Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 17

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you sissys Sia, Tanshi, Sneha, Jasmine and Anu.



Vish enters Behir room. Swara ran to Vish and hugs her. Vish caresses her hair.

Swara: how long you make us wait to see you didi.

Vish: how are you Swara?

Swara: i’m fine. What about you?

Vish: i am perfectly fine.

Swara releases Vish from hug. Bela tries to get up. Vish made her sit and hugged her. Tears fall from both eyes.

Vish: don’t cry dear.

Bela: as Swara said how long you take to see us.

Vish: leave it. Hereafter we will meet often. I am really very very happy. I can’t wait to see baby Bela or Mahir.

Bela smiles in shy.Ragini enters the room and hugged her.

Ragini: i am so happy for you didi. Love you a lot

Vish: Swara when mom and dad will come.

Swara: they will be here by evening didi. Why jeju and Laksh leave early?

Vish: they have work Swara. Where is Mahir and Sanskar?

Sumi(enters): they will be on the way. They are little late because they went to buy loads of sweet for Bela. (She looks at Bela) ofcourse Mahir is not interested in Sweets and all. He is in urge to see his jaan. But what to do? Andy and Sanskar didn’t let him.

Yuvi enters the room.

Yuvi(shouts): i am going to chaacha. Congrats Bela bhabi.

Bela(smiles): thank you Yuvi.

Yuvi: there is someone new to our family is here, who is this?

Vish: Yuvii.

Yuvi: ohh, Vish bhabi. I forgot.

Vish: don’t blame me, i am really very busy.

Bela: for her job is more important than family.

Vish: Belaa, i love my family but

Swara: job is first priority.

Ragini: hey, what do you want all? Stop blaming my didi.

Swabel: you won’t realise her absence because she is with you all the time.

Vish: ok, stop it. Don’t argue.

Three fell silent.

Sumi: you are the one who can handle these three Vish.

Vish smiles at her.


Adi is in deep thinking. Arnoor, Zoya and Mahi enter the room.

Noor: bhai, tomorrow you should wear this dress only.

Arjun: no bhai, my selection only.

Mahi: bhai, we are speaking to you only.

Zoya shake his hand. He look at them with jerk.

Mahi: what happened bhai?

Adi: nothing.

Zoya look at Adi and asked him through her eyes “any problem”

Adi replied in same manner “nothing baby”

Again Noor and Arjun start their argument. Adi engaged with them in compromising.

Zoya thinks what happened to him? Something disturbing his heart?

After a while they left, Zoya comes to Adi.

Zoya: whether anything bothering you baby?

Adi thinks i should share everything with Zoya.

Adi: just think about morning incident and jeju’s sudden fear.

Zoya: bhai didn’t know where we went, that’s why he was scared.

Adi: yeah, but there is something. I thought there is some connection between Morning incident and jeju’s fear.

Zoya: means.

Adi: either jeju might guess about that incident or else he knows that something danger awaiting for us outside.

Zoya: you are overthinking.

Adi: definitely no, jeju is hiding something from us.

Zoya: let’s ask him.

Adi  let’s go and ask him.


Vish got a call from Ajitabh. She is tensed after spoke with him.

Vish: sorry bela, i have to go now. It’s very urgent.

Bela understands her and nods. Ragini too get up.

Vish: Ragini you stay here. I will call you back.

Ragini: but didi, Madhu aunty will be alone in home.

Vish(become nervous): I am going to home only. You stay here for few days with Bela and Swara.

Vish left without waiting for answer.


Adiya enter Posh room. No one is there. They went downstairs.

Adi: Pooja when jeju will come?

Pooja: 7 or 8 pm. Why?

Adi: nothing.

Zoya: shall i help you bhabi.

Pooja: no Zoya, i can manage.

Zoya smiles and Adiya leave from there.


Andy, Mahir and Sanskar enter Behir room. Bela becomes emotional while seeing Mahir. Both look into each others eyes. Mahir sits beside her and hold her hand.

Andy: congrats Bela and Mahir. You guys made me grand dad when i am young itself.

Everyone looks at him. He winks at them.

Sanskar: congrats bhai bhabi.

Both: thank you.

Sanskar: it’s time for us to leave from here.

Everyone left the room to give privacy to Behir.

Mahir cups Bela’s face.

Mahir: i am the happiest person in the world Bela.

Bela takes Mahir’s hand and keep it on her womb.

Bela: our love’s identity.

Bela places her head in Mahir’s chest and Mahir hold her by shoulder and caressed her hair.

Mahir: i wish to twirl you Bela. But it won’t affect you na.

Bela smiles and said it won’t affect. Mahir take her in his arms and twirls and shouts i am going to be a dad.

He placed her safely in bed.

Mahir: hereafter you shouldn’t stress yourself. You shouldn’t do any work. I will do everything for you. You should watch only comedy films, also you should read epics.

Bela: mahir enough, Ma knows what i should do? I can’t sit here whole day. I can do little works.

Mahir: no means no.


Vish(weeps): i shouldn’t leave aunty like this. It’s all my mistake.

Yash(with tears): no, you informed me. But i was careless. I was late. If i came here in time, i wouldn’t let this happen.

Aji holds Vish who is crying.

Laksh: if their intend is not to kill Aunty. So Aunty is kidnapped. Don’t worry Yash, we will find her.

Aji: did you notice van number Yash?

Yash: it’s covered with white paper. Damn it, i am sure he is the one who killed my parents. I won’t let him alive.

Aji: yash, calm. Come i will drop you in your home. He will definitely contact us because he kidnapped her. Because he tries to know whether we got any evidence against him in the way he searched in the house. So that we can find her easily.

Yash(weakly): inform me immediately, if you got any clue.  I will go on my own, thanks Aji.

Ajivish and Laksh feels guilt.


Everyone gathered to have dinner. Pooja calls Yash. He denied to have food. She didn’t force him. Adi decide to ask anything to Yash tomorrow. Pooja served others. Everyone went to bed after dinner. Pooja went to her room with empty stomach. Yash is standing in balcony and  looking at sky. Pooja went to him.

Pooja: what happened Yash?

Yash can’t control his emotions. He hugged her and told her everything he hides from her till that day. Pooja shocked to hear everything. She is crying bitterly.

Pooja: how could you Yash? How could You bear this all alone? Mummy ji? What happened to her? How we will find her? You lost her too.

Yash somehow control his emotions and assures her that he will find Madhu soon.

Yash: did you have food?

Pooja: i don’t want.

Yash: see Pooja, we should handle this alone. I don’t want our sibilings to suffer by this matter, if you are sad, they will know. You remember na, we made a promise that we will give them only happiness.

Pooja wipes her tears.

Adi’s room, 11.30 pm.

Zoya enters the room silently and locked it. She went near sleeping Adi and look at him peacefully. After 20 minutes Arnoor and Mahi tries to open the door but it is locked.

Arjun: from when bhai starts locking the door?

Zoya laughs silently from inside.

Noor: we will knock.

Mahi: then bhai will know.

Arjun: then how we will wish him first?

Mahi: we will knock the door at 12 am.

Others agreed and stay there itself. Zoya is laughing inside by looking at door. Adi close her mouth from side and pull her near to him. Zoya fall on him, zoya look at him without blinking. Her heart beats fast.Adi winks at her. Zoya came to sense and move away from him.

– to be continued.


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    Soopperb update dear……. Loved Behir scenes a lot… And waiting for Adiya scene…. Update the next part soon

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  6. Hey Sis. Loved today’s episode. Loved behir’s scene. Yes, they are also my favourite couple. And also i loved Adiya’s last scene. It was fantastic. Waiting for the next. Love you sis. Take care.

  7. Jasminerahul

    the first family scene especially vish bela scene was very nice. good that adi noticed yash’s fear n doubts about what he is hiding.liked him sharing it with zoya. hope they all will be able to find madhu before it becomes too late.poosh scene where yash told her the truth was so emotional. no words about behir scene.the whole scene was so cute n romantic.adi pulling zoya closer…zoya falling on him…eye lock. .adi winking were romantic

  8. Jasminerahul

    andy saying that behir made him grandfather at a young age was funny

  9. Jasminerahul

    why no pics in this part too?

    1. Anuva

      Battery was low when i finish writing, sissy. That’s why i didn’t add pics.

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