love is hard part 47

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At saiyams work
Yuvaan: saiyam u know the business trip papa was talking about
Yuvaan: you will have to leave for that in while, its two days long
Saiyam:yuvaan, why would they choose me,and why are u not coming
Yuvaan: the clients that normally go are of on holiday and the boos said that because u are new, he wants to give u an opportunity of meeting different companies and their associations
Saiyam: acha teek hai, I will go home first to pack all my cloths and then I will leave
Yuvan: papa already bough your things saiyam because u don’t have time to go home or then u will miss ur flight.
Saiyam: oh god yuvaan, or krishna, she needs me rite now
Yuvaan: oh I need to tell u something about krishna aswell
Yuvaan: u know the scan that she had a few weeks ago, to comfirm her pregnancy, the doctors have new project where u can see the babies dna
Saiyam: haan, and

Yuvaan: when I went to get bari daadi medicines, I saw krishna dna report and picked it up because it didn’t seem rite
Saiyam:what do u mean yuvan, whats the problem
Yuvaan: the dna matches krishna but it doesn’t match yours
Saiyam was shocked and couldn’t believe what his brother was saying.
Saiyam:yuvaan what are u saying,that the baby with krishna is not mine, please this is nothing to joke about go and do your work
Yuvaan: I knew that u wouldn’t believe me, so I photocopied the report
Saiyam: muje koi report nahi dehkne
Yuvaan took the report out his bag and gave it to saiyam,and left him alone in his office,shocked, angry and disappointed.
Yuvaan saw his anger through the window of saiyams office and he smirked evilly
A few hours later yuvraaj came home with yuvaan and krishna went out hearing them come
Krishna:daidu, saiyam?
Yuvraaj: he has gone to his business trip, the meeting in goa finalized to be tomorrow for some reason so they all picked saiyam to go as he is new there, but he will come back in two days , he will call u once he reaches the airport.
Krishna was shocked and so upset at this news she ran to her room and called saiyam
saiyam picked up
krishna: saiyam yeh kya hai, where are u and, daidu just came and he told me that u had to urgently go to goa
saiyam was angry and he couldn’t hide it so easily: krishna why do u care so much
Krishna was shocked at his answer: saiyam whats wrong why are u so angry
Saiyam: my flight is here, bye
He cut the phone as soon as krishna could answer
Krishna started crying in her room: why was saiyam so angry, this is what I was so scared about
Yuvaan knew that by now krishna would have called saiyam and got disappointed so he came in the room
Yuvaaan: krishna why are u crying what’s wrong
Krishna: yuvaan, please go from here rite now I don’t want to see anyone
Yuvaan wasn’t expecting her to send him away
Yuvaan: but krishna
Krishna: yuvaan please go
Yuvaan left in disappointment
Saiyam was sitting in the plain thinking about what yuvaan had just told him
Saiyam in mind: how could krishna do such a thing and with who, I did a bad thing trusting her with blind eyes, I feel such shame for krishna being married to me. I just cant believe this, her innocence was what attracted me the most towards her, I was the happiest person on the day when we found out krishna is pregnant, but why was, its not even mine.
A tear escaped from saiyams eyes

It was night time and krishna was standing outside in the balcony, completely lost in all her thoughts about saiyam
Krishna: why hasn’t saiyam called me, was he really angry with me, maybe because he didn’t get sleep last night because of me, I should care more, he has job now and he should get full sleep, so I can sleep on the sofa so he doesn’t get disturbed
Krishna was crying because of how much she was missing saiyam that she was so lost in thought she didn’t realize that it had started raining, and she was standing outside in cold rainy weather
Suhani came in looking for krishna
Suhani: krishna why are u standing in the rain, and why didn’t u eat
Krishna: voh I didn’t feel like eating
And just then she started sneezing
Suhani: krishna tumhe toh temperature hai bohut taize, or khana tumne kana hai. Krishna u need to take care u have a baby to look after
Suhani fed her food but krishna didn’t eat any more than only three bites
Krishna: suhani auntie I don’t want any more please
Suhani: okay teeek hai, but let me u medicine, u have such a high fever
By the time suhani came back with medicine krishna had gone to sleep
Suhani: krishna come on just have this then sleep
Krishna didn’t take it because of how tired she was
Suhani: acha voh did saiyam call u, has he reached
Krishna: um nahi auntie maybe he is really busy
Just then saiyams phone came on suhnai phone
Suhani: oh its saiyam
Krishna: forced her sel to wake up and aksed suhani to let her speak to saiyam
Suhani: acha its good u reached safely, sleep early to, and please speak to krishna, she wants to speak to u, and please tell her to eat properly and take her medicine
Saiyam: she isn’t eating, which medicine
Suhani: haan she hasn’t ate since morning and she has a high temperature
Yuvraaj called suhani
Suhani: okay saiyam speak to krishna yuvraaj just called me
Krishna: hello (achooo)
Saiyam: why are u sneezing so much
Krishna: just a sneeze, nothing is wrong
Krishna thought not to trouble him or tell him that she is un well
Saiyam: okay I am going to sleep
Krishna: saiyam are u angry with me
Saiyam: why, should I be angry with u
Krishna heard his rude tone and started crying badly
Krishna: saiyam I miss u, I don’t know why your mood is so bad but I am sorry whatever I did.
Saiyam found it hard to hear krishna crying but he kept a rude tone with her
Saiyam: did u eat
Krishna: no I wasn’t hungry

Saiyam: eat before u sleep
Krishna: saiyam how are u talking to me, at least tell me what I did
Saiyam shouted: krishna I am tired, can I not be tired so I need to worry about u all the time, huh, u don’t care do u
Krishna: saiyam tumhe kya hogai ya hai
Krishna was crying continuously
Krishna: I am sorry saiyam
Saiyam: okay bye
Krishna: saiyam I love u, I miss u
Saiyam cut the phone. And left krishna crying with bloodshot eyes

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