Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 16

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you Tanshi, Anu, Shanaya, Jasmine and Sia.



Adi: zoya you promissed me that you will come outing with me today.

Zoya: we will go later Adi.

Adi: no, you should come now itself.

Zoya: Oh god, let me get ready.

Adi: that’s good baby.

Adi pecked her cheeks and went out. Zoya smiles at him.

Zoya comes out after a while. Both went to coffee shop.

Zoya: for this coffee, why you take me out? We can have it in hone itself.

Adi: let’s start from here Zoya.

Both went inside and occupy table. Adi ordered cold coffee for both. They chit chat and spend nearly 1 hour in that shop itself.

Adi: what is your gift for me Zoya?

Zoya: for what?

Adi: for my birthday baby.

Zoya(smiles): you will know it tomorrow.

Adi: you should give me what i prefer.

Zoya(suspiciously): what you prefer?

Adi: what i prefer is…

A man fall on their table. Someone beat him. Adiya afraid. Both get up.

Zoya(shocked): Yuvi?

Yuvi: tell me why you did this?

Man: save me…save me…

Adi: leave him Yuvi. What happened?

Yuvi: ask him Adi, what he did?

Zoya: leave him Yuvi, everyone stares at us.

Yuvi leaves him and hold his collar tightly. He shows them one video.

In that video, That man tries to put small bottle of drugs inside Adi’s purse which he kept outside.

Yuvi: you should be careful Adi. Ask him why he did this?

Adi look at that person.

Man: sorry sir, i saw police searching in near by shops, if they find this with me they will arrest me. So i put this in your purse.

Yuvi slapped him.

Adi: leave him Yuvi. We will handover him to Police.

Police entered the shop. Adi handover the person to police.

Police: thank you for informing us sir.

Adi looked puzzled.

Police: you only called us half an hour before na about someone using drugs in this shop?

Adi: no sir.

Police: oh, somehow you catch this criminal, thank you for that.

They leaves.

Adi: thank you Yuvi.

Yuvi: it’s ok, Adi.

Adi: how you take video?

Yuvi: i was sitting in that table and try to take selfie. But suddenly that man take purse from your table so i take video to catch him red handed. By the way, zoya what are you thinking about?

Zoya: nothing great, i just think that man told police was searching in nearby shops. But police told that someone from here gave information to them. Something wrong.

Adi too think the same.

Adi: don’t over think baby, just leave it. Let’s go home. Yuvi thank you so much. Tomorrow my birthday, you should definitely come to our home.

Yuvi: that’s my pleasure.

Zoya: address

Yuvi: i will contact Arjun.

Zoya: good and thank you.

Yuvi: no mention it yaar. Bye, take care.

Adiya left to home. Their mind filled with that incident. They are confused. They entered home.

Yash(shouts): where did you went both?

Adiya look at him blankly.

Pooja: i just told him, you are not in home and also you guys didn’t inform na that you were going Yash become tensed.

Yash: leave it. Adi zoya if you are going out means no problem, but inform us. I am really scared.

Adi is already in confusion. Yash makes his confusion higher.

Adi: ok jeju, we will inform you hereafter.


Swara and Bela where busy in kitchen. Bela feels dizzy. She drops knife.

Swara: bela?

Bela faints.

Swara(shouts): Belaaa.

Sumi rush into kitchen. She is shocked to see her and immediately she calls doctor. Doctor checks her and smiles at Sumi and Swara.

Doctor: you are going to be grand mother, madam.

Sumi smiles widely. Swara is jumping in joy.

Swara calls everyone and shares this news.

Doctor: Sumi madam she will get conscious in few minutes. Tell Mahir to call me. I will inform him about check ups.

Sumi nods and Doctor leaves. Sumi and Swara sit beside Bela.

Swara: ma i am goung to be a Chaachi.

Sumi: you should take care of your didi.

Swara: ofcourse ma. I am really excited.

Sumi kissed in Bela’s forehead.


Ragini run to Vish and hugs her.

Vish: what is the reason for your happiness baby?

Ragini: didi, Bela didi is pregnant.

Vish(smiles): wow, super. Wait i will inform Aji and Laksh.

Ragini: already i informed them, they will come there. We will go now.

Madhu smiles at them. She too happy.

Vish look at Madhu.

Madhu: i will be safe here beta. You go and see your sister. She will miss and need you now.

Ragini: correct aunty, bela didi likes Vish didi so much. She wish to see you now.

Madhu forces Vish to go. Vish agrees to go. She is afraid to leave Madhu alone but she too wish to see Bela. Ragini and Vish leaves to see Bela. After an hour they left, some goons enter Ajitabh house.

– to be continued.

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  1. Loved it a lot!!!!!! suspense?????

  2. SunilSneha

    Soopperb……. Waitinf for next episode….excited for seeing Mahir’s reaction when he knows the news…..

  3. Jasminerahul

    adiya scene was cute.wonder what does adi want from zoya. good that yuvi saved adi from the guy who put drugs in her purse.good that they got him arrested.what he said n the police said is contradictory. waiting to unfold the mystery.surprising that bela is pregnant.bela sumitra scene was nice.waiting for a behir scene to see mahir’s reaction on it.please show vish bela scene.oh will the goons kidnap madhu?getting scared

  4. It was awesome.bela is going to be a mom…it’s a happy news..the last part made me tensed… will the goons do something wrong that effect Madhu?? waiting for the next eagerly..

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