I think we need to make him realise that we love eachother that’s the only way he might step up
Saiyam: do we romance infront of him
Krishna: just show me a lot of love while he is near
Saiyam: is this a plan or just an accuse, I think I give u love alread
Krishna laughed: Saiyam it’s a plan okay stop over thinking
Saiyam was in a romantic mood and leaned over to krishna
Saiyam: can I give u some love now my love
Krishna:nai because the nurse will come in any time.
Saiyam came more closer to her: so what
Krishna: so it doesn’t look good that we’re romancing in the hospital
Saiyam: haan good point, but no one is here
Saiyam didn’t let krishna talk and kissed her lips gently
Krishna: okay bas romance is done
Saiyam: no this is nothing
Saiyam kissed her lips and then kissed her neck.
Krishna: Saiyam bas now that’s done
Saiyam: krishna just watch what I do when we go home
Krishna blushed .
The nurse came in a while after and discharged kriyam.
At night they had reached back home and eveyone was talking care of Krishna and feeding her well

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