love is hard part 25

Later the next day everyone left early for sightseeing they all took loads of photos and made lovely memories but during the whole day baby kept getting phone calls. in the evening yuvaani and saiyam were by sittin alone by the pool
Yuvaani was resting her head on saiyams sholder
Yuvaani: saiyam did you see today how baby kept getting phone calls
Saiyam: haan I did see I was also wandering why and to who she kept talking to so privately
Yuvaani: I am scared saiyam
Saiyam:well don’t be I won’t let anything happen to u
A few minutes later someone came behind them and yelled BOO!!
Yuvaani and saiyam both feel in the pool and got scared
Krishna started laughing

While yuvaani and saiyam were struggling in the pool
Krishna kneeled down by the pool and couldn’t stop lughing
Yuvaani: kyaa yar
Krishna: sorry it was just soo tempting
Saiyam came to krishna still in the pool and admired her cute laughing fce
Saiyam in a lost voice: you look so much more beautiful when u laugh

Krishna and saiyam were staring at eachother
Yuvaani: uff I am here getting soaked and u two are doing your own romance
Saiyam: yuvaani I will talk to u when do the same with karan
Yuvaani was shocked to hear that saiym knows about it
Saiyam: don’t look at me like that, u thought krishna wont tell me such big thing
Yuvaani: saiyam u understand naa I really like him
Saiyam: haan I think he good but I still want to get him more before I send him of with you married
Yuvaani: haan saiyam get to know him all u want at the end u wil say he is good because I know he il tke care of me
Saiyam: haaaan we will see, but I will never send u with him even I I get one small hint that he wont keep u happy
krishna: okay saiyam I want ice cream come lets go get some
saiyam: okay challo
yuvaani: let me call yuvaan an baby
saiyam: yh let me go get dry

Half an hour later yuvaani karan and saiyam krishna left
saiyam: yuvaan or baby??
Yuvani: baby and yuvaan have gone out with everyone else for a walk
Saiyam: okay teek hai lets go
They reached the market it was about 6:30 in the evening
All four of them were siting outside, it was just them four because it was quite late and the market was closing
Saiyam: I will go order some cake and ice cream
Karan: I will come with u saiyam
Both of them left krishna and yuvaani
Krishna: yuvaani u are not upset na that I told saiyam about u and karan
Yuvaani: no no infect I am happy because saiyam can look carefully from now if he is the rite one for me, I know saiyam and I know that if saiyam sees anything wrong with him he won’t let me go near him
Krishna: haan so it’s good, u have my help and saiyams guidance and both our support
They were talking till someone came behind both of them and took yuvaani

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