#Love from the heaven #34 Way to *******

Episode starts as..,

Next morning, 

Angre,Sejal, Siya, Aryan (Hope y’ didn’t forget them), Vansh and Riddhima are in the hall discussing their trip while the adults are resting in their bedrooms. 

Angre : The trip is to ****

They all are happy but Riddhima is most happy..

Riddhima : Yay!!

Vansh and Angre: Why are you so excited?

Riddhima: Bec..ause..because..I am going to explore ****** first time..

Vansh : Ooh..

Sejal : Me and Angre have brought our bag, you pack yours..

They all go to their rooms. 

Riddhima’s room : 

Riddhima : Hello..Yess, it’s a coincidence, I’ll meet you soon, will text you when I’ll decide! Byee..

She packs their bags and they all are set to leave. 

Outside the car:

Sejal : Who’s gonna drive? 

Riddhima: Can I? 

Sejal : Will you? I mean..Mumbai to ******? 

Riddhima : Yaa..Don’t worry! 

Sejal : Okay then..

They enter the car, Innova Crysta. (we bought it on 31st March, I just love Innova Crysta) 

The seatings :

Front : Riddhima on the driver seat ; Vansh besides Riddhima 

Middle : There are three seats but only two people occupied it: Angre and Sejal

Last : Siya and Aryan

Riddhima starts driving. She is driving at a high speed.

Vansh : Riddhu..so high speed?

Riddhima (in her mind) : OMG!! How can I be so stupid..Riddhu, you’re with many people, drive slow! 

Riddhima : Sorry sorry..

She is moving at a slow speed. 

Angre : Let’s play a game..10 questions? 

They all say yes. 

Sejal : Let’s start with Aryan to Siya..Siya, you’ve to think of something and Aryan will ask 21 questions to guess it, guesses included in the questions.

Aryan : Okess..Siya, think..

Siya thinks and says done. 

Aryan : 1st Is it an animal? 

Siya : Yess..

Aryan : Is your animal in pet stores?

Siya : Yes

Aryan : Is your animal used by police..

Siya starts giggling. 

Aryan : Yes?

Siya : Yess..(in a sad tone)

Aryan : IS your animal considered loyal?

Siya : Yess

Aryan : Is your animal a dog?

Siya : Yesss…yess..yess..

Aryan : I knew it from the third question, I just made it interesting..

Angre : Okayy..So, Sejal think…

Sejal : Thought! 

Angre : What is your thought ?

Sejal : Object….

Angre : Ooh..Can we buy it?

Sejal : Yeahh..

Angre: IS it electric? 

Sejal : Nope

Angre : Do we wear it?

Sejal : Yaa

Angre : Is it mostly for girls? 

Sejal : For both..

Angre : Does it have sleeves?

Sejal : No Angre..NO

Angre : Do we wear it on the head?

Sejal : Y..es..s 

Angre : Why are you fumbling? I think I know..

He winks. 

Angre: Is it a cap?

Sejal : Yeaahhhh..

Angre : Oops! Both girls lost..Let’s see will Riddhima win it..

Vansh : Thought?

Riddhima : Yess..

Vansh: 1. Is it a human? 

Riddhima : Kinda..

Vansh : Kinda?

Riddhima : Yepss..

Vansh : Okay..2. Is it a female? 

Riddhima : Yupp..!

Vansh : 3. Is it 1-20 years?

Riddhima : Nope..

Vansh : 4. Is she a senior citizen?

Riddhima : Naahh..

Vansh : 5. Have you ever seen her?

Riddhima : Gonna do it soon!

Vansh : 6. Do I know her?

Riddhima : Kinda!

Vansh : You and your kinda’s..hh! 7. Is she alive?

Riddhima : Nope..

Vansh : 8. Is she dead?

Riddhima : Naa..

Vansh : 9. IS it goddess? 

Riddhima : Nhii..

Vansh : 10. Is it an angel?

Riddhima : Nopeee..Yay! I won!!

Vansh : Who’s that? Tell me..

Riddhima whispers in Vansh’s ears,”Our soon to be born baby girl after our marriage..” She comes back leaving Vansh blushing. 

Siya : Tell us also..

Aryan : We wanna know!

Vansh : None of your business..

Angre : I understood!

Riddhima  : Mrs. Angre Vansh Rai Singhania..

They all laugh.

Angre : Shut up! It’s Vansh’s unborn baby girl, who’ll be born soon…Am I right? 

Vansh and Riddhima blush. They all giggle. 

Riddhima : Here’s a McDonald’s and KFC, wanna have something? Who’s up? 

Angre, Sejal, Siya, Aryan and Vansh : Yupp! 

They all get down from the car.

Riddhima ; Where to go? 

Vansh : Waitt..Let’s go to the both…we’ll buy half.

Riddhima : Good idea! 

They all go to buy food.

That’s all for this episode..Hope you liked it! I didn’t tell you the place because I wanted to give y’ a chance. They are going somewhere in India and they’re going to explore a state.You can make max 3 guesses to get one more part at 1pm, you’ve 5 hours…Good luck!

  1. I am requesting all the ff writers who are writing multiple ff at same time. I think u should complete first one ff and then write another and post it on daily basis. Bcoz u keep us waiting for a long time and then it will be quite boring for us. It’s my suggestion only if u want to take it then take or otherwise just ignore.

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Hey! I went to my nani’s house so If I’d be having only 1 then too I’d update for long..Vaise I update alternative days, so multiple ffs doesn’t bothers me!!

  2. Subu23

    Oo baby girl phle hi tayari shuru kardi not bad🤭

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Abhi aage aage dekho kis kiss ki taiyaari hoti hai..

  3. Thakur Priyanka

    Amazing episode dear I think so they are going to Kashmir eagerly waiting for next update

    1. Goa

    2. Jazzmiiiine10

      Thanx..They’re NOT going to KASHMIR, GOA, NANITAL AND MANALI

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    But how will we find. India is very large!! Btw the episode was great
    .post soon

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      That’s ur headache ☻ Thanks dear

  10. Jazz…I think ki they are going to Punjab.
    And there Riddhima will meet Jasmine(our dearest author).
    Am I right or am I right????

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      Well well well..What the hell! YOU!!!!!!! Now, wait for 1 pm.

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