Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 21

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you sissys  Tanshi, Anu, Jasmine and Sia.


Behir where going to home. Bela’s mobile rings. Bela looks at Mahir.

Bela: Mahir, it’s Laksh.

Mahir: we will tell him what happened to you in that hospital. First pick the call.

Bela nods and picks it.

Laksh: hi bhabi.

Bela: hi Laksh.

Laksh: i would like to meet you regard

Bela(interrupts): even i too wish to meet you.

Laksh(surprised): anything important bhabi.

Bela(took deep breathe): i straight away come to point Laksh. It’s about Dr. Krish Arora and TSR  Hospital.

Laksh: even i too wish to ask about that only.

Bela(shocked): what you know about

Laksh(interrupts): for me now just tell the one truth whether you are suffering from brain tumor.

Bela felt some kind of sadness in his voice.

Bela: no, Laksh. Who told you rubish things?

Laksh: don’t lie bhabi. I found your medical report in Dr. Krish’s home.

Bela: Laksh, i know that you are dealing with Dr. Krish’s murder case. I came to know that now only. Yuvi told me. That’s why i wish to meet you to tell what i know. Then, that report is fake.

Laksh: fake means. I can’t understand.

Bela: for now just you believe me that i am normal. I will explain you everything when i meet you.

Laksh: thank god, i was worried since afternoon. Then bhabi, how do Yuvi know about this case?

Bela explains him what Yuvi said to her.

Laksh: Thank god, Madhu aunty is rescued. Bhabi you take care. I will call you later. We will meet tomorrow. Bye.

Bela: haan Laksh, bhai.

Mahir looks at Bela.

Bela: i don’t know what is going on Mahir. Laksh know about my brain tumor report. Thank god, he asked me or else it will create a unnecessary  issue in our home.

Mahir: Bela relax. You shouldn’t get tensed. You are correct. If we speak about this to Aji 3 months back itself means it won’t be this much big issue now. I am sorry, Bela. I didn’t hear your words.

Bela: Mahir, just stop asking sorry. You just cared for me.


Yash: Pooja when will Adi and Zoya come?

Pooja: they will come soon, Yash. Don’t worry. Yuvi also went with them.

Arjun: hey Mahi, where is my ICA book?

Noor: are you mad Arjun? You are first year, Mahi is 2nd year. How she will have your book?

Arjun(hits her head playfully): she borrow it for background study.

Noor starts chasing him. Arjun run towards entrance. Suddenly he stops near entrance in shock. Noor dodged him and look in the direction where he is seeing.

Posh also who witnessed their fight saw in the direction where they both stunned.

Arjun(shouts): Mahi, didi, jeju.

There Madhu enters their home with Zoya. Trio stunned to see Madhu. Meanwhile Posh hugs her and cries. Zoya smiles with tears. Then, trio hugged her. All where in happy tears. No one realised Adi’s presence.

Adi: excuse me, will anyone here care for me?

All rounded him now.

Pooja: Adi, what happened? First sit.

Yash: Adi, i told you first itself na. How this happened?

Arjun: did you went to hospital bhai?

Noor: are you feeling better now?

Mahi: what doctor said? Minor injury only na?

Yuvi: how much questions at once. For what he will answer?

Meanwhile Yash’s mobile rings.

Adi: Nothing to worry, minor injury only. I will be alright soon.

Pooja: who kidnapped you mummy ji? Don’t worry, hereafter we all with you, everything will be alright.

Trio look at them confusedly. Because they don’t know anything. Yash came back.

Yash: now only Laksh called, he told me everything. Why you take risk alone Adi? If anything happened to you means, this family is not have courage to face another loss.

Adi: jeju, why you put all the worries in your shoulder? When we share this family’s happiness, we will share our sadness too.

Yash’s eyes filled with tears.

Yuvi: okay, have your own time, see you all later. Bye.

Yash: thank you Yuvi.

Yuvi(smiles): i did nothing. God will give only happiness to good people.

Yash smiles.

Yuvi looks at Mahi and smiles. Then he left to his home.

Yash(look at trio): i know you guys are confused by everything. It’s time to tell you all everything, i think.

Yash told them everything A to Z. Now all in tears.

Adi: leave this past behind. Now we have our mummy ji back with us. Let’s celebrate.

Madhu: we will celebrate but not for my return for our Adi’s birthday. I will cook Adi’s favourite Halwa.

Adi hugged her and take blessings from her.

Madhu: i am telling you all this, forget everything and move on.

All nods.

Zoya supports Adi till his room, then she made him lie on bed. She touches his wound with tears.

Adi(hold her hand to his chest): i am alright baby.

Zoya: i can’t see single scratch on your body. See, this is swelled.

Adi: it didn’t give me pain. But it’s paining that i missed RV and his dad. Everything went vain except mummy ji.

Zoya: forget it all for sometime and close your eyes and sleep.

Adi: you don’t know Zoya, when i receive that phone call. I thought i will lost you.

Zoya: but now you saved me and mummy ji. Now all are with you. No one can separate us. Now sleep without any tension. I will be with you.

Adi lies his head on her lap. She caresses his hair and patted on his chest.


Ajivish room,

Vish: i was relieved now. Aunty is safe. Also, we got some clue by Adi.

Aji: yeah, vish. We should find everything soon. Also, Laksh told tomorrow he asked Bela and Mahir to come home. But Adi is not well to come. So, he changed the meeting to sunday.

Vish: Bela? Why?

Aji: he refused to tell anything clearly. He told Bela contacted him and told she knows something important to this case.

Vish immersed in thinking.

Raglak room,

Ragini notices Bela’s case file and she opens and read it. She drops the file in shock. Tears fall from her eyes. Laksh enters the room and shocked to see her in tears.

Laksh: what happened Ragu? Why are you crying.

She hugged him and cries bitterly. Laksh patted her head. He can’t able to see tears in her eyes.

Laksh: Ragini, relax dear. What happened?

Ragini shows him bela’s file.

Ragini: what is this, Laksh? How it came here?

Laksh: Ragini this is fake report. This is for my case. Bela bhabi told me this is fake.

Ragini: she might lie Laksh. How report will be fake.

Laksh cups her face and wipes her tears.

Laksh: this is fake report by this hospital.

He explained everything to her to make her believe that Bela is safe and normal. Till Ragini’s heart has fear and worry. Laksh ask her to sleep.

Ragini lies her head on Laksh’s chest. Soon she fell asleep.

– to be continued.


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  1. Superb , waiting for adi s birthday celebration 🙂

  2. Superb , waiting for adi s birthday celebration 🙂 , post soonish

  3. Very emotional one………..But loved it

  4. SunilSneha

    Nice episode sissy…… Happy to see Raglak scenes….. And so relieved that the reports are fake

  5. It was nice sissy…adi is alright…madhu is rescued. ..happy that the report is fake..Adiya room scene was lovely..waiting for adi ‘s birthday celebration…waiting for the soon dear…

  6. It was nice sissy…adi is alright. ..madhu is rescued. ….happy that the report is fake…Adiya room scene was lovely. ..waiting for adi ‘s birthday celebration….waiting for the soon dear…

  7. Jasminerahul

    what a surprise that brain tumour report is fake.wonder why this fake report was made.behir scene was nice.arnoor part was madhu back home.yash adi scene was lovely…dialogues esp adi saying that they will share their happiness n sadness was nice.zoya is so caring towards adi.adiya conversation n adi sleeping on her lap was emotional. ragini worried for bela n laksh consoling her was lovely .perfect pics

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