#Love from the heaven.. #11 Going to farmhouse

Aryan : Accha, what do you want ?

Riddhima : Umm..mm..Vansh you say..

Vansh : Aryan, you give us 3000 rupees..

Aryan : OK fine…

He takes money and hands it to them .

Aryan : On my 1st wedding you looted me..

Riddhima : 1st wedding ?

Aryan : I mean 1st night of wedding..

Riddhima : Ooo..Anyways, I have to go , it’s late..

Vansh : Wait..

Riddhima goes to the hall followed by Vansh .

Riddhima : Yes, what happened ?

Vansh : I want to do a deal with Verma Enterprises..

Riddhima : Well , I will think about it..

Vansh : Riddhima , don’t joke , You know naa, I am your sister’s devar..So , you should..

Riddhima : Accha ok…

Vansh : Deal done..

Riddhima : Hmm..

Vansh : See, I have taken holiday for a week for the wedding..

Riddhima : Same here..

Vansh : Let’s go to the farmhouse tomorrow..

Riddhima : Hmm..Now may I go ?

Vansh : Sure..

She leaves .

Next morning,

At VR mansion all the youngsters are getting ready and same at RV Mansion . The people going are – Vansh , Riddhima, Siya , Aryan , Angre (Vansh’s friend) and Sejal (Riddhima’s friend) Vansh , Angre , Siya and Aryan come to pick Riddhima and Sejal , they both sit in the car.

Aryan : Riddhima..

Riddhima : Hm..

Aryan : Have you told your mom that we will come after two days for pag phera..

Riddhima : Don’t worry , I am perfect in my work..

Aryan : OK ..

Riddhima : Sejal , have you told him that I love him..(She winks to Sejal )

Sejal : Ha Riddhima, I have told..

Siya : Who ? What ?

Riddhima : Oh you heard..

Vansh, Aryan and Angre : WE too..

Riddhima : What you all heard ?? OMG !!

Vansh : Who’s that ?

Aryan : I will tell to your mom

Riddhima : Ok go and tell that I am pranking you all..

Sejal and Riddhima giggle.

Siya : Riddhu , your prank habit won’t go..Grow up..

Riddhima : Oh c’mon dii…

After some time, they reach the farmhouse.

Vansh : Hey, we will decide rooms with slips. ( You all are aware of the fact that who will sleep how still..) I have prepared them..

Aryan : Wow..Smart..

Vansh : I know..

Aryan : I was talking about myself..

Vansh : Shut up..So now let’s pick slips.

Slips are picked , partners are Riansh , Siyaan and Angre – Sejal ( I will think some name for them too)

Riddhima : I will have to adjust with him..

Aryan : Unfortunately yes, Riddhima, you are gone, he won’t let you sleep…He keeps working at night for hours..

Siya : Well then they both are of the same category..Riddhi is too like that..

Vansh and Riddhima give each other hi-fi.

Precap : Siya : What ? Didi tera devar deewana ??

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