Love is a feeling which only blessed ones get… Shivika OS by Anu… Part 2

Hey guys…Anu here..thank you for the great response in my last episode…And I am so happy…..I got an idea for how to complete this story…In the start itself it will have a major twist..stay tuned to know about it…and to tell you before ystd I saw a movie in internet..and I felt that story background is apt for this including that with Anu’s twist…I will say the movie name in the last episode….

Love is a feeling which only blessed ones get…Shivika OS by Anu….

Part 2

Shivaay flashback…
This flashback is of an incident that took place 20 years back…and this incident changed Shivaay’s way of thinking a lot….Not a lot but completely….

Shivaay was 13 years old that time this beach was a place where many don’t prefer to come as this place has no speciality…
Young Shivaay loved to come to this place as he could sit for hours and look at the sea without any disturbance or noise.

One day he came to this beach and was sitting on the sand..suddenly he heard different seemed like many were scolding and taunting someone…
When Shivaay turned he saw a look like of him…That boy looked same as Shivaay..only his clothing were different…he looked like a local boy..(I wanted to include Mahi in this story that is why)

That boy was crying and looked seemed that he did a crime..

Person 1- Look at him…see has he any shame….

Person 2- He looks like a good guy..but all that glitters is not gold…

Like this many people taunted that boy…he couldn’t bear it and ran away….(Just imagine that scene when Mahi thinks about his childhood incident that everyone is taunting him for being illegimate)

Shivaay saw this and asked his dad..

Shivaay- Pappa what was happening here??

Shakti- I feel like that boy is illegimate by their talks..these kind of people have a very bad position in the society…the people from a non reputed family are always treated like this…

Several times Shivaay has heard this..but he was not ready to accept this..he felt sad for these kind of people..but today when he saw what happened with that guy he understood the meaning of what his parents told him..

When Shivaay heard this,his innocent mind grasped what his dad said….he again sat down and looked at the sea…

Shivaay(in mind)- I have decided one thing…I will always believe in Khoon khandan ideology…this world is full of hatred..and to cope up with this I have to change my mindset..from now on Shivaay Singh Oberoi will always follow this ideology..

FB ends…

Shivaay wiped his tears when he remembered that…he felt so sad that he turned his heart into a stone…he felt like he did very can he think like this…he did a great mistake….
Shivaay realized that his ideologies are wrong….

He decided that he will not follow this NKK ideology…he only loves Anika…

Shivaay(in mind)- I love Anika…not her family and khandan..I love that pure soul who has always loved me unconditionally…he loves Anika..only his Anika…He loves her soul and not anything else….She loves him to such an extent that she will even sacrifice her life for my sake…I love her..I love Anika..I will take a stand for Anika….I will prove mom wrong..this is my promise Anika..the promise of our love…You have made me an Ishqbaaz Anika…I love you…
I will always support you…

Shivaay then gets up and decides to go back home and not let Pinky accuse Anika…..

Precap- Fate has decided something else for Shivaay and Anika…Major twist…..Anika leaves OM…………………………

So what did fate plan for them…will fate separate them forever or is this just a test for their love..stay tuned to know more….

Plus one more thing…I showed how the people taunted Mahi only to show that Shivaay started believing in NKK ideology after this…I hate this kind of behavior but I had to include it in my story…I didn’t like how Mahi was taunted in the Show..I am sorry but if anyone felt this as wrong that I included it then I am sorry…

And in my comments thank you so much Arpita,Anaya,Sairan,Alekhika20, Nikitajai,Ahaana,Surbhi Sharma,Ahsana,Aashi,Bhavana, Hepsibha,Gayathri.visual,Fffan1234,Lilly and
Viviktha thank you so much for commenting..and all the silent leaders thank you so much for reading…

And as a reply to Aashi’s comment Shivaay has realized that his NKK ideology is wrong…but the twist is a twist..wait for it…I will try to update asap…

With love.

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  2. It’s was an awesome episode dear. annu kutti kalattu tande munbil kanda kazcha shivayude kunju manassine era swadenichu. edu shivaye stone heart ulla manushanaki matti. thande ee concept eniku eshttapettu.mahi ye shivayude NKK ideology yude fagmayi fb l ulpeduttiya concept nannayittundu.I’m waiting for your next episode of your ff update soon……….

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    Awesome anu . Keep going and post soon ..

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    2. Hai anu thanks a lot for giving me the link of your OS ??????

    3. ende reply randu pravashyam vannu sorry for that.

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  7. thanx Anu for ur reply
    Its true no one can change the fate but habits changes one’s future
    sepration is part of life but treating it in different ways makes person gud or bad
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