Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 24

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you Anu, Tanshi, Jasmine and Sneha. I wish to say this, this story is purely imagination. Not true one. I am not abusing doctors, i just wish to tell how money over power humanity. Hope you will understand my point of view. I am really very very Sorry if i did any mistake and hurt anyone’s feelings.



Vish: what?

Ragini: but you told it as fake na didi.

Bela: now also i am telling the same i am alright.(she looks at Madhu) only because of Dr. Krish Arora. We walk with tears in the hospital corridor. We don’t no how to tell this to anyone. I can’t imagine to leave this world and my family all of a sudden. At that time only Dr. Krish came like God’s angel.

Mahir: yeah, he is a god to us. He take us to his room. Actually he is the only known doctor to us there. But on that day he is not there when we went. So it happened to meet another doctor. We were not in the state to speak. He too didn’t ask us anything. He checked the report and immediately he asked Bela to admit. Oneside he takes blood out of her and another side he inserts new blood. I didn’t know what he was doing. But i remind silent because i had belief on him. After he completed the treatment he asked sister to take blood test. Bela was unconscious. Then, he told to me that Bela is alright now and the report was fake. I didn’t understand what he was saying. But i was happy. He assured me Bela is cent percent perfect and i can take her to home once she gain conscious.

Madhu: thank god, you are safe.

Aji: but how do you know that carcinogen is inserted into Bela.

Bela: we forget report in Dr. Room itself so we went again. We hear voices when we went near to the door. Dr. Krish warns another doctor, this 2nd time you did this mistake. He asked, “How you will inject a chemical into patient by mistake all times? I had doubt on you on that day itself that’s why i monitored you by analog CCTV.” He replied that their boss tested the carcinogen and somehow that injection mixed with others. Dr. Krish asked about report that how it was fake. He told by god’s grace he saved me before it mixed into my blood. Then he spoke about complaining him to hospital owner.

Mahir: after to that we didn’t want to stay there, we were really devasted. We never think this much will happen regarding that incident. Sorry to all.

Madhu: leave it beta.

Laksh: so, that person may be RV’S father. He is the one who killed uncle Krish.

Vish: we should look deep into it Laksh. Thank god Bela you are safe now.


AdiYa, Yash and Madhu reached home. Pooja gives water to them.

Yash: i don’t know really whether to proud for our dad’s noble deed or because of him we lost everyone.

Adi: jeju don’t think like that. Fate is really cruel one. But we should accept that. Krish papa is really great.

Madhu is not in state of speaking. Yash explained everything to Pooja and trio.

Zoya’s room,

Adi: i am not sure that doctor is RV’s dad.

Zoya: yeah, me too thinking the same thing.

Adi: but i am sure if i see that person, then his life will end in my hands only.

Zoya: Adi, what are you speaking? Don’t behave like that idiots.

Adi: whether one human’s life is that much cheap. He did a mistake, but our parents paid his deeds.

Zoya: No Adi, he will harvest his deeds soon. My heart says he will come infront of us soon. Law is there for person like him.

Zoya hugs him to console him and pat in his shoulder.


Behir room, night, Bela sits in couch with closed eyes. Mahir came in with milk.

Mahir: Bela drink it and go to sleep.

Bela: thank you, Mahir, had you drink?

Mahir: i had.

Bela: i was releived today only Mahir. I felt like i dropped some heavy weight from my shoulder.

Mahir: even me too Bela. Hope the culprit should be caught soon.

Bela nods and she drinks milk. She went to bed. Mahir put blanket on her and he put off light and he went out.

Bela: where are you going Mahir?

Mahir: i have some work Bela, i will come soon. You sleep.

Morning, Swasan room, Swara came out from bathroom after taking bath and she gets ready. She takes vermillon box on her hand and smiles. She went to sleeping Sanskar and wakes him.

Sanskar: why are you waking me this much early? Let me sleep.

Swara: Sanskar, get up na. Today is our special day.

Sanskar: what day? There is nothing special to me.

Swara: what did you say? Let it be. I will

Before she finish, he locks her lip. She pushed him away.

Swara: idiot.

Sanskar: won’t you let me do anything on our anniversary also?

Swara: first fill my hairline.

Sanskar gets up and take the box from her hand and filled her hairline. Both joins their forehead.

Swara: Happy anniversary Mr. Sanskar Sehgal.

Sanskar: happy anniversary Mrs. Swara Sanskar sehgal.

Voices: Happy anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Sanskar Sehgal.

Both jerked. Yuvi, Behir, Andy, Sumi and Janaki stands near door. All smile at them.

Sumi: Sanskar, get ready soon.

Sanskar: 2 minutes mom.

Andy: take your own time my boy.

After a while all gathered in hall. It’s fully decorared. Swasan cut the cake and fed each other. Then everyone fed to them.

Bela: then, what is today’s plan?

Sanskar: outing bhabi.

Swara looks at him.

Mahir: oh surprise, have fun my brother.

Yuvi: whatever you should come to home evening earlier, we arranged for little party.

Sanskar: ok, my prince.


Adi: what are you doing my doll?

Zoya: i sending adress of our fav orphanage to Sanskar bhai.

Adi: oh yeah, today is his anniverssry na.

Zoya: hmmm.

Adi: after all they are the only couple who didn’t undergo any pressure.

Zoya: yeah Adi. They should be happy like this forever.

Adi nods.


Swara: i never think you will take me here Sanskar. Really this day will be blessed in our life.

Sanskar: they are left alone by their childre. Today they will think us as their children. We should give as much love we can.

Swara: definitely.

She hugs him and pecked his cheek.

Manager: all are gathered in garden Mr. Sehgal. You can go there now.

Sanskar bought new dresses and sweets for them all. Both Swara and Sanskar give that to them all. They blessed them and they starts playing games with them.

Swara: old people are like kids, i realized it today.

Sanskar: see how they are playing with energy.

Old lady: beta, this energy is given by you. We all  are longing for love, that’s our energy.

Swara hugs her. Sanskar left to rest room. Swara speaks with them all. Sanskar came after a while with so much anger in his face. He tries to be normal. But Swara identifies some change in his face.

Swara: we will definitely come every weekend here to see you all. Now we have to go.

All become happy to hear her words. They send off them with smiling face.


Laksh: bhai i got an information from IT department, it’s really shocking.

Aji: what information?

Laksh look at everyone.

Vish: what Laksh?

Laksh: that hospital is registered under the name of Sehgals.

Ragini: what? All are shocked.

– to be continued.

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  1. Semma suspense and twist loved it sissy……

  2. It was nice sissy….finally Mahir and bela told everything. … krish arora was so kind….he died but he saved the life of bela. ….swasan celebrating their anniversary… was so good that they went to orphanage and shared a good time with the people there….and why sankar came out angrily. ….and shocked to know that the hospital in which krish arora worked was sehgals….and it’s another suspense…..eagerly waiting for the next episode. ….

  3. Jasminerahul

    thankfully krish saved bela from developing severe illness.zoya consoling adi was nice.liked behir scene.swasan anniversary room scene n came cutting were romantic. old age home scene was nice.I doubted if swasan will meet the lost old people there.oh hospital registered in sehgal’s name?

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