Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 15

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Yuvi: Home sweet home.

He ran to Sumi and hugged her. Meanwhile Bela hugs Mahir and Swara hugs Sanskar.

Yuvi: mom where is dad?

Sumi: He is in office. Where is Ragini?

Bela: she went to her home ma. Laksh pick up her from airport.

Sumi: then how is your trip?

Swara: fantastic ma. We missed you a lot.

Sumi: i know whom you two will miss.

Swabel: maa.

Sumi: okay ok, leave it. Go and fresh up first. I will arrange for dinner.


Ragini hugs Vish.

Ragini: i miss you didi.

Vish: Ragini you are crushing me.

Then she hugged Ajitabh.

Aji: i felt something burning. I can smell it.

Laksh: i am not burning.

Aji: i didn’t mention you.

Laksh went inside his room. Ragini sees Madhu. She is puzzled.

Vish: Your jeju’s friend mom. He went abroad, so she stayed with us.

Ragini take blessings from her and hugs her too.

Madhu: stay blessed dear.


Zoya’s room.

Adi: i can’t understand this topic.

Zoya: let me explain.

She read it and starts explainig it. While explaining zoya’s hair fall on her face. It disturbed Adi.

He tries to remove it from her face. His fingers caressess her face. She lift her face and look at Adi.

Both share an eyelock. They remain silent.

Pooja: Adi…zoya come and have dinner.

Both come to real world. They don’t know what to tell.

Zoya: i will explain it later.

Adi nods.


Yuvi called Arjun and informed him that he had returned.

Arjun: day after tomorrow my bhai’s birthday, you should definitely come.

Yuvi: wow, what a chance. I will definitely come to see Mahi.

Behir room:

Bela: How are you Mahir?

Mahir(smiles): how i will be fine if you are not with me? Atleast mom was with me or else i would be mad by now.

Bela: i too missed you a lot Mahir.

By saying that she hugged him with teary eyes. Mahir wiped her tears and huged her tightly.

Mahir: don’t cry always. I hate to see you in tears.

Bela: i won’t cry.

Mahir: also smile please baby. It’s long back you smiled.

Bela smiled like a Ghost.

Mahir: no, hereafter i won’t ask you to smile. Please no.

Bela: Mahir.

She starts hit him. Mahir hold her hands and hugged her.

Swasan room:

Swara: whether you missed me or not.

Sanskar: why should i miss you? My mom is there for everything to me. More then you she take care of me lot. I not even remember you.

Swara: oh ho, fine. I am going back to my mom’s house. You enjoy here.

She turns to go but Sanskar hold her hand tightly and pulled her,

both fall on bed.

Sanskar(Hissed in her ears): i missed you a lot.

And started kissing her.


Ragini went inside her room.

Laksh is in balcony. Ragini went near to him and lie her head on his shoulder and hold his hands. Laksh is silent.

Ragini: Laksh.

Laksh: silent.

Ragini: i missed you.

Laksh(without any reaction): me too.

Ragini: are you angry with me?

Laksh(without any reaction): no.

Ragini thinks i know how to reduce your anger. She turn him towards her by holding his shoulder and kissed in his lips, at first he act like he is still in anger, then he started showing response.


All are sitting in dining hall. Pooja served them.

Noor: Mahi do you know one thing, now a days some used to call other by using their names.

Adiya become nervous.

Mahi(understoods) : yeah, Noor. I too noticed. Don’t you think something something.

Adi: Mahi while eating we shouldn’t speak. So keep quiet. You too Noor.

Noor and Mahi laughed. Arjun look at them with confusion.

Arjun: what you guys are talking about?

Zoya: that’s not at all important to you. Have food.

Noor: we will tell you later Arjun.

Adiya stands up with their plates.

Pooja: what happened?

Adi: We will have it in our room itself.

Yash: why?

Zoya: we have to see video classes for our exams. We have short time only.

Yash: this won’t take much time. Sit and eat.

Adi: no jeju, we will have in our room itself.

They left to their room. Mahi and Noor laugh at them.

In room, Zoya feeds Adi. Adi is surprised of her act.

Zoya: what?

Adi: No, why all of a sudden you are feeding me?

Zoya: you only told na, i am your mother. Mother will feed like this only.

Adi smiles at her with teary eyes.He feeds her back.

Adi: I love you sweet heart.

– to be continued.

  1. Tanshi

    Wowwww nice yaar……….Noor teased Adiya ????

  2. It was an episode filled with so much romance.adiya, behir, swasan, raglaksh..scenes was romantic.hope Yuvi propose mahi on adi birthday.last Adiya moment was emotional

  3. Wow amazing dear. Loved that last scene. Waiting for the next. Love u sis. Take care.

  4. Jasminerahul

    vish ragini aji laksh scene was cute.mahir telling how can he be fine when bela is not there with him…hug. ..bela saying that she missed him was emotional n romantic. smiling scene was funny.swasan conversation was funny.sanskar telling swara that he missed her…falling on the bed n kissing were romantic. ragini knows how to melt laksh’s anger.kiss was very romantic. dining room scene was funny.adiya feeding each other was cute.zoya saying that she is feeding him as he wants her to be like his mother n adi’s reaction was emotional. happy that you gave long scenes on most of the jodies. please show long ajivish arnoor scenes too.waiting for adi’s birthday party n yuvi mahi encounter.mindblowing pics

  5. Jasminerahul

    adi trying to remove hair from zoya’s face ………caressing her face n adiya eye lock were romantic

  6. Wow amazing man , loved the way zoya was feeding adi as a mother ??????? and yaah that seen where zoya s hair strands were disturbing adi ????? loved it

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