Love for Each other (Episode 18)


At 6 PM

The evening sun cast long shadows on the ground. The slanting rays of the setting sun gave a warm orange tinge to the sky. VR mansion was decorated with flowers and lights giving a positive vibe. Everyone in the mansion was getting ready for the Ishangre’s anniversary part at 7 PM. While riddhima was about to choose her outfit for the party her room door was knocked . She went out to find the Mrs.D’souza standing with a box in her hand .

Mrs.D’souza : Ma’am Here is a parcel for you .

Riddhima : Thank you Mrs.D’souza .

She took the box from Mrs.D’souza and went inside and the box on her bed . The box was wrapped with a ribbon 🎀 . She opened the box to find a Red color gown with a note in it .She took the note in which “A SMALL PRESENT FROM MY SIDE . I HOPE YOU LIKE IT .” -VR . A small crepted accross her face when she read the note .

After few minutes riddhima got ready in the dress which vansh presented and was walking along the corridor checking the decorations once again while her phone ringed indicating a call from Ishani .

Riddhima: Haan Ishani

Ishani : Riddhu I want a help from you . Can you come over to my room now if you are free.

Riddhima : Sure Ishani . I will come there now.

Ridhhima climbed the stairs and went to Ishani’s room to find her sitting near the dressing table checking herself again for the 10th time in the mirror.

Riddhima : Hi Ishani

Ishani : Riddhu yaar I am nervous .

Riddhima : But why are you nervous Ishu ?

Ishani : As if you don’t know .

Riddhima : Ok ok I know . But you shouldn’t be nervous . Be happy and enjoy you day. I am damn sure everything will go according to our plan . I made the arrangements in the terrace . I am sure you both will like it . Ishani: But will he accept me ?

Riddhima : See Angre Bhai isn’t that cruel to break your heart . He will accept you . And what about your present ?

Ishani : Ya it’s in my locker . I hope he likes it .

Riddhima : Don’t worry he will . And come soo

Ishani: Ok

The guest haven’t reached yet as few more minutes were left for the party to start . They just called only their close friends party . Riddhima was talking with someone over her phone while descending from the stairs . When she was about to step on the floor her leg got slipped and she was about to fall . That’s when a hand encirled around her waist preventing her from falling down . When she opened her eyes she met the same pair of eyes which saved her last time . He left her waist once she stood on her legs .

Riddhima : Thank you

Vansh: Did you like the dress ?

Riddhima : I loved it . Thank you so much vansh .

Vansh : You are looking gorgeous in this dress today.

Riddhima : Thank you and you are also looking handsome today

Vansh : thank you


( I didn’t want to elaborate about the party so left for your imagination )

The Party went well ISHANGRE cutting the cake, meeting the guest , the 4 couples dancing . Dadi and Uma were really happy for their children . It was around 10PM. The party got over and everyone retired to their room . But Ishani held Angre’s hand and went to the terrace not before blindfolding him. When she reached the terrace she removed his blindfold . Angre was astonished to see a candle light dinner setup for two people with ballon on the either sides with roses pathway leading to the table .

Ishani : come

Angre went with Ishani . She pulled the chair for him and made him sit . There was a cake in which “WILL YOU BE MINE ” was written over it .

Angre had tears in his eyes when he say the cake. He turned towards Ishani to see her kneeling infront of his eyes with a ring in her hand .

Ishani: Angre please don’t talk until I finish . Angre when Bhai said to marry you I was reluctant and didn’t wish to marry you because I thought you are also like that sunny who left after impregnating me . But you made my assumption wrong and realise me my mistake . You accepted me with my child when even sunny didn’t accept me . Even when I humiliated you and insulated you didn’t hurt me . I thought that you just married me just for bhai’s sake but you treated me well and cared for me . I realised my love for you when my child got aborted . You made sure that I didn’t fall into the trap of depression and brought back the old Ishani . I don’t know whether you like or not but I wanted to confess it .I love you angre . I love you so much and what to spend the rest of my life seeing our children grow up together. Will you be mine forever Angre ?


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