I love you forever… U r in my heart (EPISODE 8)

Hi guys this is sunanda and iam back with my ff
I LOVE YOU FOREVER. . . . U R IN MY HEART With episode 8.
Tq guys who supported me and commented here .???

RECAP -A stranger who is in sharukhan mask teasing atharv and vivida.
Atharv angrily removes his mask

————————EPISODE 8 ——————–

Atharv removes stranger mask

Everyone gets shocked seeing ravish behind the mask

ATHARV -ravish! !!!!!!
VIVIDA -ravish jii! !!!!!!!!

(Atharv and vivida hugs ravish )
ATHARV and VIVIDA -how r u my frnd
RAVISH -yes guys iam fine

(Mr.tagore closes eyes of Vinod and ramesh from back )
(Mrs.tagore closes eyes of suvitha and sujata )

Vinod and ramesh recognises that he is ravish father
Suvitha and sujata recognises that she is ravish mother

MR AND MRS.BANSAL -surprise. ………

Vinod -Mr.bansal did you invited them why don’t you tell us before
MR.BANSAL -I think to say but Mr.tagore said that to don’t tell anyone.
MR.TAGORE -how was our surprise! !!!!!!!!!!
VIVIDA -uncle jii your surprise was gud. Where is your daughter samjana (sanju )
MR. TAGORE -her frnd is flying 2 London. That’s why she went 2 give off to her

(Atharv goes 2 Mr.tagore and takes blessing of him )

MR.TAGORE -mera pyarrasa bacha kaisio tum? ???
ATHARV -iam super uncle jii
(Mr.tagore likes atharv aa lot. He loves atharv more than ravish )

RAVISH TO VIVIDA -kaisae laga surprise? ????
VIVIDA -very bad. Don’t know how to behave with ladies (in a smily vala Gussa face )

RAVISH-its just for fun vivida. Sryyy
(He holds his years )
(Every one laughs )

(Maheswari’s, vashist’s, tagore’s have a talk )

(Later Maheswari’s, bansal’s, vashist’s, tagore’s have a photo )
(In that picture vivida is in the middle of atharv and ravish )

(Vivida and atharv called by vinous and ramesh )

VINOD -atharv and vivida these are your flight tickets to London
RAMESH -this are you r passports. Your flight is tomorrow evening 6:00 pm


ATHARV -soooo. ……..soooo
VIVIDA -soooooo. …
Catch u at airport. Take care byeeeee gud ni8
ATHARV -same 2 u
RAVISH -vivida I want 2 say one matter to you
VIVIDA -yesssss ravish.bolo. …….
RAVISH-not now i will say you when you return from London
VIVIDA -let me guess. Are you loving anyone
RAVISH-yesssss (with a shy smile )
VIVIDA -omgggg! !!!!!it’s really great. Who is she? ?????
RAVISH-Noo not now. After your return only
VIVIDA -I can’t wait .tell na. …
RAVISH -Nooooo………….
VIVIDA -ok babaaa byeeeeee
RAVISH -byeeee

RAVISH POV -I luv u Vivida. …but I can’t say. I will say infront of our family members. Like a marriage proposal. ….. (he smiles )

PARTY OVER………………………

At atharv’sroom -atharv is packing his luggage
SUJATA -atharv beta. I think you get very tired gooand sleep. You can pack your luggage tomorrow.
ATHARV -Noo maa iam ok.
SUJATA -ok. I get a hotmilk for you. Drink it and sleep peacefully.
ATHARV -miss you maa (by hugging her )
SUJATA-miss you too beta (she kisses his forehead )

SUJATA -atharv I packed some pickles to you and vivida
ATHARV -eski kya jarurat haii
SUJATA -rehanaedo beta. ………

AT VIVIDA’S ROOM -she is sleeping peacefully. ….and cutely
MAHESH -vivida getup. ……
VIVIDA -plsssss some time bhaiya. ….let me sleep
MAHESH -today evg your are flying to London. Even you didn’t packed your luggage
VIVIDA -I will pack afternoon bhai. …..
MAHESH -Noo get up. Or else I will pour water
VIVIDA -NOOOO (she wakesup )

MAHESH -goooo and pack your luggage
(vivida opens cupboard and there are less dresses of her )
VIVIDA -bhai where are my dresses
MAHESH -look at your left
VIVIDA -kya bhai. There is a bag there
MAHESH -open it. …
(Vivida opens the bag she saw that her bag was packed )
VIVIDA -bhai. ……….
(she runs to him happily and hugs )
VIVIDA -tq u soo much bhai. You r the best Bro in the world
(Vinod and suvitha cames there )
MAHESH-I didn’t have a much luv on u to pack ur bags
VIVIDA -then who packed my bag
VINOD AND SUVITHA -we.!!!!!!!!!
(VIVIDA runs to them )
VIVIDA -tq mamma tq pappa tq sooooo much
VINOD -we miss you beta
VIVIDA -miss you 2 pappa
(They have an family hug )

(Mahesh and Manu came 2 give send off to atharv and vivida )

MANU -byeee atharv take care. Miss you so much
ATHARV -miss you 2 Didi bye. …….
MAHESH -take care my little princess. ….
VIVIDA -K prince byeee. …. (with a funny smile )

PRECAP -Manu gets slipped by a trolley. Mahesh holds her………they share an eye lock.
Vivida and atharv turned to say byee. Of seeing mahesh and Manu in that still they smile each other.

Later atharv and vivida share aa cute moment in plane. ……………????

Sooooo guys this is episode 8. Hope you guys like the family drama.
Plsssss read and comment ???

  1. Nice episode sis…..

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq soooo much yar??

  2. Nice episode sis…

  3. Nice episode sis…

  4. Nice episode sister

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq sooo much yarr??

  5. sunanda dear it’s really awesome.we’re really missing our jndsd phase 1….ur ff give me some…relux. post soon.

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  6. Gud job di
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    Waiting for next episode?

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  7. so nice yaar

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  11. wow nice it is so so so so so sooooooooooo superb really what can I say hope I do had a talent like you plsssss keep writing and I m just saying it is Upto you you do or not plsss let vividha fall for atharva before they come back from London
    and don’t hope they fall in love with each other in london I am just saying maybe you have thought something else I really liked the episode keep writing

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq dear tq soooo much??
      Just wait and read the cute love birds love story

  12. Vitharv should be the end game… Please *puppy eyes* .. Love triangle is good but I want Vitharv.. You are really good.. Keep writing..

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