“Was that love at first sight” DEVAKSHI FF- episode 3

Hey… guys.. I guess u r angry with me… but I am sooo sorry I was really not able to post..
first because of my sister’s marriage then assignments and then my papers are gonna start from 21st of November… and duh ? the first one is Hindi..
Now to the ff I saw that my comments reduced from episode one to episode two maybe bcoz I m not regular.. but now I promise to post every alternate day and I will even try to post everyday.. some people even told me to write a bigger one next time but I told in épi 1 that 5th ones gonna be the maha episode.. so when it comes to large I tried posting longer one this time but if any queries do tell me.. until next time let’s just bring it on…

The episode starts with dev sleeping and remiscing about Sonakshi.. about her anger when they were not friends.. and then suddenly he remembers about her sweet and calm nature.. and even more sudden this time he reminisces the angry young girl Sonakshi..
Dev:bohat banta tha naa tu apne aapko.. ‘hi I m mr.dev Dixit ‘*mimmicrieng Amitabh bachan *
Abh Kya hua.. phatt gayi?
But u have to execute the plan u have to propose her,so.. u have todo it… u know naa
and saying this he sleeps…

It’s morning… birds are chirping,sun is shining bright.. the fragrance of flowers ? is around the corner… while..
While elena is howling..
Elena:Sona…Sona.. Utah yaar.. how boring,,, wake up man..
Elena,s POV
Yeh aise nhi uthe gi..
Elena:Sona 9 baj gaye… Teri toh class thi naa 8baje ki.. bah Rehne de mat naa college.. dev ko mat dekhiyo..

Sona:Elena.. are u mad yaar.. dumb,stupid,idiot mug he Uthaya kyon nhiii ABh Kay Karoo main…
Or yeh stupid alarm..

Elena:hu ha ha ha ha … (two times)
Sona:Kay hua? Abh has kyon Rahi hai?
Elena: ghadi mai dekh ke bhi nhi paya Chaka ki abhi Subha ke surf ek bajje hai…
Sona:thank u elena vaise tu itni Jaldi Kaise uth gayi? Elena ka uthna… toh impossible..
Elena:yaad kar rat ko Kyla kaha tha…


Sona:agar bhavishyawaani ho gai ho toh mug he elena Kal 6 bajje Utah dio..
Saurabh:acha..good night ladies.. sweet dreams elena..
Sona:or main?
Saurabh:tu dev ke khayaalon main so…
Sona:dada…. bas abhi..
Saurabh:okay fine..

Flashback ends…

Sona:thanks elena love love ❤️
Elena:tugghe uthaana nécessary tha.. samagh ti hi nhi.. Tera college ke bad reaction dekhna tha… after all 1din bad Tera bday hai toh… treat

Elena:bah nahaane nhi Jana..
Sona:haa Jana toh hai..
Elena:jao baalak
Elena:ha. Ha. Abh nikkal

The other side…
Dev calls Divya and tells her everything… Divya says she knows it was clear in his eyes.. Dev tells her the plan and Divya says… great.. and even says.. when do we start?he says today onwards..
Divya says it may hurt Sona…
Dev says but I have to propose her before it’s too late…they even tell this to Rahul Divya,s b.f

College is shown…
Sona and Divya are sitting on the benches.. when dev comes
Dev:hi Divya!
Divya:hi dev
Sona:hi dev
Dev:(sarcasm)ohh… you are also there? So ? hi!
Sona feels hurt but doesn’t react and gives a combact
Dev takes Divya to a side and says she didn’t feel jealous ?.. Divya says.. she was hurt.. I feel bad for her.. dev too says this..
Dev and Divya return they are a little closer and walks to which Sona feels jealous but to their surprise she didn’t react..

After the end of the day..
Dev:Sona I will drop u..

Sona:no.thanks. I will go by my own…
Dev:she is feeling jealous..

Sona returns home…
Elena:how was the day…
Sona:it was very good…

So guys how was it.. a big one…

By drop your comments..

  1. First of all….congratulations for ur sister marriage….and best of luck for ur exams…?❤??❤…..secondly, the episode was amazing and awesome?❤?????????
    ….solena convo….????

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thanku ❤️Thanku?Thanku❤️ Maleeha…

  2. Post soon yr its was lovely ♥ ♥ ♥

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    Best wishes to ur sister??♥?…and yes my exams are also starting from 21st of this month?….all the very best to u…hope u pass with flying colours????….the episode was amazing?…post soon

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  5. Vinya

    Nice one yaar….ea

    1. Vinya

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  6. Amazing episode di! Loved it!
    Best of luck for your exams!
    Post soon!
    Till then, take care!<3

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Anshita … first tell me when are u posting your ff.. eagerly waiting and the second thing… THANKYOU so so much for your comment and wishes???

    2. Ummm…well, I’m really sorry for the delay that is being caused, but I’d lately been down with viral fever and I’m still recovering. So, I might take a bit more time. However, I’ve just submitted an OS..Hope you like it!

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  7. Manya

    All the best for ur exams I too hate hindi??

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      It’s the story with everyone… about hindi?

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    Episode was fantastic!!!
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