#Love from the heaven.. #15 A plan..

Next morning, 

In the school : 

Riddhima is sitting with Krish (a teacher in the school). Vansh came to her.

Vansh : Hello Riddhima.

Riddhima : Hi Krish sir..

Krish : You can call me Krish.

Riddhima : Hii Krish..I just wanted to ask you for lunch today in the canteen ? 

Krish : Sure !

Riddhima exits. 

In her class :

Riddhima : Hello students..

1 student : Ma’am we missed you..

Riddhima : Me too, now let’s begin..Chapter-Gained my lost friends..This is a story where, Rusha loses her friends as her dad is transferred to London from Canada . In this chapter, her journey is there..And after a year, her dad again got transferred to Canada and she got her friends back..So, Priya you start reading..

Other side : 

Vansh : Sir isn’t it possible to have two teachers in a class? 

Principal : It is..Ok..The classes appointed to Ms. Riddhima are to you too..

Vansh : Thank you Sir..

Vansh enters Riddhima’s class.

Riddhima : What do you want ?

Vansh : Arrey , I have to teach here only..See this paper..

Riddhima checks it and says,”:OK Fine.”

The class wishes Vansh . 

Riddhima : Read..

They are reading while Vansh and Riddhima are standing near the lecture stand .

Vansh : See Riddhima..I came to you

Riddhima : Sir, I will feel good if you call me ma’am..

Vansh : Fine Riddhima ma’am

Riddhima : Please can we focus on the chapter..

Vansh : Sure..

They both teach in the class and now in canteen : 

Riddhima and Krish are sitting on the same table talking to each other.

Riddhima : Krish, you are the best..So funny..

Krish : Thanks Riddhima..

Like this the whole day passes..It’s 6:30 pm . 

VR Mansion : 

Vansh : What to do to convince Riddhima ? 

Siya : I have an idea..She watches  Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 at 7pm , so we can go to her and watch..But.. I can’t go..That show is not liked by me..

Aryan : Then, what will I do ? 

Vansh : Fine , I am going but you will follow me..

Aryan : Fine..

They reach RV Mansion at 7:07 pm. Riddhima is watching Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 . 

Vansh: Oh wow, Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 started..

He comes and sits on the sofa beside her.

Vansh : What has happened ? 

Riddhima : Riddhima has challenged Vansh..

Vansh : Oh nice..Riddhima-Riddhima..Vansh-Vansh..

Riddhima : Array…Almost all characters are the same as our names but not their relations..Leave it.You know now..I want to know Vansh’s past..

Vansh : Me too..

They both are lost in the show. At 7:30 pm..

Riddhima : Wow it was nice..!!!

Vansh : Hmm..I watched it for the 1st time, and I am addicted to it..Lovely..

Riddhima : My favourite show..!

Vansh : Now mine too..

Siya : Thank god, You are convinced..

Riddhima : Waitt…!! What did I do ? I am still angry..

Precap : Riddhima gets convinced.

That’s all for this part..Mafia’s ff will be posted on Wednesday & Saturday..Do check out my Ts – Unknowingly Love..IT’s a lil different..Thanks

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