Love is Everywhere (Episode 7)

Hello everyone…I’m back with a brand new exciting and interesting episode of “Love is Everywhere”.. Sorry yaar for not updating yesterday because I was watching a movie… Here is the previous episode link……

The episode starts with…. 1 year later in a fashion show…. (because 1 year has already passed on the song)

Avi says to a girl did you see Dhani..? The girl points him to her… He calls out Dhani…. She turns around and replies ya coming Avi… She walks towards him… She was wearing a lengthy purple gown and her hairstyles and her looks all changed…. Avi says don’t go anywhere I will be back after eating something…Dhani winks at him and says you never change your habit..ok? Avi goes. She looks around suddenly a cold breeze blows… She looks around …Then turns and gets freezed… Ishq ishq plays…..

Viplav is shown coming towards her…. She gets very happy seeing him..He comes close towards her smiling…She says Hi Viplav…He replies hi and passed from her…She gets stunned. She turns and goes behind him and says hi again. He looks at her confusing and suddenly says Eisha…! What a surprise..? She says haan ab toh yaad aaya…He says I am sorry, I can’t recognize you..And hey your hairstyle, dress..Everything has changed a lot. She says it’s been two years we met. Haan yaar business tensions and all…so thought to come here for a vacation. So tell me when can we meet..? Tomorrow 9.30..? She says no Viplav I’ve classes..No no Eisha we will meet tomorrow..Same hotel.. Bye… she looks on..

Dhani comes to her house and goes to her bed room very happily. Her father asks Avi what’s the problem…? He says I don’t know. She comes to her room and opens her drawer and takes out the gift. She says I know one day you will definitely come to meet me. I am very happy today. She lies on her bed and recalls all moments spend with him. Ishq ishq plays….

Next day Viplav in his room was talking to someone over phone. He turns and sees Dhani standing behind. He cuts the phone and says oh wow punctual…? She says today is my birthday. He says happy birthday Eisha..I will order the cake..She says no Viplav, can we go out ..? He says ok..She says but in one condition…All the expenses would be mine..He says what..? All is new experience for me…She says it’s birthday girl’s wish..Don’t say no.. Please Viplav … He says ok. They both come out and he goes to take his car. She says no we will go by walking. He says ok… They walks through the streets..She sees a clothes shop and takes Viplav with her and buys a casual wear for him and asks him to wear it for today… He wears it and they both continue to walk… They goes to restaurant and have their lunch.. He then gives her a flower and says I want to tell you something. She asks what in excitement. He says actually I wanted to say that today is world flower’s day. She says what..? And beats him. He asks her to stop its paining. They spend some quality and fun time there.. Then they left from the restaurant..

On the way she tells him that you know what…I like your voice very much… He starts laughing and says in this whole world you are the first girl that tells me my voice is good..And you are liking it… Hahaha good joke… She says him to shut up… He says why..? Now only you told me that you like my voice.. She says shh… She slowly walks and snatch a pigeon’s cage from a person..Viplav asks hey what are you doing..? She asks him to run… They both run and reaches at a ground.. She opens the cage and tells to the pigeon that now you are free…Fly Fly.. He watches it in a surprise… She tries hard to fly it away but fails. He says let me try and asks the pigeon to look at him. He acts like flying but no use. They both stand there in sad. After sometime the pigeon flies..And they both gets happy…

They continue their walking…. Viplav walks forward but Dhani stops there and looks at him… He reaches far away and turns. He asks why you stopped there..? Come.. She says loudly I love you Viplav…. He gets stunned…

The episode ends…..

How was the episode guys..I am sure u really enjoyed it.. And maine apna vaada bhi poora kar diya…Ab aapki baari hai..fatafat comment kariye… kya Viplav dhani ke pyar ko accept kar dega…? To know wait till Friday… Because I will be not there in the house for two days… keep smiling…loving….and reading other ffs…Love you all…

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  1. Sujie

    Lakshmi……. arrey….marr dala…. could imagine that I love you Viplav in loud voice….. hayeee hayeee….. keep going dear…..
    🙂 🙂

    1. Lakshmi

      thank u sooooo much di….. kya aap bhi devdas ke gaana gaa rahe ho…mee too di… ;P 🙂

      1. Sujie

        No no…. Marr dala hayee.ka toh pata nahi… but I am busy with Mohe rang doh laal rang do…..IKRS wala….
        I am literally in love with this song …
        and doing Dola rey dola …hayee…dil dola mann dola rey dola…..

    2. Lakshmi

      sujie di…u r too good and funny too

  2. Renuverma

    Lakshni it was superb.
    Viplav n dhani crossing each other n he cudnt recognise her?
    His immidiately accepting to meet her n then their light moments of nuying dress n eating together was fun to read.

    When viplav said i wanna say something i thought he wud propose but?????
    Doesn’t matter dhani has confessed her luv to him?
    Awaiting viplavs response.

    1. Lakshmi

      renu di…thanks..after a long time u commented here…good to see u…it was not only fun to read but write also….
      haan that scene..actually it was not included….when I finished writing it my sis said me that its world flower’s day…so included it also…I never thought that it would be very comedy..hamari dhani hai na sabse fast hai..viplav kare ya na kare dhani ne toh propose pahle kar diya hai…haan what will be viplav’s response its a suspense…wait and read di..

      bdw how r u di..? and ur family..? sabko mera pranam kehna…

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    Too good! Viplav and dhani ka milna, my goodness 😀 what a beautiful coincidence then their conversation on the way was superb! It was filled with fun and love so enjoyed a lot! keep writing and waiting for the next one <3

    1. Lakshmi

      maha di thanks….haan coincidence toh hai…but ajeeb nahi lagtha aapko…mera mathlab yeh sab kahani, film in sab mein acha lagtha hai..asal main aisa kuch ho nahi saktha…i promise u that I will keep enjoying u all like this…Interesting track abhi aana baaki hai…yeh toh sirf ek sample tha…soon update karoonga

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah actually movies are filled with coincidences but in reality these kind of examples are rare! But I love coincidences so I love these kind of stories a lot and that’s why I am loving ur story very much! Too excited for interesting track<3
      Well an out of topic question, Are u a girl or boy because above u have typed karoonga.. curious to know that's why asked!

      1. Lakshmi

        me too maha di…
        oh nooo….u can’t recognize by my name…? I am a girl…yep typo mistake di…I didn’t noticed…

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Hehehe.. Lol! Yeah I know lakshmi is girl’s name but I was confused.. Sorry, my bad!

  4. Areeb

    Too good Lakshmi. ? They met again. ? When Viplav gave her flower I was like What! Is he gonna propose! ? But shukar that didn’t happen. ? Or ye kya Dhaani confessed her Love! ? Kyn!? Itni jaldi!! I really hope it’s a dream thingy. ? I really want them to go ahead with the friendship zone! Fun, pranks, jokes, arguments. ? Anyways, looking forward to know if it’s a dream or not. ?

    1. Lakshmi

      thanks areeb….
      haan sab bhagvan ka hi khel hai..
      no no galat kiya aapne…aisa ho saktha hai kya…hamari hero iski khilaf hai… 😀 😀
      haan dear kabhi kabhi hota hai…maine kuch variety try kiya…
      haan dekhte hai ki dream hai ya kuch aur…
      i think aapko love story se zyada friendship story pasand aayi… good frnds hi good life partners ban sakthe hai….
      hmm will soon post it…aap logon ki shak mitana zaroori hai…

      1. Areeb

        Oh yes! No interest in particular A girl-boy love. ? I just love finding happiness!! Friendship!! Fun!! Strictly forbid Romance. ? But it’s okay. ? Waiting to read next! ?

    2. Lakshmi

      u r just like me areeb

  5. Aiswarya

    Chechi so sorry for commenting late
    When I was going to comment my cousin gave me a film n after that i forgot to comment??
    Episode is too good Chechi I told u na that i will surely enjoy the episode ??
    They met again .
    Dhani confessed her love ☺☺

    How was onam celebrations? ??

    1. Lakshmi

      its ok dear…u read and comment na..i am very thankful to u….which one dear..?
      oh ya…hmm sherikum sambhavichalle…
      onam was too good dear…actually our onam celebrations were on my cousin’s house…then we went to my native, vaikam..there was full enjoyment..all my cousins were there…really enjoyed it…then today we went to my aunt’s house..and now only come back…

      and what about u..?

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