#Love from the heaven.. #13 Night talk !

They all had dinner and sat in a room taking quilts. 

Angre : Let’s play a game..

Aryan : Hmm..Questions game..

Everyone nods. 

Aryan : So name wise..1st it’s me..I will ask 1 question from each person. So first is Vansh..

Vansh : Hm…ask..

Aryan : What embarasses you most ? 

Vansh : Simple..It hasn’t embarrassed me , but one day it will..

Aryan : Can you tell what is it ? 

Vansh : Romancing with your wife/girlfriend and your family members are standing just behind me..It will embarrass me..

Riddhima : Has it happened with you ? 

Aryan : Riddhima, this will happen then, if he has a girlfriend..

Riddhima : Not a single ? 

Aryan : No..By the way, why are you interested? 

Riddhima : Me ? No..no..I was just..Forget it..

Aryan  :hmm

Vansh : I was right, Ms. Chatterbox..

Riddhima : Shut up Mr. Tarzan.

They all laugh which embarrassed the two..

Vansh : Again embarrassing moment..

Aryan : Now to Riddhima..

Riddhima : Satyanash ( Annihaltion )

Aryan : Amongst me, Angre and Vansh , who is the best and his qualities..?

Riddhima hits on her head and says,” Oh it’s 9, I have to make an urgent call. “ She is about to get up when Sejal catches her,”No madam..Not this time..” She sits. 

Aryan : Speak Riddhima, speak..

Riddhima : Vansh is better not best..

Aryan : Why ??

Riddhima : He is handsome , smart and funny..He is very caring..

Vansh is blushing unnoticed by anyone. 

Aryan : Caring ? How can you say ? Any incident ? 

Riddhima : You can ask only one..Better luck next time ! 

Aryan : Fine, next is Siya..

Siya : Ask..

Aryan : How do you like to be comforted, when you are sad or upset ? 

Siya : Smart..By cheering me up and going on a short trip..

Aryan : Ohk..Now, I will have to plan short trips every week..

Siya hits him softly. 

Aryan : Next to Sejal. What is your biggest fear ? 

Sejal : Seeing beaches/pools etc at night..

Aryan : Oo, so we will throw you there..

Sejal : Heyyy…

Aryan : Next from Angre..Who was the last person you got angry? 

Angre : It was…was..m..who was he ? 

Aryan : Hhe ? 

Angre :Ha, remembered..There was a boy Kabir (listening to Kabir’s name Riddhima got a lil upset ) He was unnecessarily calling my sister , actually my sis broke with him and he was troubling me a lot..So, I got very angry at him..

Riddhima gets a call, she speaks,”Ka..bir.” and picks it up. They all didn’t understand anything except Vansh and Siya. Riddhima puts the call on speaker. 

Kabir : Hi Riddhima..

Riddhima : How you called me ? 

Kabir : You were right..It happened with me too..Priyanka broke up with me..

Riddhima :Who Priyanka ? 

Kabir : Arrey..She fell in love with me..His brother Angre is  Vansh’s friend . See too much money..But Angre spoiled it..He got angry on me…Can you be back in my life..

Riddhima is crying . Angre couldn’t tolerate more. He speaks,” Oh Again you are trying to trap a girl..I think that that wasn’t enough…I am telling leave this hobby..” 

Kabir : Don’t come..

Vansh : Kabir, IT’s me Vansh here, We have heard your talks..It’s better if you stop trapping innocent girls..

Kabir was scared and cut the call. Riddhima wipes her tears. 

Riddhima : Thank you…

Angre : It’s ok..

Aryan : Now to make our mind , let’s continue..Now, Angre will ask.

Angre : To Vansh..What is that you regret ? 

Vansh : I regret not having my girlfriend..

Riddhima : Ooo..

Angre : Try one..

Vansh : Who ?

Angre whispers to him,”Riddhima.”

Vansh : Shut up ! 

Angre : Next to Riddhima..What’s the one thing people don’t know about you ? 

Riddhima : IF they don’t know what they have to do by knowing it ! 

Angre:  Answer the question

Riddhima : Fine, that I have a..

Precap : Riddhima : I am going..

               Siya : Where ? 

              Riddhima : Surprise..!

That’s all for this episode..Now tell, what is the answer to Riddhima’s question and which surprise ?? Keep loving !

  1. Awesome episode🥰😍….. Loved it❤..

  2. Awesome episode

  3. awesome episode

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