Love for Each other (Episode 19)

Love Night


⚠️ Mature chapter for some

⚠️Long chapter ahead

In the quiet night sky, the stars of the sky play with each other, the small eyes of the squatting, it seems to be watching the lovely couple in VR mansion who are yet to start their life.Ishani after her confession anticipately waited for Angre to respond . Angre got up from his chair and stood before Ishani and made her stand infront of him .

Angre : You know what Ishani I love you so much . I know you will one day accept me but I didn’t expect this day to be soon . When I accepted to marriage I didn’t expect much from your side . But as days stated to move I realised I was falling for you but was afraid to confess my love to you and didn’t want to get rejected by you . Today I promise you Ishu that I will take care of you and love you for the rest of my life . I love you Ishani .

Ishani slowly made Angre wear the ring she bought and hugged him in guilt of making her love wait these many days. Angre was shocked atfirst but he wrapped his hands around her and hugged tightly as if his world is dependent on her. Ishani was listening to the world’s most beautiful music , Her husband’s heart beat which she is hearing for the first time .She was feeling very safe and secured in his arms.He placed a soft kiss on her crown . It was dark and silence. They could only hear eachother’s racing heart. She slowly pulled herself from his embrace and looked into Angre’s eyes with pure love . He kissed her forehead then eyes , and then the tip of her nose . His lips stopped before her lips .

Angre : Shall I

She blinked her eyes in assurance and slowly their faces came closer such that their lips were just an inch away from eachother’s. Soon their lips met with beautiful moon and stars witnessing their first kiss . Their lips were moving up and down giving sensual feeling for Ishani . His hands which cupped her face now travelling to her bare waist and rested on it. He slightly pressed her waist which resulted for her to part her lips . He sucked her upper lip and then her lower lip .He tried to enter inside her mouth but she didn’t let and both tried for dominance in which Ishani won and entered her tongue inside his mouth and started exploring each part of his mouth . Slowly both parted due to the lack of oxygen . They both joined eachother’s forehead and said at the same time

Ishangre :I Love You

They both parted after few minutes

Ishani : This is the best day in my life Angre . I can never forget this day and want to make this day even more memorable . So let’s cut this cake first .

They both cut the cake and fed each and went to their room . They both entered the room and Angre was shocked to see the decorations in his room . Angre went inside while Ishani locked the door and came .

Ishani : Angre I wanted to make this day beautiful by taking our relationship a step ahead with starting my life with you . Of you don’t want we can take it slowly.

Angre kept his finger on her lips ,looking into her eyes

Angre : shh don’t talk . No one can stop me today from making you mine.

She shuddered under his husky voice and he placed a kiss on her nose rubbing her nose with his receiving giggles from her.

He moved to towards the bed and placed her on the bed and hovered her looking at her eye intensely. She decreased the gap between there lips and joined her lips to his and sucked his lips,Then he reciprocated to her kiss and nibbled her lower lips and she chewed his upper lips both there tounge waa fighting for dominance. His one hand moved towards her waist and caressed them sending shiver to her body and Cricled his hand around her and pulled her more closer to him as there was no gap between them even the air to pass. and another one hand moved to her head held them securely and direct her to kiss. Her both the hands were wrapped around his neck and held his hair in her small fist.

The soft kiss was turned into passionate one he broke the kiss due to the shortage of breath. He rested his head on her head and he saw she was closing her eyes breathing heavily as her chest moving up and down.

He slowly removed all her jewels one by one while kissing her skin there and kept the Jewels on the side table safely.

He buried his face in her neck and started to place wet kisses on her neck and shoulder she titled her head to Opposite side to give him more access. He bites on her sweet spot and moving up and down.

He slowly removed all her jewels one by one while kissing her skin there and kept the Jewels on the side table safely.

He buried his face in her neck and started to place wet kisses on her neck and shoulder she titled her head to Opposite side to give him more access. He bites on her sweet spot and

Ishani : Angre

She moans in pain when he kissed and sucked

where he bitted to suppress her pain. And her moan aroused and encouraged him more to do more other things. His hand moved to her shoulder to unpin her lehanga dupatta which revealed her blouse.

He saw her face was full flushed in red cupped her face and kissed her forehead, left cheek, right cheek then pressed his lips on hers. and kissed her smoothly and he bite her lips she moaned in his mouth and in return she didn’t let him enter into her mouth. His hand moved to her hips and cupped them with his hands and pressed it slightly first she gasped at his action then relaxed but he took the chance entered inside her mouth and tasted her. Both broke the kiss she rested her head on his shoulder closing her eyes.

He stood back and removed his shirt and stood in his pant only, she was gawking at him seeing his perfect six pack and his well build body she saw him looking at her in intense with desires filled gaze she gulped down in her dry throat. He hovered above her and kissed her forehead and starts to open her blouse hook and her lehanga it also finally joined the dupatta. She placed her hand on his waist and slid them to his belt buckle and he let her to open. She opened the button pulled the zip down while she could feel his member being hard.

Then Seeing no move from him she opened her eyes and saw he was staring at her then his gaze moved to her panties then back to her, he looked at her as he was asking per permission to peal the last piece of cloth from her body. She pulled him and kissed him on his lips as saying yes to him soon the last piece of cloth was ripped from her body lying on the floor in two pieces. He deepened the kiss and rubbed caressed both her thigh to tease her, ishu’s feet was curled and fiested his hair and pulled him more closer to her. He continued teasing her different ways.

Ishani – Angre

She moaned in pleasure. He played with his fingers . she moaned his name loudly and restlessly

Ishani :An………gre…….Angre

She stammered while taking his name and He understood

Angre:loosen your body ishu baby just relax

He came to her above and kissed her forehead her hands moved to his boxers pulling them down and now it was Ishu’s turn to give him pleasure and then they consummated.

She moaned loudly in his mouth tears rolled down from her eyes, her nails scratched his back and duged Inside his skin and her body was shivering it

he hugged her to his chest.

He caressed her back to calm her down and whispering sweet little words in ears to distract her and continue his thing.

Both were reaching climax. He fell beside her gathering her shivering body in his arms covering them with quilt held her securely in his arms. she rested her head on his chest breathing heavily he caressed her back to slow down her breaths and the night was fully filled with moans and groans of them . With the Bright moon girl and the stars witnessing the two beautiful souls who took their relationship to the next level .


Sorry I went overboard . Forgive you author ❤️


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