#Love from the heaven.. #14 She is angry !

Riddhima : I am having a..

Aryan : a ?

Riddhima : A hospital..

Vansh : Hospital ? 

Riddhima : Haven’t you heard about HeartBeat hospital..

Vansh : No. 1 hospital right ?

Riddhima : Hmm..That’s mine…Don’t tell to anyone..I will tell you why am I hiding it

Vansh : Ohk,,

A beep sound comes from Riddhima’s phone. She checks it and says,” I am going..”

Siya : Where ? 

Riddhima : A surprise for Di and Jiju..You too come to RV Mansion in an hour..Byee..

She goes and takes Sejal along. 

After an hour, 

The mansion is decorated very beautifully, Riddhima is wearing a beautiful Purple frock suit, with heavy earrings and neutral makeup .The Rai Singhania’s come , they are looking good. Riddhima is talking on the phone.

Riddhima : Dil yeh tere bina manta hi nahi..Kuch bhi tere..(Immj2 title song) 

Tara : Ri..

Vansh : Mom wait, let’s listen to her..

She sings the whole song..

Vansh : Riddhima, how is your boyfriend ? 

She turns and gets surprised and says,”I will call you later..” She hangs up. 

Riddhima : Boyfriend ? I think you have misunderstood..

Aryan : Come on Riddhima..Say it..You have one..It’s not bad..

Riddhima : But-

Aryan : Now I will get a chance to blackmail you..

Riddhima : Arrey..But..

Aryan snatches the phone. 

Riddhima : My phone..

They all look in the contact list and call the recent number. 

Vansh : Hello

The voice : Hello, What happened ? Has Riddhima met with an accident ? 

(It is a female voice)

Vansh : No ,  just say that who are you?

Riddhima : Ha say it..

The voice : Come on don’t prank me, I am your Sejal, Riddhu..

Vansh : What ? Sejal..Ok..Byee

He hangs up.

Riddhima : My phone ? 

Vansh gives back her phone..

Riddhima : You guys, I am not talking to you.

Siya : Ridz

Riddhima : Please di..At least you should have..

She is about to go.

Vansh : Chatterbox..

Riddhima : Shut up Mr. Tarzan..I am going..

She leaves from there..The pag phera ceremony takes place. The youngsters are standing in a group except Riddhima who is passing from there. Siya holds her hand. She looks towards them.

Riddhima : What happened ? Need something ?

Siya : Riddhi..please..

Vansh : What happened Ms. Chatterbox is not in the mood to chatter..

Riddhima : Shut up..I said , I don’t want to talk to you..So, better don’t call me..

She takes her hand back and leaves. 

Riddhima : You troubled me, right..Now you see, I will act as I am very happy without you with my other friends..I know I won’t be..But you people be ready to see Riddhima Verma . 

Precap : Riddhima : You know Krish, you are the best..

That’s it for today’s part. I hope you like it.I wanna ask something..That is I am planning to write a TS three part story. So you want me to publish it on Tellyup or not..Your wish..



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