Love for Each other (Episode 4)

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                                   Forgiven or Not ?

Kabir was fuming in jealousy and he can’t able to see  sejal close to vishal so he went near sejal

Kabir: Sejal if you don’t mind can I introduce you to my sister Ishani so that  you will get to know about her likes and dislike about the anniversary party .

Sejal: Sure sir . Even I was about to ask you about that . ( to riddhima and  vishal )  I will go with sir and will join with  you guys  shortly .

Saying so sejal and kabir left from the place . On the other hand

Sia : Aryan how can you expect me not to forgive  you . I know the truth before itself Aryan I was just playing along with you .

Aryan : I am very happy that you forgave me sia . But how do you know the truth .

Sia : Last week  we got  a new contract for planning Ishani and Angre’s  wedding anniversary . So I went to VR enterprises .

FB starts

one week before

Sia went to VR enterprises and asked the receptionist

Sia : I am Sia from dream party planning company . I have been called by Mr. Kabir Raisinghania. Can I meet him .

Receptionist : Mam can you please wait for a moment , I will ask sir .

After few minutes

Receptionist : Mam you can go and meet Kabir sir .   If you go straight and turn  first left you can find him in the 3rd cabin .

Sia : thank you

Saying so sia left towards Kabir’s  cabin .  She asked permission and entered inside the cabin . Kabir was talking in the phone and signaled siya to sit . Siya was siting on the chair and was observing the cabin . Suddenly she heard

Kabir( Over phone) : Aryan how is  work in hospital going on . Today you said that there is a surgery in VR  hospital .

Kabir: Ok Aryan take care I will talk with you later.  Now please let your bhai to complete his work. Bye

Sia ( thought) : Even my aryan is also working in VR hospital ? Is  kabir sir  the brother of  aryan orelse I am overthinking . Sia you are over thinking their might be another aryan also who is kabir sir’s brother . How can my aryan hide anything  from me .

Saying so cutes the calls and faces sia .

Kabir : So you are Ms. Siya from Dream party planning company .  I heard that your company is the number one party planning company in Mumbai .Will you please say about yourself and your company  .  So that we will get to know will .

Sia: Yes sir . Our company has been started by three girls after completing our college .Myself , My friends  sejal and riddhima are the three partners of the company .(And she goes on saying )

After few minutes

Kabir : OK Ms . Siya now you can go . We will let know about the part planning contract  within 24  hours

Sia : Ok sir . Thank you

Sia  was about to leave but suddenly a photo from kabir’s  table which was facing fell down . Sia took the photo frame and was about to see . Suddenly her phone beeped with a message .  without the  noticing  the photo frame she left from there .  The photo frame was of Kabir, Aryan , Ishani , Vansh and Aahana .

Next day morning

Kabir went to dream party planning company and when he entered he saw sejal and sia in  sia’s cabin

Kabir went towards sia ‘s cabin and seeing Kabir they both stood and

Sia and sejal : Hello sir welcome to our office .

Kabir : Hello Ms.sia and Ms. sejal right

Sejal: yes sir

Kabir : Actually I came here to inform to that contract for planning my sister Ishani and  Angre’s  wedding anniversary  is given to you and it will within 3 weeks . We need the best designs and decorations .

Sejal : Sure sir we will give our best decorations for Ishani mam’s and Angre sir’s aniversary sir .   ( Suddenly sejal’s phone rang and she  excused herself and went )

Kabir : Ok miss sia . you will get to know about meeting my sister .

When he was about to leave suddenly he noticed a photo frame of sia and aryan

Kabir : Ms . Sia  do you know him ( pointing towards the photo frame )

Sia : Yes sir  he is my boyfriend Aryan .

Kabir : Boyfriend ?

Sia : Yes sir he is my boyfriend  Aryan , working in VR hospital . Do you know him sir ?

Kabir : Actually sia I don’t know whether said you are not . He is my brother Aryan Raisinghania .

Sia : Aryan Raisinghania ? ( Tears rolled from her eyes )   He hid such a big truth  from me . I loved you  truely but what he lied to me that he is from a middle class family . why ? why aryan why did you did it with me ? You know that I am a orphan and you played with my feeling .

Kabir who saw her condition bought her some water and was consoling her

Kabir : Sia calm down please .  I don’t know why he lied to you but I know that he will  not cheat or betray you . Aryan is not such  kind of person who play with someone’s emotions and feeling . He also wanted to create his own identity , he  always doesn’t  want  to be known by his surname i.e Raisinghania . He always used to say that he wanted to create his own identity . But siya please don’t come to any conclusion before knowing the truth . Even for my sister’s aniversary aryan is the one who suggested you company .

Sia : but sir how can you think that I will forgive him . I can forgive him for hiding his identity but I can’t forgive him for hiding the truth for this much time . I will make him pay for it . Till  then let us play along with him . Please don’t say him that I knew the  truth sir.

Kabir : Sure sia I will not say him now can you please smile . ( Sia smiled ). Thats like a good girl . I am happy that Aryan will get a good partner like you . But please don’t call me sir its seems to be formal  .

Sia : Can I call you Bhai then

Kabir:  sure . You are also like ishani only for me . And soon When Aryan introduces you to our family then you will our soon to be bahu of the house . Ok sia its time for office let me take a  leave .

Sia : take care bye bhai .

FB ends

Sia : This is how I got to know the truth .

Aryan : So you and kabir bhai played along with me .  But I was feeling  guilt for hiding the truth . But now I am relieved as you got to know the truth .

Sia : I forgave for hiding the truth . But I am still angry on you so there will be punishment for you.

Aryan : Ok my Queen I am ready for any punishment given by my Queen . I will  introduce you to our family members after the dinner .

He pecked her forehead and they both joined   the party .

Sorry for the Grammatical Mistakes . Comment me about SiBir (Siya and Kabir ) bond guys . I hope you love it

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