Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 19

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you Sneha, Tanshi, Sia, Anu, Jasmine, Shanaya and Riya.


Adi is in tears. He can’t believe his aunt is alive. Also, that kidnapper demand Zoya for his aunt. He is confused why that kidnapper want Zoya? How his aunt is alive and went to his custody? Whether she is Madhu or someother impersonate like her? That, outline of that person enters into that room, how can he cheat Adi? Questions circle around his head. He don’t know how many hours he sit like this. Zoya enters his room. He didn’t realize her.

Zoya: Adi, come on. Everyone came.

Adi: what? Who?

Zoya: Adi, who will come to our house? Yuvi, Ragini, Sanskar bhai and his wife and our close friend RV.

Adi look at Zoya in shock when he hears that name.

Adi: RV?

Zoya: yeah, RV. You know what Sanskar bhai and Yuvi are brothers, also Ragini and Sanskar bhai’s sister are sisters. They are surprised to meet each other here. Come on, we will join them and have a fun.

Zoya hold his hand move towards door. But Adi stand there still. Zoya turns to him.

Zoya: what?

Adi looks at her with tears.


Behir room, Mahir hugs her from back and both chit chat.

Bela: Mahir, why you came early today?

Mahir: why? I have rights to see my wife and daughter any time.

Bela: you decided now  itself that child will be daughter only. What you will do if it is son?

Mahir: whatever, i will take care of them like how my dad and mom take care of me. They should be sweet like you.

Bela: then caring like you.

Mahir(smiles): have you drink juice?

Bela: how i won’t with two moms in this house?

Mahir: that’s good na. Then get ready, we have to go to hospital.

Bela releases herself from him.

Bela: oh for that only you came early, not for me.

Mahir: don’t be angry. It’s not good for my child.

Bela: you will care for your unborn child but not for me.

Mahir:yeah, but i will care for my grown child more than my unborn child.

Bela look at him puzzled. Mahir winks at her. Bela smiles and hugs him.


Laksh went to their house to search in Krish room in the disguise of Yash’s friend. So that no one can doubt him. Ragini sees Laksh and ran to him with surprise and happy and hugs him.

Laksh is stunned for few seconds, everyone look at them. Then, Laksh realise it as Ragini.

Laksh: what are you doing here Ragini?

Ragini: that i should ask, what are you doing here?

Laksh: this is my friend’s cousin party. That’s why i came.

Ragini:is Adi your friend’s cousin? He is my friend.

Swara: what a pleasant surprise to meet you Laksh. How long itis?

Sanskar: nearly 6 months.

Yuvi: hi bro.

Laksh is surprised to see them all. Also, Adiya family is surprised. Two families become friends in different occasions.

Laksh: Ragini, you take whole family here.

Ragini: no, even i was surprised to see Swara and Jeju here. Come i will introduce you to all. Mahi, Arnoor he is my husband Laksh vohra.

All shook hands with him. Laksh tries to go away from there.

Yash: Laksh, if you go now away, everyone will suspect. Wait until party over and then we will go to dad’s room by saying we want to discuss something.

Laksh agrees. RV looks at everyone from far. He wish to go out for some reason. Meanwhile Zoya goes infront of him.

Zoya: Where are you going RV? see Adi also came. Let’s enjoy.

Zoya hold his hand and drag him inside. He is speechless when Zoya hold her hand. He went inside without saying anything.

Adi: sorry, i make you all wait for long.

Yuvi: it’s ok bro, it’s worth to wait for something valuable.

Adi look at him puzzled. He took his eyes off from Mahi.

Yuvi: i just said about Cake. Colourful.

Mahi(fake irritatingly): what colourful? There is only brown colour.

Arjun(interrupts): will you two argue later? Come on bhai cut it.

Everyone sing a birthday song. Adi is ready to blow candles.

Ragini(interrupts): Adi make a wish.

Adi(smiles at RV): Yeah, i wish my loved one to be with me forever.

RV feels uncomfortable.

Zoya: don’t dare to move here and there. I will be back with soft drinks for all.

Again he lost in Zoya’s voice.

Zoya: Yuvi, will you help me?

Pooja: i will come Zoya.

Zoya: no, bhabi. I will take Yuvi with me. We will do everything for him today.

Pooja smiles and nods. Both went to kitchen and emerge after a while with tray of soft drinks. They give to everyone. After a while RV feels dizzy.

Adi: ok, thank you my friends for your blessings and wishes. This is the time to fun. Let’s sing a song. Guest is first. So, Yuvi.

Yuvi: it’s really difficult yaar. It’s ok. I will sing.

He sings dil meri na sune with lot of emotions. Mahi is really moved by it. For everyone it is just song but for her it is more than song. She can’t stop herself from propose him. So, she went to upstairs without know to anyone. Yuvi stops singing and went behind her.

Yuvi: i am sorry, Mahi.

Mahi: i should ask sorry to you. I am a selfish Yuvi. I wish to fulfill my parents dream.

Yuvi: but that’s not selfish.

Mahi: that’s not selfish. But i hurt you by words and ignored you many times, because i don’t want to divert my brain. Also, my ego stopped me from speak with you even after i fall in love with you.

Yuvi: it’s ok….what? Love.

Mahi: yeah, I love you.

It’s really a biggest surprise for Yuvi. He never expect this ftom her this much easily.

Yuvi: if i know that you will accept me, if i sang a song means i might do it before itself. I wasted all this time by following you all over.

Mahi: what? You wasted time by following me. Then go away from here, don’t follow me hereafter.

Yuvi(smiles): cool…cool. just for fun.

Everyone down have fun. Mahi and Yuvi joins them. After a while everyone left to their room.

Yuvi: Ragini, you go with Sanskar bhai, i have little work.

Ragini: i will go with Laksh.

Laksh: Ragini, sorry. I too have work. I will take you to our house tomorrow.

Ragini(sadly): pakka.

Laksh(cups her face): pakka.

All left. Yash takes Laksh to Krish room. Meanwhile, Adiya and Yuvi enter adi’s room. There RV is tied to chair. He is inebriated.


Adi hugs Zoya and cries. Zoya is worried to see him in tears.

Zoya: what happened Adi?

Adi: we are cheated Zoya, that too by our friend.

Zoya(puzzled): what? About whom you are speaking about?

Adi(wipes his tears): RV.

He explained everything about video call to her. Zoya is happy and shocked to hear about Madhu.

Zoya: but what is it to do with RV?

Adi: i saw his outline in video. Also, who else know that you wish to propose me today. You told to RV only. No one know about it.

Zoya thinks about it.

Zoya: then we will trap him now. We want our mummy ji back. You don’t cry. He is the one who did mistake. But we should confirm that he is the one.

Before she complete Yuvi enters the room.

Yuvi: sorry to disturb you guys.

Adi: it’s ok Yuvi.

Yuvi: first of all, happy birthday dude.

Adi: thank you, Yuvi.

Yuvi: then, man in downstairs, i saw him in police station yesterday with that criminal who try to put drugs in your purse.

Adiya look at him in shock.

Zoya: about whom you are speaking, Yuvi?

Yuvi take them outside and pointed someone downstairs. Adiya shocked to see RV where Yuvi pointed. Again they went into room.

Yuvi: actually i went to give that video evidence against him. But when i reach there this man get bail for that criminal. Also, he take him outside and thanked him for not revealing anything about him. I was about to follow him but before that i got a call from my home and i missed him.

Adiya where breakdown because their own friend deceived them. Then they plan to bring out truth from his mouth iyself. So that, yuvi and Zoya missed Krish’s pain relief drug in extra amount(more than consumable) in RV’s drink and separated him from others.


Yuvi: what we will do now?

Zoya: first i wish to do this.

She slapped him left and right with so much anger. RV didn’t realise anything.

– to be continued.

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  1. Wowww I’m loving track a lot!!!!!
    Adiya together forever

  2. Anuva

    Sorry guys, i did few mistakes in this episode in the urge of writing.
    1. First i wrongly mentiond Swara as Sanskar’s sister instead of wife.
    2. All left to their room instead of home.
    3. Wrongly spelled mixed as missed.

  3. SunilSneha

    Great dr……… Loved it a lot….. And those Behir and Ragini Laksh scenes were so lovely

  4. It was fantastic…so thrilling…RV what a bad character..if he loves zoya can’t he just tell her why he is doing this stupid things…cheating his frnds..I am very happy that adi told zoya everything…adiya forever…behir scene was lovely..zoya slapping RV …..he wants that for his crooked character…yuvi also supported them…mahi proposed yuvi..everything was beautiful..thank u so much for an superb update yaar

  5. Jasminerahul

    loved the whole behir was so cute n romantic. raglak hug was sweet n romantic. expecting a longer raglak when zoya held rajveer’s hand itself he is speechless n is feeling uncomfortable listening to adi’s it means rajveer loves zoya. oh.I was wondering why rajveer feels dizzy. shocking that its adiya’s plan.good that insread of sacrificing adi told everything to zoya. shocking that rajveer is behind the guy who tried to trap adi that day. zoya slapping him was superb.nice to see yuvi singing.yuvi mahi confession was so sweet .I loved it.nice were so apt

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