love is forever | season 2 | episode 12

the episode starts with Aliya crying.

Aliya: Adi..actually Vinni..I

Adi: what aliya?

Aliya hugs him.

Aliya: I trust you completly but please listen..actually I heard Vinni saying I love you to you and hugging you.

Adi gets shocked and then laughs.

Aliya: why are you laughing?

Adi: oh my sweet baby..she has a crush on someone at my office, she asked me for help. I said I could and then she just said ‘ I love you’ as a friend.

Aliya stares at him.

Aliya: really?

Adi nods. Aliya feels embarressed.

Aliya: Bu-but I thought-

Adi laughs.

the scene shift to mihir’s house.

mihir: I know i shouldn’t love anyone..I only loved my mihiku..and now this riya?!

Suddenly he gets a call from riya.

Riya: hey mihir
Mihir: why riya..are you okay?

Riya cries.

Mihir: tell me
Riya: my mother was admitted to hospital.

Riya stops. then start again.

Riya: there’s not much hope..but can you come here and be with me?

Mihir looks at the clock.

Mihir: sure..just text me the place.

Riya smiles.


Ruhi: Oh it’s Gaurav’s call.

She gets the call.

Ruhi: hey gaurav!
Gaurav: hello ruhi! well I called you to ask if you’re free today?
Ruhi: of course!
Gaurav: you want to hang with me today?

Ruhi smiles.

Ruhi: sure!
Gaurav: great! see you soon.


Ruhi crying in a park after breaking up with Suhail.

Ruhi: I can’t believe Suhail dumped me.

Suddenly a man comes and sit next to her.

Gaurav: why are you crying?

Ruhi looks up and wipes her tears.

Gaurav: going through a breakup?

Ruhi nods.

Gaurav: Me too. Love is hard you know..but I always believe that something wonderful is going to happen everyday no matter how rough the day is.

Ruhi: thanks!!

Gaurav: sure! here’s my me anytime.


In adiya’s room.

Adi: Aliya why don’t we go on a tour?
Aliya: what?
Adi: you know like a trip but the two of us.
Aliya: okay..but when? where?

Adi hugs her.

Adi: we’ll decide later..because I’m super hungry.
Aliya: okay..let’s go!
Adi: nope!

Aliya looks at him.

Aliya: but you said you’re hungry.
Adi: I am!
Aliya: so?
Adi: you bring the food here and feed me please!

Aliya smiles.

Aliya: oh you’re a baby.

Adi kisses her cheek.

Adi: I go and get the breakfast and feed me!

Aliya kisses his cheek and goes.

The scene shift to Pihu’s room.

Pihu: Ananya di..what shall we play next.
Ananya: shall we do some drawings.
Krishitija: But I want to dance.
Pihu: Krishu, you have to listen to your akka no?
Krishitija: okay.
Ananya: yes, and then we’ll dance.

The scene shift to the outside of Raman’s house.
Ruhi is seen going to meet gaurav.

Ruhi: I’m so excited.

Shravan sees Ruhi.

Shravan: RUHI!!

ruhi turns back. She smiles seeing it’s Shravan.

Shravan: good morning Ruhi! you look amazing.
Ruhi: good morning shravu..thanks.
Shravan: anyway, it’s patti’s birthday soon
Ruhi: yes Shravu..I also was going to talk to you about it.
Shravan: you know what..why don’t you come to my place tommorow and we can plan about it.

Ruhi smiles.

Ruhi: yes that’s good idea.
Shravan: and i’ll invite adi bhai and aliya di as well!

Ruhi nods. they high five each other!

The scene shift to mihika’s house.

Mihika: I hate this life!

Abishek enters.

Abishek: hey I brought you some Ice cream..I hope my baby also will like it.
Mihika: thnx..just what I wanted.

Abishek smiles as he gives the Ice-cream to Mihika.

Abishek: how’s ma baby?
Mihika: good good.

They both hold mihika’s tummy. They smile.

PRECAP- AdiYa trying to decide where to go. SH, RU, ADI,ALIYA planning the birthday!

  1. Jasminerahul

    thank God.there is no misunderstanding between adya.please show more of vinni.mihir is falling for riya.nice.hope riya’s mother gets well.why did mihir say that he loved only mihika? he loved rinky too and remained a bachelor for rinky.adya cheek kiss was sweet.waiting for trip.abhika icecream part and abhi touching her tummy were so cute.gaurav ruhi meeting in fb where gaurav consoles her was so nice.waiting for more gaurav ruhi scenes

    1. Tvfan1

      Hey jasmine!
      I will try to show more of vinni
      Riya’s mother might get well or might not
      Yes but mihir’s true love was mihika no?
      Yep mihika is pregnant!
      More gaurav ruhi scenes coming up!!

    2. Jasminerahul

      But on the show YHM Mihir is more crazy about Rinky.He said many times that he cant 4get rinky.He even told Alia that his true love is Rinky

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