Love for Each other (Episode 17)


Love For Each Other -17

After a week

It was Ishani and Angre’s 6 months anniversary day.They thought to celebrate it simple and elegantly because they thought to celebrate their first anniversary grandly because of Ishangre’s request and didn’t invite anyone. Riddhima , Sejal and siya were looking after every arrangement carefully . Aryan was helping siya in hanging the lights. Kabir and vansh went to office as angre was ordered by vansh to stay in the house to spend some time with his sister.

It was around lunch time Riddhima was hanging the garlands in front of the house . That time vansh came to the house . As he talking with someone over phone he didn’t notice riddhima in the ladder hanging the garlands. As riddhima was too engrossed in her work she also didn’t notice vansh . When was came to the entrance she arm got hit by the ladder which resulted the ladder to shake and riddhima to lose her balance. When Riddhima lost her balance she shouted (was bit louder than her voice )in fear of her back hiting the floor and breaking but in a fraction of second vansh went and held her from her body meeting the floor which resulted the garlands to fall over them(Image the scene of Naagin 1 where shivanya will be hanging the garlands and rithik will prevent her from falling down when she lost her balance due to her sister in law ) .

Her petty body was in the hands of a handsome fellow with a dark brown orbs. Riddhima opened her eyes when she realised that she didn’t fall down . She opened her eyes to see HER SAVIOUR. Their eyes met forming an eye lock . They botg were looking into each other’s eyes searching for something in each other’s eyes without their knowledge. She was looking into his dark brown orbs which carried some unknown emotion which she haven’t seen in anyone’s . Even vansh himself don’t know what was that unknown emotion . But both of their eyes carries some unknown emotion which both doesn’t know what it is . But they both knew that this emotion was something new . They both weren’t willing to break their eye lock but they both broke hearing a familiar voice. They both turned to see Kabir standing at entrance . That’s when vansh realised that Kabir too came with him but went to park the car in the garage

Kabir : I hope I didn’t disturb you guys

That’s when both realised their position and tried to get back to normal position So he let down riddhima to stand on her feet . But the garlands got entangled on them making both hard to come out of the situation . After a couple of minutes of got rid of the garlands . But seems like God has another plan because when Riddhima and vansh were about to part they realised that riddhima’s chain got struck in vansh’s shirt button . That’s when vansh noticed her chain dollar and got shocked . But she composed himself and tried remove the chain which got struck in his shirt button .After a couple of seconds they got it removed.

Vansh : I hope you didn’t get hurt Riddhima

Riddhima : No vansh I am fine .

Vansh : There are many people in the house but why are you doing this alone . Can’t you ask for someone’s help .

Riddhima: Everyone are busy with the work , so I thought I would hang them.

Vansh : Ok give it I will hang them

Riddhima : That’s fine I can

Vansh : You move I will hang them .

He got the garlands from riddhima and started to climb the ladder to hang those garlands . After few minutes he hanged them . Meanwhile Kabir was shocked and amused seeing his brother helping in decoration after 3 years . He used to decorate the 3 years back when Ahana was alive but after her death he didn’t celebrate any festival or function . Even during Ishani’s marrige he didn’t help in the decorations but now his vansh Bhai is helping in decoration . Even this 6 months anniversary celebration is because of dadi’s insistance to bring some change .

Vansh : It’s already time for lunch . Come lets have

Riddhima : ok vansh


In study room

At : 2 PM

Vansh : Angre I want you to keep an eye on Riddhima and our men’s should always follow her . Make sure you keep an account of her activities where she is going everything . I hope you will understand .

Angre: Yes boss . But what happened boss

Vansh : ( suspense you guys will know later )

  1. Prabhleen 😊

    Fantastic episode. Is Ridhima somehow related to Vansh’s past. Eagerly waiting for next.

    1. RakhiSaahir

      Tq ❤️🥰. You will get to know in the upcoming chapters

  2. Priyanka Thakur

    Awesome episode dear💕💕💕💕 eagerly waiting for next update

    1. RakhiSaahir

      Tq🥰❤️ . Will try to update this week

  3. Mind blowing episode
    Post soon dear

    1. RakhiSaahir

      Tq 🥰❣️. Will try to post within this week

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