His Love Fixed My Shattered Soul (Episode 9) “Apology Note For Kakali & SwaSan Fans”

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sorry sorry sorry I know I’m super late but what to do I was busy with my life… I’m so sorry for making you all wait but trust me I’ll try to be regular… guys I know since past few months I’ve been rude and what not with u guys and I’m so sorry for that… I was in problems I can’t even share… So please forgive me especially kakali and SwaSan fans… forgive me for being so silly and rude…

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Episode 9 (2nd Last​ Episode)
The episode start with Sanskar waking up… he open his eyes fully and look around for Swara… he saw her coming out of washroom and get up… Swara smile seeing Sanskar and said
Swara: good morning
Sanskar who was lost in Swara said
Sanskar: the morning is already good saying this he lie down again on bed staring Swara lovingly… Swara blush and smile shyly… Sanskar get up and stand behind Swara as she was standing in front of the mirror.. he hug her from behind and kiss her shoulder… Swara close her eyes and moan softly… Sanskar smile seeing his affect on her… Sanskar moved back and Swara open her eyes feeling the sudden loss of warmness… she turn and looked at Sanskar who was staring her with such intensity that it made her blush hard… Swara immediately turn and start getting ready…. Sanskar again came close and whisper
Sanskar: need any help
Swara smile shyly and said
Swara: no u go get ready
Sanskar hug Swara and start kissing her neck… Swara moan and close her eyes… she hold his head and turn her face other side…. Sanskar whisper
Sanskar: just can’t wait to make love to u Jaan
Swara moan and Sanskar bite her ear…. Swara moan again and Sanskar suck her ear to soothe the pain.. Swara turn to Sanskar and he capture her lips in a passionate kiss… she respond with equal passion… they get apart to take breathe Swara hug Sanskar feeling shy and Sanskar hug her back…. he kiss her forehead and said
Sanskar: I Love You
Swara: I Love You Too
Sanskar broke the hug and sat on his knees… he kiss Swara tummy and whisper
Sanskar: Daddy loves u too baby
Swara smile and Sanskar look up at Swara… Sanskar stand up and both came out for bf… everyone sat and had bf… soon Arjun and Sanskar left for office leaving Swara and Haya at mall for shopping… Swara and Haya look around the mall and bought what they wanted… soon Sanskar and Arjun came to pick them up… as soon as Haya saw Sanskar she came to him and said
Haya: bhaiyu see na Swara didn’t bought anything I’m tried trying to make her understand but she isn’t listening
Sanskar looked at Swara and she turn her face other side to be save from Sanskar’s death glares…. Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar: doll r u done with shopping
Haya: yeah bhaiyu but Swara
Sanskar: u both go home Arjun me and Swara will come after shopping
Arya smile and left… Swara looked at Sanskar and said
Swara: I don’t want anything
Sanskar: umm ok but u can help me in shopping right
Swara smile and said
Swara: off course
Sanskar smile and both start shopping… Sanskar silently shopped for Swara and Swara took clothes and other stuff for Sanskar… both left from mall and sat in car… Sanskar call Arya and said that they’ll had dinner out… Sanskar start driving and Swara said
Swara: Sanskar
Sanskar: yes Jaan
Swara: umm actually na
Sanskar: Jaan say what’s wrong
Swara: I..I’m hungry
Sanskar looked at Swara and said
Sanskar: Shona why r u hesitating it’s ok if u r hungry Jaan we r going for dinner only saying this he kiss her forehead and smile… Swara smile back and sat back relaxed…. soon both reach Swara’s favorite restaurant and Sanskar order for both… Sanskar’s phone start ringing and he excused himself… he came out and said
Sanskar: everything ready
OP: yes sir
Sanskar: ok I’ll msg u after dinner then come with it ok
OP: ok sir
Sanskar cut the call and came inside… he sat down and their order came… both start having dinner… soon they finished and Swara said
Swara: shall we go
Sanskar: wait a second Jaan
suddenly lights went off and a spot light fall on Swara…. she said
Swara: Sanskar
again a spot light fall on Sanskar who was standing on stage… he was holding a mic… Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar: Jaan I know u don’t remember but it’s ur birthday Shona Happy Birthday Love
everyone start clapping… Swara was shocked as well as surprised…. Sanskar came down holding a beautiful cake… he placed it on table and give knife to Swara… she looked at it and saw that her picture was printed on the cake… she was shocked again… she said
Swara: Sanskar this
Sanskar: BEAUTIFUL isn’t
Swara nod smilingly and Sanskar hold her from back… Swara cut the cake and feed Sanskar…. everyone clap there and wish Swara…

both SwaSan were walking on beach barefoot… Swara was talking continuously while Sanskar was listening to her and was admiring her…. they stop and Sanskar said
Sanskar: let’s get married Shona
Swara was speechless… she said
Swara: wh…what
Sanskar: let’s get married I want to make u my wife
Swara smile and hug Sanskar tightly… she said
Swara: I Love You
Sanskar: I Love You Too BABY
both sat in car and came home…. as soon as they enter both Arya wish Swara and gift Swara a big teddy…. Swara smile and thank them… Sanskar said
Sanskar: guys me and Swara r getting married next week
Arya got shock and both shouted…
Arya: really
both looked at each other and then hug SwaSan tightly showing their happiness…. Haya said
Haya: go guys get rest because from tomorrow u won’t have any it’s my bhaiyu’s wedding I’m so excited
Arya left planning for wedding leaving SwaSan… both SwaSan looked at each other and smile…. Sanskar lift Swara in his arms and said
Sanskar: u must be tired let’s get some rest saying this he took her to the room… Sanskar ask Swara to get changed and he’ll be back… Swara nod and close the door… Sanskar also get fresh and changed into night clothes… he came and saw Swara already slept…. he smile and make her lie down properly… he cover her and lie down beside her… Swara hug him in sleep and he smile…. Sanskar slept after a while peacefully with Swara… both had a beautiful smile on their faces for a beautiful morning…

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