#Love from the heaven.. #44 Ice cream time

Episode starts as..,

Riddhima (murmurs) : Whose is she? And why is she sticking to Vanshuu??

Vansh sees Riddhima’s angry face and chuckles. 

Girl : Tell naaa, how much did you miss me?

Vansh : A lot..(looking at Riddhima)

Riddhima is coming forward all set to beat her when she says,”Aww..My cutie bhai..” And Riddhima stops which makes Vansh giggle. Ishani hugs Angre and says,”How are you? Missed me?”

Angre : Ofcourse, Long time,ha?

Ishani : Voh, studies are important naa..

Angre : Hmm..Now you’ve come, so we’ll marry..

Ishani : Yes, ofcourse, dear fiance..

Vansh : Ahem! Ahem!

Ishani : Bhai, I’m hungry..

Vansh : Let’s have something..

While Ishani, Angre and Vansh are going, Ishani sees Riddhima, who is making a paper plane.

Ishani : Who’s she? 

Angre : Oh, Riddhima..Riddhima, come here.

Riddhima with a cute childish smile comes to Vansh.

Angre : She is Ishani, and Ishani, she’s Riddhima, bhai’s fiancee..

Ishani : Wow bhai! Look, she’s so pretty..I’m happy for you!

Riddhima smiles and the paper aeroplane flies in the air and ends up hitting Vansh which makes her giggle. 

Vansh : Riddhu!

Riddhima : Vanshuu!

Ishani and Angre smile seeing their antics.

Riddhima : By the way, Vanshuu, I want to go to the game center, can I go? *puppy eyes*

Vansh : Yess..but, I’ll go with you..

She hugs him and says,”Thank you” 

Angre : Ahem! Ahem!

Riddhima : Angre..khin tumhein Coro..

Vansh : Riddhi..go and get ready..

Riddhima nods and goes. 

Ishani : Bhai, what happened to her? Why is she behaving like a kid? 

Vansh narrates the incident.

Ishani : Ooh..Don’t worry, she’ll be fine..

Vansh : Hope so!

Then, Riddhima comes and says,”Let’s go Vanshuu”

Vansh : Which game center?

Riddhima : Game center? We’re going to the ice-cream parlour, right?

Vansh : When did this happen?

Riddhima : Vanshuuuuuuuuuuu..

Vansh : So, now you took my name so cutely, let’s go to the ice-cream parlour..

Riddhima : Thank you Vanshuu..

She climbed on him and kissed on his cheek which turned pink due to her lipstick, leaving Ishani and Angre giggling. After receiving a deadly glare from Vansh, they bowed their heads and both Riddhima and Vansh left for the ice-cream parlour.

Ishani : How much time are they together?

Angre : It’s been 3-4 yrs, they met, and after that Kiara thing happened and they again met in Dec and confessed their love in Feb..

Ishani : Oh..Good..Where’s mom? Dad?

Angre : They’re in their rooms..

Ishani : Ok..And Aryan bhai?

Angre : He has gone on a trip to relax himself..

Ishani : Ohk..Come, lemme meet mom and dad..

Angre:  You go, I’ll come later on..

Ishani nods and goes.

Ice-cream parlour : 

As Riddhima and Vansh enter the ice-cream parlour, all the waiters arrange in a line and welcome them.

“Welcome Ma’am, Welcome Sir” 

Vansh just smiles at them while Riddhima looks puzzled and asks,”Why are they behaving like that?” To which he replies,”Because you’re Miss.Ridhima Verma and this is your ice cream parlour”

Riddhima huffs and tells all of them to behave normal.  

Waiter : Which ice-cream ma’am-sir?

Vansh : Riddhu..

Riddhima : Write..

  1. Cotton Candy 
  2. Vanilla
  3. Chocolate
  4. Chocochip 
  5. Ice cream sandwich 

That’s it..

Waiter : Sir?

Vansh : I’ll eat from these..

Waiter : Okay..

The waiter goes. 

Riddhima : Why won’t you order yours?

Vansh : Because I don’t want you to get ill eating this much ice cream..

Riddhima : How sweet..

She pulls his nose and he giggles.

Soon, their ice creams arrive..

Cotton candy : 

Vanilla : 

Chocolate :

Chocochip : 

Ice cream sandwich : 

Riddhima : Yummmmm…

She picks the cotton candy first and then Vansh, like this she does and Vansh repeats.

Riddhima : Why are you following me? 

Vansh : Because I don’t want to leave you..

Riddhima smiles and they eat ice-cream, a bit of ice cream is on Riddhima’s lips, Vansh gestures her to clean but she’s busy eating another one, so he takes the napkin and gets closer to her lips and cleans the ice cream which make Riddhima shiver. 

That’s all for this episode..Hope you enjoyed it! I know the last episode wasn’t too good..Next update of all ffs is from 23rd May due to my exams, see y’ then..Stay safe and Take care!!



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