#Love from the heaven.. #36 Date well spoiled..

Episode starts as..,

Jasmine : So done for this place..Let’s go somewhere else..

They all sit in the car and they all go beside Sukhna lake. 

Siya : There’s nobody, why??

Jasmine : This lake is booked for y’ all..Date time!!!

Siya smiles.

Jasmine : From here, you’ve to go back to the hotel and we’ll continue..Have a good time!!

They all smile. Jasmine leaves. The arrangement is done for their date. 

Siyaan :

Siya and Aryan are sitting face to face. 

Aryan : Siya..It’s a long time we’ve sat like this..

Siya: Yeah..but I’m loving this!!

Aryan : I’m too..!!

Sejal-Angre : 

Sejal : Hey! You need not consider it as a date..

Angre : Same to you!!!

Sejal : Accha by the way tell me that what is your favourite colour..

Angre : Red and yours?

Sejal : Red..

Angre : Ohh..Wow!!

Sejal : Our choices match..See, we’ve best friends like Vansh and Riddhima..

Angre : Yess..

RiAnsh : 

Vansh and Riddhima are looking at each other continuously, when Vansh holds Riddhima’s hand.

Vansh : Riddhima..You are looking extremely gorgeous..

Riddhima : Ooh..So, I knew it..All boys love only a girl’s beauty..

Vansh : from your soul..

Riddhima smiles at him. 

Vansh : By the way..

He looks at her lips.

Riddhima : What?

He is heading towards her when a bullet sound is heard. Everyone got alerted!! They start panicking.

Riddhima : She is here..Everybody, just hide under Your Tables..

Everyone follows her instructions. She takes out two guns and starts shooting, the goons fell down. She goes to the goons and checks their pockets. She collects some things from their pockets with the help of a handkerchief and safely puts them in her purse. 

Riddhima : Come out everyone!

They all come out and are shocked. 

Riddhima : I know you are having many questions but trust me I’ll be replying each and every question when we return to Mumbai. Let’s go to the Hotel, Chandigarh is not safe for us. 

They all agree to her and leave. They reached the hotel and went inside their rooms. 

Inside RiAnsh room : 

Before Vansh could ask something, Riddhima ran to the washroom and switched on the shower. Several thoughts came in her mind and suddenly some voices echoed her ears. 

“How dare you?”  ~ Girl’s voice

“You cheap gold-digger” ~her voice

“Thanks beta” ~ A boy’s voice

She took a breath of relief. 

Riddhima : How did she came out? I need to talk to them..

She came out of the washroom, all wet and took her phone, quickly dialled a number. 

“Hello..She is back..I don’t know how..The goons tried to attack us..” She sees Vansh coming and cuts the call as soon as she could. Vansh saw her full wet, instead of asking something some wild thoughts start coming in his mind. He comes towards her with a smirk. 

Vansh : I won’t ask you anything..You can tell me whenever you feel like..

Riddhima took a breath of relief but suddenly he held her by waist.


That’s all for the part..I thought much of happiness!!! Now, let’s do something adventurous..Anyways, many of you said me, I’m very patient, I didn’t say anything to those..But you know what, I was checking my Insta, when @Shivangi told me and sent me screenshots, I quickly drafted a complaint to TU and they said they’ve deleted those comments and are monitoring their activities, hence, I’m the least patient amongst all of us..And Thank you all of you for replying to those people and making them apologise, I really felt happy seeing y’ all supporting me!!

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