#Love from the heaven.. #17 Punishments !

Riddhima : So , Aryan jiju , your punishment is..

Aryan : Is ? 

Riddhima : For 2 hours, you are to do what I say..

Aryan : Easy ! 

Riddhima : Not at all.. (she winks) 1st. Stop a car at the road and say their wheels are turning, correct it ! 

Aryan’s jaw drops. 

Riddhima : What ?

Aryan : Don’t you think , they will beat me ? 

Riddhima : Maybe..But what shall I do ? Do it or…

Aryan : Doing 

Aryan goes and stops a car . A man asks what happened..

Aryan : Your car’s wheels are turning..

Man : O Mr. 1st of all it’s tyres..

Aryan : Ha , ha tyres…

Man : And don’t prank me, I know it better to drive the car , and side..

The man drives the car while Riddhima, Vansh and Siya  laugh. 

Riddhima : Next , Let’s go..!

They sit in the car and leave . 

Outside a house : 

Riddhima : Listen, take this cup..(gives a cup) and asks for a cup of sugar in this house..

Aryan : This is..damn embarrassing..

Riddhima : Do it ..

Aryan goes and asks for it , the aunt gives him . He is laughing a lot and others also. 

Riddhima : Wow Jiju, I think you are perfect for this ! 

Aryan : Shut up! 

Riddhima : Next, let’s go home first.

She drives towards VR Mansion. 

In lawn : 

Riddhima : Jiju , pick exactly 50 strands of grass, I am sitting inside..Byee

Vansh : Good luck Aryan..

Riddhima : Di come..

They go inside and tell everything to Tara.

Tara : Good, keep troubling them and Vansh you agreed to do that ? 

Vansh : Mom….

Tara smiles. They all have tea . After 20 mins, Aryan comes and gives the strands. 

Riddhima : Thanks jiju , have tea. 

She offers him tea and snacks, he eats and drinks them. 

Aryan : Now  ? 

Tara goes. 

Riddhima : Jiju , Tara aunt was telling today the housemaid is on holiday so..

Aryan : So what ? 

Riddhima : So, if you could broom the house..Accha, only hall..

Aryan : Huh ! Fine !!! 

Riddhiam giggles. Aryan brooms the hall , then after half an hour, he comes holding his waist. 

Aryan : Bas..Enough ! 

Riddhima : 2 hours done ! 

Aryan : Shukr hai..! 

Riddhima : Last, di..Today you will watch immj2 on TV at 7 pm , Vansh video call me I will see if she is seeing or not..I have to increase it’s trp..OH…!!! Immj2 remembered me about my fanpage…BYeeee..

She leaves. 

Siya , Aryan and Vansh : Fanpage ? 

That’s all for this 1..I hope you liked it.. I was literally laughing while writing it..And my class is going on ! Ma’am said what happened ? I was like..What shall I say ?  BTW Here’s an edit prepared by me yesterday ! Do support me on Instagram riansh.obsessed and Twitter ObsessedRiansh 

  1. Lovely episode 😁

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  3. I love that too much. The punishment is so humourous and the expression of Aryan would be nice

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    Edit… Is just awesome and epsiode was fantastic…

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  12. Aryan became a housemaid….oh poor Aryan….2 hours punishment …what a good punishment🤣😂😂😂😂

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