#Love from the heaven.. #16 Riddhima’s tantrums !

Vansh : Please give us a chance..

Siya : Riddhu, life becomes boring without you..One chance?  

Aryan : Hey, can’t you give us a chance ? 

Riddhima : One condition..

Siya : What ? 

Riddhima : You have to take the punishments …! 

Aryan : No..

Riddhima : OK BYe

Vansh : We will do..

Riddhima: OK come tomorrow at 9 am in Park. 

Aryan : 9 ? 

Riddhima : Hmm

Aryan : Fine..

They leave..

Riddhima : Now , you see how will I trouble you..

Next morning, In park : 

Riddhima : Good morning..

Vansh , Aryan and Siya : Good morning..

Riddhima : So, let’s start with Vansh..Your punishment is (whispers in his ears)

Vansh : What ? Riddhima, they will beat me with a shoe..

Riddhima : Trust me, they won’t..They will beat with sticks.

She giggles. 

Riddhima : Are you doing or ? 

Vansh : I am doing ! 

Siya : What have you given him ? 

Riddhima : Just wait and watch ..

Vansh comes looking like an old man just like some girl’s father. 

Riddhima : Good, take this phone..I have dialed my number, now we will listen to what you will say..

Vansh leaves. Riddhima, Siya and Aryan follow him. Vansh reaches outside someone’s house . Riddhima, Siya and Aryan hide . Vansh rings the bell. A boy comes out. 

Boy : Yes uncle..

Vansh : Are you Sahil ? 

Sahil : Yes, why ? 

Vansh : Call your mom..

Sahil : Why ? 

Vansh : Call her , I want to talk to her… 

Sahil’s mom : Yes..

Vansh : Madam you should teach your son..How can he do this ? 

Sahil’s mom : But what has he done ? 

Vansh : He was in a relationship with my daughter and he broke ..

Sahil’s mom : So ? 

Vansh : So what ? When he wishes to be in that , he does, then he separates….Is she a toy ? 

Sahil’s mom : See you have misunderstood..

Vansh : No I haven’t..

Sahil : Uncle, you are wrong..

Vansh : And you are right..? 

Sahil : But who’s your daughter ? 

Vansh : You should have known..

Siya : Riddhima, what you did ? 

Ridhima :  Yaar..I should go now..

Siya  :HMM

Riddhima goes towards the house. 

Sahil : Riddhima, don’t say it’s a prank..

Riddhima : IT is not a..I gave him dare ! 

Sahil :Riddhu !!!!!! 

Riddhima giggles. 

Riddhima : Sorry..

Sahil : Riddhu, you know I was scared ! 

Riddhima giggles. 

Riddhima : Sorry aunt ! 

Sahil’s mom : It’s ok..

Riddhima : So Vansh was it fun ? 

Vansh : What if they beat me ? 

Sahil’s mom : I am going to…

Vansh : Sorry sorry..

They run. 

Siya : Waah Riddhu..

Riddhima : Thanks..

Vansh hits on her head.

Vansh : What thanks ? 

Riddhima smiles. 

That’s all for this episode..Mafia’s ff will come by 3 pm..Happy reading !

  1. Wow what a episode 😂 it was too funny

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